Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

“Boy, let me go”

Ba Ye was about to scream.

But at this moment!

Everyone saw with amazement, Shaun grabbed Ba Ye’s ankle and then twisted and waved his entire arm.

It turned out to be like waving a wooden stick, this shaken Ba Ye’s whole body.

Then he smashed it against the ring!


Ba Ye’s huge body, like a boulder, got hit on the ground below the ring.

The entire ground, under this terrifying blasting force, cracked like a series of a spider web.


A stream of blood started to spill out continuously from Ba’s mouth.

His eyes became dull.

The whole person was smashed like a puddle of mud, limp to the ground, unable to move at all.


When a black boxer stepped forward to inspect his condition, the black boxer’s face got instantly pale:

“Ba Ye’s bones, all broken!”

Bones, all broken!

Hearing this, everyone in the entire wolf hall got breathless.

How this is possible.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes in the wolf hall got widen, and they could hardly believe what they heard.

They saw with their own eyes that Shaun had only made one move.

The head’s countershock force shattered Ba Ye’s arm.

And with a wave of his hand, Ba’s whole bones got broken, which is unbelievable.



Everyone looked at Shaun again, as if they were looking at a monster without a trace of mockery or contempt but full of shock and fear.

Especially the Iron Face Wolf.

His complexion was extremely solemn, and he asked the boxer who inspected Ba’s body:

“Old sixth, are you sure Ba’s bones are all broken?”

With a wave, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf couldn’t imagine how much power it was to turn a person’s bones into scraps.

This is incredible.

Hearing this!

The face of the boxer got unprecedentedly solemn:

“Lord Wolf, I’ve checked. In addition to the intact skull, there are as many as ten broken bones in the limbs, six of the ribs, and many of the tiny bones are broken.

That’s it!

This boxer named ‘Lao Liu’ felt like he has seen a ghost:

“It can be said that the Eighth Master is destroyed!”



As soon as everyone heard this, the atmosphere in the entire wolf hall was once again in an uproar.

Everyone heard clearly, Shaun said before that he was going to destroy Ba Ye.

And now, this guy did it and did it in such a rough way.

This scene stunned all the people who are watching.

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