Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1331

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Chapter 1331

“Threat me?”
Bai Yan suddenly became angry and yelled at Lin Fan:

“You don’t take a piss and take pictures of your own virtues. Without Bai Yi to support you, you will be worthless. The waste!”

“Kill me? Just rely on your waste? Hahaha, don’t laugh off my big teeth!”

At this time!

She looked at Lin Fan with contempt. Now that Bai Yi is gone, Lin Fan wants to use chicken feathers as an arrow?

What a joke!


Pop! ! !

In the next instant, she was slapped heavily on her face, and she suddenly staggered and sat on the ground weakly.

I’m just stunned!

She didn’t seem to have thought that Lin Fan, this trash, would really dare to hit her!

At the moment, her face was completely distorted, and a deep hatred appeared in her eyes:

“Bastard! You damn bastard, you dare to hit me? I want you to die. I want you to die!”

Today she is no longer what she used to be, and even Bai Yi has been played by her between applause. What is a Lin Fan?
This rubbish has repeatedly humiliated her before, but now he still dares to beat her?


She wants Lin Fan to kneel in front of her, regretting everything she has done to her!


At this time, Lin Fan seemed to have not heard her threats, saying every word:

“Next, I will break your limbs until you tell me where Bai Yi is.” The voice of

Is evil!

Without any emotion!

Is chilling!


Even Bai Yan at this time can’t help being completely stunned!

At this time, she suddenly felt a strange feeling that Lin Fan was hell!

It was as if Lin Fan could smash her corpse into pieces at any time as long as she wanted it. The terrifying sense of oppression was like a huge mountain pressing on her heart.

It makes her breathless!

Bai Yan stared blankly at Lin Fan, who was gradually approaching. At this moment, she was panicked to the extreme.

Impossible, this is impossible!

How could this trash possess such a terrifying aura?


Just as Lin Fan was about to attack Bai Yan, a man suddenly stood in front of Bai Yan, while staring at Lin Fan gloomily:

“Lin Fan, have time Worry about others, why not worry about yourself first.”
“Without Bai Yi to support you, then it’s time to calculate the ledger between us!”

There is a deep hatred in those words!

It was all because of Lin Fan that he was reduced to an inhumane cripple, and now he finally got what he wanted and can get revenge!

Tonight, he wants Lin Fan to die in Jiangbei!

Seeing Xiao Tingjun’s presence, Bai Yan suddenly recovered from the horror, and even as if seeing a backer, his face was full of joy.

Then, she smiled schadenly, and looked at Lin Fan’s eyes with a hint of contempt:

“Lin Fan, I forgot to tell you, just now I asked Bai Yi to kneel, so I would consider sparing you a dog. What do you guess? That bitch actually kneeled for me!”

“But now it seems that I I’m afraid I have to break my promise! Hahaha!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Fan’s body trembled suddenly, and the killing intent on his body surged frantically, frantically!

His eyes are bloodshot, staring at the Xiao family father and son, and his voice is frigid:

“Don’t be nosy, the Xiao family will either roll or die!”

Lin Fan is now eager to save people, and he doesn’t have the mood to pay attention to these clowns, but if the other party insists on seeking death, then Lin Fan doesn’t mind sending them on the road!


Just listen to this!

Everyone in the Xiao family and Bai Yan were taken aback first, and then they roared frantically!

“Puff! Hahaha!”
Bai Yan trembled with a smile, as if he had heard a big joke, pointed to Lin Fan and said:

“Lin Fan, relying on your wife’s waste to make the Xiao family Disappear forever? Without Bai Yi, aren’t you shit! A dead trash has been put on Nima? It’s really a laugh!”

On the side, Xiao Youwei also snorted angrily:
“Let my Xiao family disappear forever? I want to see, without Bai Yi, how your rubbish can make my Xiao family disappear!” In their eyes, Lin Fan is relying on Wife’s waste, after Bai Yi is gone, Lin Fan is nothing.

Such a waste, dare to yell at their Xiao family?

Is simply looking for death!

And this time!

Xiao Tingjun has long been unable to restrain himself, staring at Lin Fan gloomily:

“Well, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you go so easily. I will cut off your skin and flesh one by one, smash you into pieces, and thwart your bones and ashes! Hahaha!”

More than just it’s the Xiao family!

The rest of the guests who walked out of the auction room also shook their heads contemptuously. The look in Lin Fan’s eyes looked like an idiot.

“So, are you insisting on stopping me?”

Lin Fan’s tone was cold, revealing a strong murderous intent.

“What nonsense, you guys! Now you kneel down, maybe I can show mercy and leave you a whole body!”

A stern look appeared between Xiao Tingjun’s eyebrows, and he looked condescendingly. Looking at Lin Fan, it looked like Lin Fan was already a turtle in his urn.

At the moment his voice fell!


Accompanied by a loud noise, everyone was shocked to see that all helicopters slowly descended from the high altitude!

Then, under everyone’s horrified gaze, the four figures walked off the helicopter and knelt down in front of Lin Fan!

“King, we are here to pick you up!”

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