Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1115 – 1116

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Chapter 1115

“Mom, you are finally back.” She actually wanted her mother to hold her, but her father stopped her just now, indicating that her mother’s body is still not very comfortable.

Grace hesitated, and finally only carefully grabbed Alyssa’s hand.

Alyssa’s heart melted, and she slowly squatted to the ground, her eyes leveled with Grace: “Were you waiting for me?”

“Yeah.” Grace obediently nodded and leaned over to k!ss Alyssa’s face.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and took Grace’s small body into her arms.

Feeling a little stiff in her arms, Alyssa’s nose became sore: “You can hug mom, mom is all right now.”

Only then did Grace reach out and put her arms around her neck.

Seeing that Alyssa’s eyes were slightly wet, Karl frowned slightly, and stretched out his hand to hug Grace from Alyssa’s arms.

He couldn’t see her crying.

Grace grunted dissatisfiedly in Karl’s arms, “Let me down.”

Karl, raised Grace to the front, and said word by word: “Go eat.”

Grace didn’t dare to make any trouble in front of Karl, and said, “Oh.”

“Go.” Karl put her on the ground, and she said to Alyssa: “Mom, I’m going down first.”

After speaking, she walked back and forth one step at a time, and then started to trot towards the stairs.

In the past, Alyssa could not accept Karl saying the same to her daughter, but now she looks at it and feels it is particularly harmonious.

In fact, Grace is not a good-looking child by nature. She is just being well-behaved in front of Alyssa. Most of her personality follows Karl. Therefore, the way she and Karl get along is completely different than when getting along with her.

Karl is in control, which is also very good.

He is a very powerful person and a very powerful father. He can teach Grace many things.

Alyssa asked Karl with a smile, “How did you and Grace get along when I was away?”

Karl helped her up from the ground: “Yeah.”

“Aren’t you afraid that she is getting more and more afraid of you?” Alyssa took his hand and walked out slowly with strength.

As if thinking of something, Karl snorted and said, “A few days ago, she stuffed her schoolbag with money and ran away from home after school. If she was really afraid of me, could she do such a thing?”

In the tone, there was a little helplessness, and a bit of complaint.

Alyssa opened her eyes wide, somewhat dumbfounded: “She really… ran away from home like that?”

Grace was smart. Although she was still very young, she had already had a lot of ideas, but she didn’t expect that Grace could do such a thing and dared to run away from home.

Karl was silent for a moment: “She said she wants to find you by herself.”

Alyssa also fell silent, moved and helpless: “Bear boy.”

Karl helped Alyssa to eat in the restaurant.

Grace had already sat in her own position obediently, but she never started.

When she saw Alyssa, she pointed to the position next to herself: “Mom, come and sit here.”

Alyssa walked over with a smile.

After eating, Grace suddenly mysteriously pulled Karl out, and Alyssa turned her head to look out, but because the father and daughter were too far away, she couldn’t see anything.

Grace cautiously pulled Karl to a place that Alyssa couldn’t see, and then asked with a serious face, “You didn’t tell Mom that I ran away from home?”

Karl: “Hmm.”

Grace frowned her eyebrows: “Huh?”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “‘Hmm’ means I have already said it.”

Chapter 1116

Grace’s bright and clear eyes widened, with a deceived expression: “Didn’t you promise me not to tell mom?”

Karl thought for a moment, and said, “Did I?”

“Yes!” Grace jumped anxiously: “I said I’m obedient, so you won’t tell mom about this!”

“I remember…” Karl seemed to have finally remembered this incident. He leaned over slightly and said to Grace’s eyes, “But did I promise you at that time?”

“You said it depends on my performance, didn’t you just agree?” Grace’s anger was flat.

A delicate and beautiful little person, even if it is angry and flat, it is painful.

Karl held back a smile, pretending to be serious: “You said it too, I just said it depends on your performance.”

Grace was about to cry, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and said angrily, “I hate you.”

She ran away after she finishes talking.

Karl quickly grabbed her with quick eyes and hands, and hugged her up.

Grace struggled hard in his arms: “You let me go! Kalr, let me down!”

Although she was able to call Karl’s name clearly now, she would still say “Kalr” when she was angry, which was a special name from his daughter.

For Karl’s young life, few people dared to challenge his majesty, Alyssa was one, and the little dumpling in front of him was another.

Before Grace was three years old, she grew up in front of Karl.

But at that time, he just took her just because she was his daughter.

Later, Alyssa came back and he recovered his memory. At that time, Grace was his and Alyssa’s daughter.

Grace’s biggest mark here is not “She is his daughter” but “She is Alyssa’s daughter.”

She was never loved by her father when she was a child, and he was very strange to the love of his own child.

The first time he was shocked by the invisible emotional bond between father and daughter was when Alyssa and Grace were arrested by Clifford together, and he went to look for them.

At that time, his heart was shaken, and this brave and clever girl was his daughter.

They are not only blood ties, but also emotional fetters, they accompany each other, and they share common emotions.

This kind of intimate bondage is wonderful.

Grace’s strength was a little bit stronger, how could she be able to make it?

Karl reached out and patted her on the back: “It’s okay, Mom is not angry.”

Grace, who had been struggling, calmed down suddenly, her eyes lit up: “Not angry?”

Karl nodded seriously: “Yes.”

Grace wiped her face and looked at him with disgust: “Then you didn’t say it earlier, let me down quickly!”

“Am I still called Kalr?” Karl lifted his chin slightly, looked down, and landed on her face.

Grace shook her head hurriedly, looking very honest: “Stop calling.”

When she was put on the ground by Karl, she made a face at Karl: “Kalr.”

After calling, she ran away quickly.

Karl squinted his eyes, and finally let out a cold sneer: “Little devil!”

Alyssa kept looking out in the living room, a little curious about what Grace and Karl talked about. Halfway through, she heard what Grace seemed to say angrily, so she wanted to go out and have a look, but she stood up and saw Grace. Deng Deng Deng ran in.

“Mom, help me!” She ran to Alyssa and applied the emergency brake. She didn’t remember that Kalr said that although her mother’s body had recovered a little, she was still a little weak.

Before Alyssa spoke, as soon as she looked up, she saw Karl walking in with a cold face.

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