Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 393

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Chapter 393

And at this moment!

“Little bastard, you dared to look down on my companions!”

A roar sounded from the ring.

Everyone saw that Ba Ye is in anger!

He was like an angry beast, and with a wave of his fist, he slammed away at Shaun’s head!



At this moment, Ba Ye almost brought the professional elements of a black boxer into full play.

Even a black boxer of the same level, under this violent blow, will be knocked out!

However, a scene that made everyone even more shocked appeared!

Facing Ba Ye’s fierce punch, Shaun seemed to have not reacted, standing lazily on the spot, motionless!


A punch hit Shaun’s head!


All the audience below cheered in an instant. They didn’t expect that Shaun could speak wildly with this body strength.

When he got hit by the punch, he didn’t show any defense at all.

All the boxers down who were cheering stopped suddenly.

Because everyone can see it!

At the moment when Ba Ye’s punch hit Shaun’s face, Shaun’s head was slammed toward the direction of the fist!


The sound of broken bones resounded.

Caused the smiles on everyone’s faces in the entire wolf hall to freeze completely.

The picture on the ring seemed to be completely frozen at this moment.


All boxers and the audience below couldn’t believe their eyes. Everyone subconsciously thought that this was Ba Ye’s punch, which hit Shaun’s head and shattered Shaun’s skull.


But then, everyone found out that something was wrong!


A sorrowful scream resounded from the ring.

Everyone could hardly believe that it was Ba Ye who screamed.

Not only that!

Everyone was stunned to discover that Ba Ye’s arm had twisted and bent like a broken branch from a tree.

The white bone spurs pierced the skin from his forearm, revealing!

On it, bloodshot and minced meat are making everyone’s scalp numb!

This scene stunned everyone down there, even the iron-faced wolf couldn’t believe his eyes.

The iron-faced wolf has riched to combat experience.

He could see that the broken bone on the Ba’s forearm was definitely broken by a terrifying counter-shock force.

And just now!

When Ba hit Shaun’s head the force from the other side broke his arm.

Could it be that just this broke Ba’s forearm?

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