Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 425

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Chapter 425

Did not see the children, Grace was very disappointed: “Where are they?”

“They will live with grandparents for a while.” Jacob said leisurely.

Grace was shocked: “Why?”

“We need private space to cultivate feelings.”

Grace: “…”

Do you need a private space to cultivate feelings, or do you need a private space to control all her actions?

Jacob began to undress in front of her.

“I want to take a bath.” He reminded her.

Grace was a little confused, “You don’t need to report to me when you take a bath.”

Jacob raised the handcuffs, “Are you sure you don’t wash?”

Grace stared at her, “Can you solve it for a while?”

“No.” Jacob dragged her to the bathroom.

Grace stood behind the door panel, with her back facing her.

Jacob pulled the rope of the child and mother handcuffs, and Grace was dragged over.

Seeing his figure comparable to a supermodel, Grace covered her eyes with shame.

Jacob said, “Being honest with each other is the first step for a husband and wife to live in harmony.”

Then reached out and put her into the bathtub.

Grace was immediately like Luo Tangji.

In a desperate situation, the whole body began to rebel.

Why is she ashamed?

f*ck, she can see his super perfect figure, she won’t suffer!

So she opened her eyes and admired the man’s figure with relish.

“Does it look good?”

Grace licked her lips, “You can see where the free things go!”

Jacob is slightly startled, and he sells well if he gets the cheap!

Strip her clean in twos or twos.

“Then I will charge a fee!”

Grace pushed his chest with both hands, “You have seen mine too, it’s even.”

The corner of Jacob’s lips pulled out a coquettish sneer, “There is interest.”

Grace cried and begged for mercy, “Zhan Ye, I won’t dare to see you next time. I won’t even see it.”

“Huh? I’m so unsightly?” The man leaned down.

“No, how do you want me to answer before you let me go?”

“Okay, I see. You are the best handsome in the universe. Ah-ah-“

After a long time.

Grace was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling with a sudden depression.

Weakly said: “Master of war, our feelings are so good that they blend together, do we still need to cultivate?”

Jacob’s face was dim.

If their relationship is really as good as when they first met, she won’t hide her secret in front of him?

Not even thinking about escaping from him all day?

The huge villa is quiet.

There are only two lovers whose hearts are separated by the Saga Mountains, relatively speechless.

Grace felt that the atmosphere was suppressed, but she really didn’t know what to say to him.

There was only endless silence.

She did not speak, and he, a person who cherishes words like gold, was even more silent.

Suddenly, Grace’s cell phone rang.

If Grace was re-released, she switched on her cell phone almost immediately.

Janice’s crying voice came over, “Grace, I was dumped by Irene. I just want to ask you, are you and him together?”

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