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Chapter 25

When Alyssa came out of the restaurant, she received a call from Tina.

“Come here, the red car on the other side of the road.” Tina hung up the phone after only saying this.

Alyssa looked up and saw a red car on the opposite side of the road. When she looked over, the car buzzed twice.

Alyssa looked around, walked quickly across the road, opened the passenger’s door and sat in.

Tina asked her as she started the car, “How was it? Did things go well?”

Tina recently had a movie released. It is very small production but very popular. She may be recognized wherever she goes, so she just waited for her outside.

Alyssa smiled and said, “Successfully.”

Isabel had bullied her for too many years, and didn’t put her in her eyes at all, so she naturally took it lightly, she didn’t expect a trap at all.

“However, the plan may change.”

“How to say?”

“She wants me to divorce Karl, which arouses the anger of Hunt’s family and asks them to turn their attention to me completely. Then Hunt family will ignore her, her original fiancee, and she can be with Norris in an open and honest manner. “

Tina was so angry that she snapped a slap on the steering wheel: “I really don’t know if they have a bottom line!”

“As long as it is beneficial to them, they will not have a bottom line.” Alyssa knew Isabel well.

She originally planned to let the paparazzi directly send out the video of her and Isabel tomorrow morning.

Now it seems that she can take one more step.


The topic of “Ugly people make trouble” on Twitter finally got a hot search, and then the topic of “Do you not keep divorce for the New Year?”

“According to the gossip, Miss Isabel’s sister has discussed divorce with Karl under pressure…”

It was just a vague statement, but it caused a group of netizens to quarrel.

“Under pressure? I think she is conscientious!”

“She really wants money and wants to be crazy, knowing that the young master of the Adams family is like a waste person, and she has to marry and stay alive…”

“Accumulate some moral upstairs.”

This topic was once again ranked first, but soon, this hot search was withdrawn.

There are many discussions on the Internet about the withdrawal of the hot search, but Alyssa knows that this hot search must have been withdrawn by the Adams family.

After all, a famous family like the Adams family can’t let their heirs be discussed online like this.

In the early morning of that night, a Twitter big V posted a video with only one sentence: I will never stand in line anymore, my face hurts.

This big V happened to have mocked Alyssa on Twitter before.

Someone opened this video curiously, and the picture was clear enough to identify one of them as Isabel.

When the keywords “I have apologized, don’t embarrass my mother”, “be obedient like a dog”, “please marry Karl”, the truth is revealed.

Those who had been scolding Alyssa before, because of this unexpected reversal, collectively silenced.

After that, some people began to apologize to Alyssa on Twitter, and some people who pretended to be sleeping continued to scold Alyssa regardless of the content of the video, but these were only a few.

From early morning to dawn, in just six or seven hours, Alyssa’s Twitter grew 50,000 followers.


After Isabel successfully threatened Alyssa, she happily went on a date with Norris, and she stayed directly at Norris’s house that night.

Therefore, she did not know about the hot search on Twitter.

Early in the morning, she was woken up by Colin’s phone call.

Isabel shrank into Norris’s arms and took the phone impatiently: “Dad, what’s the matter?”

“Go online to see how big the basket you stabbed is. If you don’t come home at night, come back to me right away!” Colin has never been so angry with her.

A bad feeling arose in Isabel’s heart.

She hung up the phone and went online to watch the news. Only then did she discover that she and Alyssa had been secretly photographed by the paparazzi while talking in the restaurant.

Her face changed suddenly, and she bit her lip fiercely: “These b!tches!”

“What’s the matter?” Norris k!ssed her on the cheek and asked her in a low voice.

Isabel put away her mobile phone and said softly: “Dad called me, there is something wrong at home, I will go home first.”

On the way back, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that she and Alyssa would be secretly photographed, and she must have nothing to do with Alyssa.

Could it be that Alyssa deliberately designed it for her?

Isabel called Alyssa with a sullen face, but no one answered.


On the other side, Alyssa glanced at the word “sister” flashing on the phone screen, sneered, put the phone aside, got up and poured a glass of water.

When she came back, the phone was still ringing.

Isabel must be mad with anger now, can’t wait to tear her?

“Why so happy?”

The corners of Alyssa’s slightly hooked lips suddenly collapsed. She didn’t need to turn her head to look, and she knew that the speaker was “Luther”.

She turned her phone to silent, put it in her pocket, got up with a water glass, and walked upstairs.

Coincidentally, “Luther” was standing at the top of the stairs.

“Luther” seemed to be against her deliberately. She went to the left, he also went to the left, she went to the right and he also went to the right…

Alyssa’s good mood was ruined by him. She glanced upstairs and asked “Luther” in a low voice, “What are you trying to do?”

“Do you know that the things your Adams family made on the Internet have already shocked Adams family?” “Luther” looked at her with a smile, with a serious look in his eyes, as if trying to find something from her face .

“Oh.” Alyssa lowered his eyes and responded with expressionlessness. She passed him and continued to walk upstairs.

Karl squinted his eyes slightly, with a hint of the inquisition in his voice: “You don’t seem to be afraid at all.”

Alyssa didn’t want to pay attention to him, but couldn’t help but want to attack him: “I didn’t do anything wrong, what am I afraid of?”

Karl didn’t expect her to say this, because she was calm and unexpected.

After Alyssa finished speaking, she turned around and left. He looked at her back with dark eyes. Now this woman is not pretending to be stupid anymore?

Back in the room, Alyssa still had the calmness she had just faced with “Luther”.

She knew that the Adams family had taken action to suppress some news, and she was also a little nervous, not knowing what Adams’s family thought.

She took out my hand, and all of the missed calls shown above were all from the Hunt family.

Alyssa curled her lips mockingly, and clicked on Rachel’s phone to dial.

As expected, as soon as the phone was connected, Rachel directly said, “You’ll be back soon.”

“I’ll be back soon…” Alyssa lowered her voice, trying to make her voice sound uneasy.

Of course she had to go back to Hunt’s house to see their frustrated faces.

Go and see how Isabel lost her abacus and was scolded and became mad.

However, she knew very well that Adams family would not just admit it.

Chapter 26

Alyssa drove back to Hunt’s house.

The servant saw her and said respectfully: “Miss Alyssa.”

The change in the attitude of the servant is not difficult to understand.

After all, she is now the young lady of the Adams family, and Isabel is now surrounded by negative news, and she may finish playing if she is not careful.

“Are parents there?” Alyssa said slowly, with a good temper.

The servant’s attitude became more gentle: “Everyone is here, waiting for you in the study.”


Alyssa reached the entrance of the study, and stopped because of the dialogue inside before entering.

“Isabel, why are you so uncomfortable! If you have something to do, you can just call her home and tell her that she was photographed outside, and it is very troublesome to deal with it now.”

This is Colin’s voice.

Although he was scolding Isabel, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Isabel’s approach.

Isabel’s tone sounded aggrieved: “Where did I know this would happen, Dad, Alyssa must have designed it in advance! Otherwise, how could it happen to be photographed.”

At this time, Rachel anxiously defended: “Isabel, I know Alyssa best. She was so stupid that she failed the exam since she was a child. How could she do this kind of thing? It’s definitely not her. She can’t do this kind of thing. .”

“Stupid? She didn’t use her father’s relationship back then, so she could be admitted to the Rostenvel Film Academy by herself. You still said she was stupid?”

Rostenvel Film Academy is the top art school in the country.

“It was just luck, don’t be angry…”

Alyssa felt that Isabel was right, Rachel was indeed cheap.

In the video, Isabel scolded her for being cheap, but Rachel not only didn’t turn her face with Isabel, but now she is still trying so hard to please her, for fear of her being angry.

Maybe Isabel was really angry about this incident. She still maintains the surface peace with Rachel, and now she is too lazy to pretend.

She cursed directly: “You shut up, you mother and daughter are both cheap and useless.”

Alyssa was about to push the door in, but stopped after hearing this.

She wanted to hear Colin’s attitude.

The room was quiet for a while, Colin said solemnly: “Don’t make a noise, the most urgent thing is to handle this matter, Alyssa should be coming soon.”

Across the door, Alyssa couldn’t see Rachel’s expression, but she knew that Rachel’s expression must be wonderful at this time.

After Colin spoke, the room became quiet.

Alyssa sorted out her expression, lowered her head slightly and pushed open the door.

She looked around for a week, lowered her eyes, and whispered to them: “Dad, mom.”

Then she turned her attention to Isabel: “Sister.”

“Humph!” Isabel snorted coldly, her expression on her face also cold: “Why are you standing so far away, come here!”

Alyssa made a look of fear, and walked over slowly.

She habitually went to see Rachel.

However, Rachel turned her head to the side and didn’t look at her.

Alyssa was depressed and was about to sit down on the sofa.

Suddenly, Isabel stood up with a “brush”, raised her hand and slapped Alyssa.

A crisp “pop” echoed in the study.

Alyssa was beaten to the side of her head, her face was hot, she reached out and touched it, her face was completely numb.

Isabel played hard enough this time.

She looked at Alyssa looking stupid after being beaten, and felt that it was not enough to relieve her anger, so she raised her hand to beat her again.

Alyssa squinted her eyes and moved her hand manually, intending to fight back.

At this moment, Colin, who had not spoken, suddenly said: “Enough! Let’s talk about business first!”

“Dad!” Isabel looked at Colin: “I would get angry when I see her. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be the way I am now. Just now, many friends have sent text messages asking me about the news on the Internet… …”

Colin raised his hand slightly to signal Isabel to stay calm.

As for who Isabel listens to most in this family, it is naturally Colin.

As the head of the family, Colin is still very prestigious.

He frowned and looked at Alyssa: “Alyssa, say it yourself, what’s the matter with the online video?”

Alyssa felt bitter in her heart. She looked up, a little bit pitiful in tears, with a small voice: “Dad, I really don’t know what’s going on with online videos…”

At this point, her voice was a little choked, she sniffed, and tears flooded from her eyes.

But she still resisted the crying and explained to Isabel with aggrieved words: “Sister, you believe me, how could I do that? How could I harm you? We are a family…”

Isabel looked at Alyssa suspiciously, trying to find traces of lying on Alyssa’s face.

However, Alyssa’s sad expression could hardly find any trace of fraud.

She had to turn her head and look at Colin.

Colin was also looking at Alyssa.

He always felt that this daughter, who he had never paid much attention to, seemed to be different from the day she married into Adams’ house.

But at this moment, she stood in front of her, still the same ugly, the same cowardly.

Even if Isabel slapped her just now, she didn’t even have to hide when she was about to hit her again. How could normal people react so slowly?

With this thought, Colin believed most of Alyssa’s words.

It’s easy to control a fool.

Colin leaned back in his chair relaxedly, and said to Alyssa in a serious tone: “Yes, we are a family, so we must consider our family at all times. Now those people on the Internet have misunderstood your sister, and we want What you do is to explain clearly to them the misunderstanding.”


Isabel called her and Rachel a b!tch, and called them a dogs. Together, they forced her to marry into Adam’s house. Are they misunderstanding?

Everyone in the world says that there is nothing wrong with no business, but they are right. Colin’s ability to reverse black and white is very powerful.

Alyssa widened her eyes in surprise, and looked at Isabel with a worried look: “I…I will definitely explain it clearly, sister, don’t worry.”

Isabel smiled, her eyes flashed with contempt.

Really more obedient than a dog.

Rachel on the side was not as optimistic as they were. She frowned slightly, always feeling that Alyssa was weird.

A smile appeared at the corner of Colin’s mouth, and his voice softened a little: “Next, we will hold a press conference. When that happens, we will ask you to say what we say.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded obediently.

A look of satisfaction flashed in Colin’s eyes: “Okay, it’s okay now, stay and eat before leaving.”

Alyssa lowered her eyes, covering the mockery under her eyes: “Okay.”

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