Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 394

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Chapter 394


At this moment, the face of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf showed a thick incredible color as if he has seen a ghost.

And the people surround there are still in shock!

“Oh my God, what happened! Didn’t Ba Ye hit that guy in the head with a punch? How could Ba’s arm broke!”

“Yeah, they only saw that kid nodded forward when he was about to get a punch! Eighth master’s hand broke like a dead branch of a tree!”

“No…impossible! How is this possible!”


Loud noise, shock!

Everyone looked at Shaun’s gaze at this moment, and they were filled with deep shock and disbelief!

Especially Wen Qian.

The look on her face changed suddenly from mockery to shock.

“No…, he is trash! How he can do this.”


Shaun didn’t care about everyone’s shock at all, and his neck gently turned!

Suddenly, the sound of ‘kaka’ resounded!

Then, he walked towards Ba Ye!

Da da da!

This scene is like a tiger that has just woken up, walking towards an injured lamb, and suddenly Ba Ye’s heart pounded wildly, and dense cold sweat emerged on his forehead:

“Little…boy, how your head can be this hard! It’s unbelievable!”

Ba is in shock!

As the person he has encountered with is going to do something hurtful now.

The moment he hit Shaun, he thought he had succeeded.


What he had not dreamt of was that Shaun’s head would be like a rock.

He just felt as if there was a huge force that swept his forearm from the other’s head!

His arm couldn’t bear such a huge force, and it broke instantly!

And now!

A kind of panic and horror-filled his heart, making him step back.

“Are you scared?”

The corner of Shaun’s mouth, with a bloodthirsty smile, became stronger, he is looking at Ba Ye, as if looking at an ant:

“Don’t be afraid! I won’t kill you, I just want to destroy you!”

“That’s it!”


I will destroy you!

Ba Ye only felt a numb scalp, not a single person had dared to tell him ‘I will destroy you’.

As if in Shaun’s mouth, ‘destroying you’ is like giving a gift, and ‘killing you’ is a matter of course!

“Don’t please!”

At the moment, Ba Ye was panicked to the extreme, and he turned his head and wanted to jump out of the ring!

But at this moment!


His body just suddenly froze in the air, because a big hand doesn’t know when grabbed his ankle!

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