Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 390

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Chapter 390

These people, as soon as they came in, the little beggar shouted at the iron-faced gray wolf and all the people in the wolf hall:

“We are here to testify! This matter has nothing to do with Big Brother!”

“It’s that fat guy who rushed through the slums in the city and almost killed him! After getting off the car, he was very arrogant and threatened to kill him! So he made the move!”

There were tension and anger on the little beggar’s dirty face.

And the vendors and vegetable farmers behind saw the ferocious black boxers in the entire wolf hall, nervously speechless!

“Hey… there are helpers!”

The corners of the iron-faced gray wolf’s mouth showed deep disdain, and then said to the little beggar:

“Little guy, the matter of him hurting my brother is no longer important no matter who is right or wrong!”

“Because he is going to die either way!”


As soon as he said this!

The little beggar and the vendors who are with Shaun got startled.

They didn’t expect that the man in front of them would be so unreasonable, regardless of right or wrong, regardless of the cause, that he would actually kill Shaun.

In an instant, the little beggars and the vendors turned pale as paper.

However, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf didn’t care about them at all.

His eyes stared at Shaun as if staring at his prey, mocking and playful:

“I didn’t expect that such a beautiful President would find you such a husband!”

“Besides, don’ you have eyesight, you hit my brother, so I can’t forgive you!”

That’s it!

The iron-faced wolf pointed to the ring:

“Do you want to save your wife? Then go to the ring!”

“If you win, you can take your wife and leave! If you lose, then save your life!”


As soon as this remark came out, the little beggar and others looked even harder to see the extreme.

They can hear the mockery in the iron-faced wolf’s words.

He didn’t mention, who is the opponent?

Did not say how many opponents!

Just he said, victory is to live, defeat is to death!

He is definitely determined to kill Shaun.

Thinking of this, the little beggar and the surrounding vendors all pulled Shaun’s sleeves to stop him from going forward.

But at this moment!


Shaun suddenly took a step forward, and under the incredible gaze of everyone, he slowly walked towards the ring:

“Since you are looking for death, then I send you a ride!!”


Everyone in the original wolf hall looked at Shaun, full of mockery and contempt.

And when this sentence falls!


In the entire boxing gym, everyone was in an uproar.



Everyone never thought that Shaun would be such an idiot, facing the iron-faced gray wolf in the boxing gym and nearly a hundred black boxers, he even dared to say such arrogant words.

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