Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1112

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Chapter 1112


This scene shocked the surrounding White Tigers and the thousands of White Tiger sergeants.

Until the thump resounded, the last warlord was blown away, and the whole field was silent.

The warrior, who was in all directions, was bloodied and was extremely miserable.

Defeated all the warriors in one minute?

All the eyes of the White Tiger Army stared out.

They couldn’t imagine that the dwarf of this island country was so terrifying.

More than them.

At this moment, Bai Hu’s complexion was even more gloomy, dripping.

He also didn’t expect Sasaki Ichiro to be so powerful.

Because even if it was him, he would not be able to hit all a dozen warlords in one minute.

“Your trash has been defeated, are you ready to die?”

Sasaki Ichiro came up with a sword with a contemptuous smile on his face, strolling in the courtyard, as if strolling in his back garden.

Seeing him walking, Bai Hu suddenly tightened, but he knew he could not retreat!

Because he represents the face of China!

“I am a general of China, how can I let you go wild? I am a white tiger, and I will never retreat!”

The white tiger roared and fisted out!

“Huaxia? I come and go freely! Who dares to stop me?”

Sasaki Ichiro smiled contemptuously and outrageously issued a knife.


Blood bursts!

Bai Hu was instantly defeated and fell heavily to the ground.

And the sound of his landing, like a heavy hammer, hit the white tiger army’s heart heavily.

The face of everyone is full of pain!

One move, and completely defeated the glory of their White Tiger Legion.

Unconcealable disappointment and shame surfaced on their faces.

Today, they are humiliated by Sasaki Ichiro.

And Huaxia was humiliated because of them!

Thinking of this, the White Tiger Army there got heartbroken and distraught!

They are sinners who humiliated China!

A legion can’t stop a Ronin, this is a big joke.

Now that even Bai Hu has lost, who else can turn the tide and save China’s face?

Soldiers crying in shame!

“Hahaha, the Chinese strong generals are a bunch of trash, they couldn’t stop my single move, and they are worthy of calling themselves the generals of a great country?”

Sasaki Ichiro laughed wildly, seeing the shame and sadness of those soldiers, a desire to conquer emerged in his heart.

These wastes should be desperate in front of him!

“Don’t be proud, although I lose to you if my teacher Longhu can kill you with just one move for sure!” Bai Hu roared in grief at this time.

Because it was his failure that caused Huaxia to lose face.

“Gods of War? When I kill you, I will meet him.”

Sasaki Ichiro smiled contemptuously: “Now, you can die!”

After saying that, a knife was swept off!

This scene changed the expressions of everyone in the audience.

“Tiger General!!!”


The dozens of miserable soldiers around, as well as the thousands of White Tiger sergeants, are about to split.

They didn’t expect that Sasaki Ichiro dared to kill their general in front of them. This was crazy.

It’s just that they wanted to rescue, but they couldn’t make it.

They could only watch, Sasaki Ichiro’s butcher knife slashed towards the head of the white tiger.

And Bai Hu silently closed his eyes, and a deep bitterness and loneliness appeared in the corner of his mouth.

He is not afraid of death.

But he was afraid of shame.

And now, he will die with shame, which is more uncomfortable for him than losing his life.

“Master, the disciple is incompetent and failed to stop this madman. You must stop him and revive China’s reputation!”

After speaking, Bai Hu quietly closed his eyes, waiting for death to come.

What surprised him was that after waiting for a long time, Bai Hu still could not feel the slightest pain, and immediately opened his eyes in confusion.

Immediately, he saw a tall figure standing in front of him.

He blocked Sasaki Ichiro’s sword with two fingers!

This person turned out to be Shaun!


The audience was completely silent!

The White Tiger Army, who had been in despair and grief, suddenly stared at the man who had been humiliated by them in every possible way.

Two fingers, blocking Sasaki Ichiro?

How can this be?

At this moment, the stormy wind suddenly set off in their hearts!


Sasaki Ichiro, who was also petrified on the spot, looked at Shaun in disbelief as if he had seen a ghost.

At this time, Shaun’s face was gloomy and terrible:

“I am a big man in China, how can I allow you, the little ronin who walked out of the bullet land to humiliate us?”

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