Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1111

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Chapter 1111

“General Bai Hu, we meet again!”

At this moment, a bad Chinese language came from the mouth of the island ronin.

It’s just a surprise.

Sasaki Ichiro was extremely short in stature, just a dwarf less than 1.5 meters, holding a Dachi in his hand, looking nondescript and extremely funny.

Looking at the appearance of Sasaki Ichiro.

The dozen of the soldiers around were dumbfounded.

This is the island Ronin who has come to challenge Samsung’s general?

Just this virtue?

They thought they would come here see a majestic hero, never thought it turned out to be a dwarf?

With this small body, can you get a punch from the general and his three-star fighters?

Everyone there showed contempt.

“Are you here to die?”

Looking at that Sasaki Ichiro, Bai Hu’s face was also full of disdain.

Three years ago, when he was a one-star warrior, he completely defeated Sasaki Ichiro. Now he is a three-star warrior, and his strength is like a top master. Does Sasaki Ichiro want to beat him?

Foolish person!

“Three years ago, I was indeed defeated in your hands, but now, you and the entire Chinese powerhouses are rubbish in my eyes.”

Sasaki Ichiro’s ugly face was full of pride:

“Because I have recognized a mysterious strong man in our island country as a teacher. This time I’m here to smooth out strong Chinese on the order of my teacher, and let you know that your China is just like an ant in our eyes!”


The words immediately made Bai Hu and others split!

The dwarf of this island country, dares to say that Chinese are all ants? Even want to smooth entire China?

Too arrogant!

Especially, he dared to speak out in front of White Tiger Legion.

He is equivalent to Huaxia, and the other party dares to despise him, which is equivalent to hitting Huaxia’s face!

The other party’s words directly made them extremely angry.

“War commander, I request to go out and punish this fanatic!”

Xu Jiang knelt suddenly, clasping his fists, his face full of anger.

Bai Hu nodded and said with a sneer: “Okay, you teach this “foreign friend”, what is heaven and earth!”

Xu Jiang is a two-star warlord. Although his strength is not as good as him, he has reached the level of a master. It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with Sasaki Ichiro.

Xu Jiang was overjoyed, then he stood up, walked towards Sasaki Ichiro arrogantly while looking at him condescendingly:

“Little dwarf, don’t say I don’t give you a chance, as long as you can hurt me with one stroke, I will give up!”

There is strong confidence!

“Xu Jiang, don’t waste time, make a quick fight and kill him with one punch!”

“Xu Jiang is this stinking virtue, he likes bullying the weak the most.”

All the warriors there laughed as if Xu Jiang had the chance to win.


But at this moment, Sasaki Ichiro’s eyes suddenly burst into cold light.


With a loud noise, Xu Jiang didn’t even have time to react. He flew out on the spot and slammed heavily on the wall. He was embedded in the wall, vomiting blood!


The ridicule of everyone suddenly stopped!

A look of horror appeared on everyone’s face, looking at Ichiro Sasaki who was still holding his punches in disbelief.

This little dwarf blasted a grandmaster with one punch?

The smile on Bai Hu’s face disappeared instantly, his eyes widened suddenly, and he was shocked.

Sasaki Ichiro twitched his mouth and sneered, “Do these Chinese ants like to talk to themselves so much?”



Everyone looked at the Xu who kept vomiting blood, and then listened to Sasaki Ichiro’s arrogant words, everyone was completely blown up.

“Court death!”

More than a dozen generals on the scene were immediately furious, and all their figures rushed out and slew fiercely towards the opponent.

How dare this dwarf hurt their companion?


When the other soldiers of the White Tiger Legion saw this, they were very excited. With so many warriors taking action together, even if this dwarf can master the sky, he will definitely lose.

Deserves it!

This is the fate of daring to insult their White Tiger Legion!


Not only did Sasaki Ichiro’s face showed any fear at all, on the contrary, but there was also a deep disdain:

“The ants hug together, they are still ants! I said you people are just rubbish!”


Too out of the sheath!

Cold light suddenly appeared!

His figure looked like a ghost, suddenly burst out, and instantly rushed into the crowd of dozens of soldiers.

Then, an unbelievable scene appeared for everyone.

Puff puff!

The scarlet blood splashed continuously, and the miserable figures flew out in embarrassment.

Sasaki Ichiro’s short figure seemed to be a world-famous killer. Wherever he passed, warriors suffered heavy injuries and flew out.

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