Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 426

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Chapter 426

Grace swallowed, and this black pot was…really more wronged than Dou E.

“Janice, believe me, I really haven’t been with Irene. And I swear to you that even if the men on earth are extinct, only Irene is left, and I can’t be with him.”

“Can I still trust you?”

Grace was most afraid of being misunderstood, not to mention treating her own deep and righteous Janice, and immediately initiated a poisonous oath for Mingzhi, “Janice, I swear, I and Irene are really innocent, I if you rob your boyfriend, let me thunder and strike, and I won’t die.”

Jacob frowned slightly, took her mobile phone and said, “Janice, this matter has nothing to do with Grace. I let Irene break up with you!”

“Brother, why are you doing this?”

“Because the person Irene loves is not you.”

Janice pondered for a moment…

Suddenly she yelled out of control, “So the person he loves is Grace, right?”

“Grace is your sister-in-law.”

Janice was startled by Jacob’s fierce voice, and did not recover for a long time.

Then there was a heart-piercing cry, “Why do you all like Grace, you all pet her and ignore my feelings? I am also a woman? Even if I am a steel woman in your heart, so Women? Do you need a man’s love?”

“Janice, you are a little bit promising.”

Grace jumped up, grabbed the phone, and said to Janice, “Janice, don’t be sad, let’s meet.”

“You still have the face to see me?”

“Janice…I didn’t do anything to be sorry for you.”

“Where are you?”

“Calendar Garden.”

“I will be right over.”

Hanging up the phone, Grace fought fiercely against Jacob, “How can you dismantle them without authorization?”

Jacob squeezed her mouth, “Grace, be gentle with your husband.”

Grace broke away from his hand and continued to chatter endlessly, “Do you know how difficult it is to give up and love a lover who has been in love for many years?”

Jacob’s pupils suddenly tightened, “Why, have you experienced it?”

Grace’s long eyelashes trembled. Although she didn’t speak, her expression clearly gave a positive answer.

Jacob’s heart fell into the bottomless abyss…

The thought that she had given up loving him made him feel so uncomfortable that his internal organs burst open.

“Answer me.” He roared with scarlet pupils.

Grace stared at him blankly, “What’s wrong with you?”

Then he took it for granted, “If you can’t keep on loving someone, you must give up! In fact, it is more difficult to give up on him than to love him.”

Suddenly Jacob pushed her away, unfastened the handcuffs, and walked upstairs with a dark face.

When he came to the study and opened the window, he felt the blowing of the cold wind, hoping to use the biting cold to dispel the irritability in his heart.

Thanks to his leaving, otherwise he really can’t guarantee that he will do terrible things to her next.

There was a mess in his mind.

Thinking back to the way he got along with Grace during this period of time, it was almost all that he tried to chase her and flee desperately.

His wishful thinking thought that as long as he treated her sincerely, she would forgive him for his past mistakes.

But he forgot, once she chose not to love, everything he did was a joke in her eyes.

So during this time, he was just a clown.

Before long, Janice’s car let out a flute.

Grace ran out and got into Janice’s car.

For fear that the abnormal Jacob would lock her up again.

“Janice, let’s leave here first.” Grace’s voice couldn’t hide the tension.

“My brother is at home?” Janice asked.


Janice started the engine, stepped on the accelerator and whizzed away.

On the second floor, Jacob looked at the car that just was leaving, his eyes slowly cooling down.

After Grace leaves the calendar garden, she shouldn’t take the initiative to come back, right?

And he, still chasing it?

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