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Chapter 31

Alyssa tilted her head to one side, avoiding his sharp eyes, and said coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

“Whose business is that?”

Karl stared at her closely, his tall and broad figure directly blocked her retreat, not giving her a chance to escape.

Alyssa could clearly smell the unique freshness of his body, but it did not affect his extremely oppressive aura.

Her heart was beating, and she felt that every additional word she said was a flaw.

“Luther” is not an ordinary straw bag master, he is far more intelligent and sensitive than she imagined.

“Stop talking?” Karl stepped back suddenly.

Alyssa thought he was finally going to let her go, but the next second, her heart was lifted again.

Karl looked at her and said quietly, “Go and wash your face.”

Alyssa bit her lip, suddenly looked at the door of the restaurant with a surprised look, and called out, “Dad?”

When Karl heard this, he disapproved: “This kind of trick is too naive.”

Alyssa’s face did not show the embarrassment that he had pierced through, but instead frowned and looked embarrassed.

Karl was suspicious, turned, and looked behind him, only to find that it was empty behind him.

Alyssa took advantage of his turn around and ran away.

Karl was stunned for two seconds, raised his foot to catch up, but stopped suddenly.

No hurry, Japan is far away.

He turned and sat back at the dining table and continued to eat.

It’s much more delicious than those made by my staff.


Alyssa ran back to her room, panted against the door panel, and squatted down.

She was almost scared to death by “Luther” just now.

Although she didn’t deliberately pretend to be ugly, there will always be unnecessary trouble explaining.

After this incident, “Luther” was already a super dangerous person in her heart, unless he moved, otherwise she must find a way to move out.

Alyssa lay back on the bed after washing up and received a cold call.

“Alyssa, Hunt’s official Twitter said that tomorrow they will make a public explanation about the video. What do they want to do?”

Alyssa sneered: “They want me to come forward and explain the misunderstanding’ to the media.”

“The video is a real hammer, how do they want you to explain? Ask you to force the back of the pot?” The calm tone was already stained with anger.

Alyssa said indifferently, “Then carry it back.”

She soothed Tina, then turned on Twitter on the computer, and found that Hunt’s official Twitter had indeed posted a Twitter saying that she would clarify the video.

Tomorrow the Hunt’s people should be looking for her.

Sure enough, early the next morning, Colin called.

“The company just happened to have a new product launch today. Go to the site and explain the video by the way.”

Alyssa’s voice is clever: “Okay.”


When Alyssa opened the door and went out, she looked around very cautiously and found that there was indeed no suspicious person suspected of “Luther”, so she was relieved and boldly carried her bag.

She ate something casually on the road, and went to the place of Hunt’s new product launch.

Rachel stood at the door and looked around, probably waiting for her.

As soon as she saw Alyssa, Rachel greeted her: “Why did you come so late? What are you doing with a mask?”

Alyssa lowered her throat, making her voice sound slightly hoarse: “I have a cold.”

Rachel didn’t ask much, and took her to a conference room.

Colin and Isabel are both here.

Isabel threw her the speech that she had prepared earlier in her hand: “The reporter will ask you later, what you should say and what should not be said, there are all written on it.”

Alyssa opened her eyes, and a flash of mockery flashed in her eyes.

Summarizing the content of the speech, it is nothing more than to let Alyssa take the responsibility on herself, and let her take the topic of “Ugly People Are Frequent” on Twitter to the subsequent video incidents, all on her own. Let her admit that she is creating a hype.

They think so well. After all, she will be a screenwriter in the future. Although she is only behind the scenes, she is still a member of the entertainment industry. It is said that the hype can be explained.

Soon, Colin’s assistant knocked on the door and came in: “Mr. Hunt, everything is ready.”

“Yeah.” Colin looked at Alyssa and said sternly: “Have you remembered the contents of the speech? It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember, you just need to know that everything is your fault.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, very obedient.

The door of the conference room was pushed open, and a group of reporters walked in.

You don’t need to guess that she knows that these reporters were bought by Colin early in the morning. If she said something different from the speech, she would definitely not be broadcasted.

Alyssa studied in film school and knew a lot about the entertainment industry. She casually glanced at it and found that the logos on a few microphones were familiar. If she remembered it correctly, it was a company under AdamPic Media.

AdamPic Media is the largest comprehensive group in the industry. It has strong financial resources and a vicious-looking founder. Even the company’s employees are very willful. For example, it is not easy to be sold.

At the beginning of the interview, the microphones with the AdamPic media logo squeezed directly in front of Alyssa.

“Ms. Hunt, what you and your sister Isabel say is true in the last video? You were forced to marry into Adams’ family?”

Alyssa didn’t take the mask. She watched the reporter for a few seconds, and then reacted slowly, saying slowly, “No, I wanted to marry into Adams’ family.”

Her reaction was seen by these reporters. They had heard that Miss Hunt was a bit stupid before, and it seemed that there was something wrong with her mind.

Colin and the three of them all showed satisfaction when they heard what Alyssa said.

“You want to marry a rich family, so you have to marry your sister’s place in Adams’ house?”

“She is your own sister, how can you treat her this way? Even if you grow up like this, Master Adams won’t look down on you, right?”

“You robbed your sister’s fiance so shamelessly, no wonder your mother doesn’t care about you…”

“Have you been mentally distorted since childhood?”

The reporter’s questions came one after another, which can almost be said to be an attack in life.

A reporter who was not afraid of things even asked her: “Is Young Master Adams ‘no good’ as the rumors do? Will you stay in it and treat it as a widow for money? Will you cheat to find a mister in the future?”

In order to gain attention, unscrupulous media people have no conscience.

Alyssa looked at the reporter, her mask covered half of her face, her forehead was covered with thick bangs, only a pair of eyes were exposed, which was surprisingly clear and bright.

The reporter was inexplicably chilled by the look in her eyes.

At this time, Alyssa slowly said, “Even if you have a hobby of listening to other people’s husband and wife’s !ntercourse, I can’t take my husband’s !ntercourse to the public. After all, I want a face.”

When the voice fell, the other reporters couldn’t help laughing.

Chapter 32

What Alyssa meant in his words was to mock the reporter’s shameless behavior in asking people about their !ntercourse between husband and wife in public.

The reporter who asked the question naturally understood it.

The reporters present were indeed all paid by Colin, mainly because they wanted to take this opportunity to wash Isabel, so most of them just directed questions to Alyssa, but only this reporter asked Karl in order to gain eyeballs. thing.

The Adams’ family is powerful and influential, and most people can’t afford it, but there are also some lucky people who want to walk a tightrope, and take risks to provoke the family.

The reporter was turned pale and blush by other people’s smiles. He simply broke the jar and said viciously: “Just like this, if it wasn’t for Karl’s failure, could you marry into Adams’s family? It’s hidden, a woman like you who robbed your sister’s fiance in order to marry a wealthy family will definitely cheat!”

Although Alyssa had never seen Karl’s appearance until now, she didn’t want to involve Karl in these troubles subconsciously.

Karl has a weird personality, which is related to his previous experience. No matter whether he can do it “in that way” or not, this should not be discussed by these people in the public.

“Derailed? Is there a more promising man in Rostenvel?” Alyssa laughed, eyes bent into crescent shapes, and her tone was lightened: “We live in harmony as a husband and wife, if you don’t believe me You can ask my husband Karl by yourself.”


In the reporter’s expectation, Alyssa would be yelled at by anger, but they didn’t want to be calmly stunned by Alyssa.

As for asking Karl?

Don’t talk about Karl, they don’t even have the qualifications to meet Karl, even if they see Karl, they are too late to flatter, how dare they ask such questions.

Other reporters who were eager to try, realized that they were not only interviewing the third lady in a small business who was not loved by her parents, but the young lady of the Adams’ family.

Although this young lady who had just married into Adams’ house seemed not to be favored either, no one knew anything about the wealthy family.

As a result, these reporters unanimously changed their previous sharpness and asked questions more euphemistically.

“Do you have a good relationship with your sister Isabel?”

Alyssa smiled in good faith: “I liked her very much when I was young.” When I grew up, I didn’t like her anymore.

“Your mother loves your sisters?”

“Well, she is pretty good.” Rachel was very nice to Isabel.


It was not until the end that the reporters remembered that they had collected Colin’s money, and then they brought the problem back to the video.

“Someone on the Internet said that the video was actually made by you to deliberately anger your sister, and then you bought the paparazzi to shoot it deliberately. In fact, you were making a hype?”

Alyssa was silent for nearly half a minute, and then nodded: “Yes.”


After the interview was over, Isabel walked over angrily as soon as the reporter left: “Let you simply admit that you are hype and hesitate to do so for so long? Did you do it on purpose?”

After she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but raise her hand to hit Alyssa.

Alyssa had already been paying attention to Isabel’s movements, she pretended to inadvertently step back half a step, letting Isabel’s palm fall empty.

When Isabel saw this, she became even more angry, staring at Alyssa, “Dare you hide?”

“Isabel!” Colin stopped Isabel’s move to hit Alyssa again.

When Isabel saw Colin, she walked over with a grieved expression: “Dad, the reporter asked her if she was creating a hype, she hesitated for so long!”

Colin glanced at Alyssa, his eyes full of scrutiny.

He also heard the words reported by Alyssa just now. Such ingenious words are not something a fool can say at all.

Alyssa looked at Colin, uncovered her mouth, bit her lip and said with a little fear: “Dad, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, I’m a little hungry, I can…”

“Go.” Colin turned his head and looked at Rachel: “You follow and buy her something to eat.”


Alyssa and Rachel walked out of the building one after another.

“Alyssa.” Rachel suddenly stepped forward to hold Alyssa.

Alyssa turned her head, her eyes calm: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Master Adams…” Rachel seemed to be embarrassed, and she hesitated for a moment before saying, “Is he the same as the rumored one? Or is he healthy?”

Alyssa was startled, and then lowered her head to make a shy look: “Mom, how do you ask this kind of question…”

Seeing her like this, Rachel frowned slightly and said, “You have to tell mom the truth, whether Karl’s body is wrong, if he is healthy, you are not worthy of him, your sister is the original appointment of as his fiancee…”

Alyssa was really shocked.

If she understood correctly, what Rachel’s words meant was, if Karl’s body is okay, she should divorce Karl and let Isabel get married?

Alyssa almost laughed angrily: “If Karl hadn’t been disfigured and had a healthy body, it would be impossible for Isabel and me to take turns!”

In order to make Rachel happy all these years, she was too tired to pretend to be at Hunt’s house, and now she is too lazy to pretend.

“She is your sister.” Rachel was dissatisfied with her calling Isabel’s name.

Alyssa just asked her: “Am I your biological daughter?”

Rachel’s brow furrowed deeper: “Alyssa, how do you say this, you weren’t like this before.”

That’s because she was willing to be stupid and cooperate willingly.

But now, she doesn’t want to cooperate, and she doesn’t want to be wronged.

She didn’t want to say a word with Rachel any more, she turned around and left, Rachel called her behind her, she quickened her pace and soon disappeared among the crowd.

Rachel is her biological mother after all, although she persuaded herself not to care, she still inevitably felt sad.

She walked at the back of the crowd, crossing the road absently.

Suddenly, the whistle of the car rang, and she looked up, not paying attention to her feet, and suddenly tripped over something.

Although she dressed thickly in winter, she was still hissed with pain when she fell on her knees.

The sound of opening the door came to her ear. Before she raised her head to see who the person was, she heard a familiar voice: “Alyssa, crossing the road, do you want to die?”

Alyssa glanced intently, and the man in suit who looked like a dog in front of her was “Luther”?

She was in a bad mood right now, and she didn’t want to see this man even more.

She gritted her teeth and stood up from the ground, turned around and was about to leave, but a generous palm grabbed her wrist, and her voice was indifferent and deep: “Did you fall?”

Alyssa was silent, trying to shake his hand away, but didn’t.

The next moment, when she became lighter, she was beaten up by “Luther”.

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