Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 427

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Chapter 427

Janice took Grace to a bar. They ordered the VIP private room, and the two of them had a long conversation in the room.

“Let’s talk about it, what the hell is going on with you and Irene?” Janice asked with enthusiasm.

Grace didn’t know where to start…

Janice said, “How did you meet?”

Grace omitted the fate of the previous life, “When I first returned to China, I was stretched out, so I applied for a job online. Only Irene provided me with a job.”

“So you are grateful to him. This kind of gratitude eventually turns into love, right?” Janice was excited.

Grace said, “Janice, it was really an accident that I threw him in his arms that day. In fact, the bastard Irene designed me. He was just to let the war master see me and his k!ss me. , Deliberately embarrass me and Zhan Ye.”

“Why did he frame you?”

Grace took out a business card from her bag and handed it to Janice, “I think it’s probably because of this.”

Janice saw the business card and her pupils dilated in shock, “Executive President of Yan Group? Grace, are you amazing? You didn’t reveal the situation and took the position of Irene?”

Grace’s face was obscure.

This position originally belonged to her.

Does Irene dislike this position?

“I understand. So Zhengzheng hates you very much, so he deliberately used a trick to frame you?” Janice recalled.

Grace nodded.

Although Grace’s confession made the two sisters relieved of their previous suspicion, it could not heal Janice’s pain of losing love.

“Sister-in-law, drink with me, okay?”

“Not drunk or returning.”

Grace’s mood may not be more comfortable than Janice.

Since going to the Tourmaline Xiangding Garden, all her ardent yearning for Jacob seemed to be blocked by the life of a demon, but her inner pain could not be told to anyone.

Dispel your sorrows by drinking!

The two women ordered a lot of wine and got drunk.

But the alcohol is even more worrying, and it’s endless.

Calendar garden.

It was three o’clock in the morning.

Jacob did not feel a little sleepy. Instead, he sat on the chair next to the desk and plunged his stalwart body into it. He leaned his head back on the back of the chair, but his eyes were wide open and he looked at the ceiling empty and confused.

One night, he worked hard to do ideological work with himself. If Irene abandons him, then he will—be her!

As long as she lives well, he doesn’t care.

With this kind of mental building, he secretly warned him that he would care less about her in the future and shift his energy to work. Only in this way would he not go crazy because of missing her.

But all the buildings collapsed instantly when the phone rang.

The caller ID is Grace’s number.

He swiped off the screen almost immediately to get the call.

There was a young male voice over the phone!

Jacob’s heart sinks slightly!

“Hey, is it Miss Grace’s family? This is the hospital—”

“I am. What happened to Grace?” His nervousness overflowed his body.

“Ms. Grace is intoxicated by alcohol and is being rescued at a hospital in the capital.”

Jacob rushed to the basement downstairs almost immediately.

Driving straight to the maximum speed, the car drifted on the road. Compared with the usual time to reach the metropolitan area, it has been cut in half.

Jacob parked the car at the entrance of the hospital, and people ran inside like crazy.

The security guard ran after him, “Sir, you can’t park here.”

When he came to the intensive care unit, Janice sat at the door, crying with her hands over her face, and her shoulders twitched.

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