Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 392

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Chapter 392

That’s it!

The Iron Face Wolf waved his hand:

“Old Ba, you go first!”

As he said this!


A big man grinned suddenly and he jumped towards the ring!

Seeing this big man going into the ring, many of his companions cheered!

“Ba Ye is mighty, kill this arrogant kid.”

“Hahaha… this kid is over. The eighth master is going to the ring!”

“That is, the Eighth Master had won all ten games before but has lost to Lord Wolf! Otherwise, his ranking would definitely be in the top five!”

Numerous shouts, discussions, one after another.

And when they heard these words.

Whether it was Elvira in the iron box, or the little beggar and others below, all of them got horrified.

Da da da!

At this moment, Ba Ye listened to the cheers of the people below and raised his hands.

He didn’t seem to put Shaun in his eyes at all, and he shook his head and shook his legs, doing exaggerated movements, as if he was teasing a small prey!

And his exaggerated action immediately caused the crowd watching below to cheer again.

Everyone can’t wait to see Shaun being knocked out by him.


When Baye was exaggerating and the audience was cheering.

Shaun’s unsavory words came again:

“One is not enough! Why you all don’t come together?”


Shaun’s words seemed to have turned them all on the mute switch, causing all the cheers in the wolf hall to freeze instantly.

Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Eighth Master, Wen Qian, Little Beggar, and others couldn’t believe their ears.

One after another, they all looked at Shaun!

As if watching a lunatic!

One is not enough?

Let’s all come together?


After the response, all the people got completely exploded, as their expressions became shocked.

However, they couldn’t believe that this thin guy said this who is about to die.

The corners of Wen Qian’s mouth showed a thick arc of pleasure.

“Idiot! Hahaha…what an idiot! This guy doesn’t even know the difference between ordinary people and black boxers!”

“Black boxers can kill a person with one punch for sure!”

The contempt at the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth was extremely high.

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