Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 422

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Chapter 422

Grace expected that she had heard something, and no longer concealed it, and said annoyed, “I packaged myself and gave it to him, so I could get this contract.”

Irene: “…”

Jacob took out his cell phone and wrote a row of words on it. Then handed it under Irene’s eyelids.

“Grace. Let’s meet!”

“Okay, time and place, you send it to me.”

Grace readily agreed.

“Oh, good.” As soon as Irene answered this sentence, Jacob hung up his call.

Then he snatched Irene’s cell phone, domineeringly, “Lend me the cell phone.”

Irene stretched out his hand to grab, “Then what do I use?”

Jacob handed him a wad of RMB: “Go and buy a new one.”

Irene couldn’t laugh or cry, “I have many customers in my phone. What should I do if they call me?”

“I’ll pick it up for you.”

“They talked to me about project cooperation, would you help me to cooperate?”

Jacob opened the contact column and looked at Irene contemptuously after reading it. “You should have been in contact with them for a long time, but no one cares about you, right?”

Irene was taken aback, “You can stop poke on people’s scars, okay?”

Jacob said, “Do you know why they ignore you?”

“Because our Yan family is in despair.”


Irene’s eyes widened, “Why is that? It won’t make me look unpleasant, right? My nose is a nose, and my eyes are eyes. I look so energetic and handsome, and I can’t tell that it’s unreliable. Guys… why don’t they cooperate with me?”

Jacob put Irene’s mobile phone into his arms, “Give me the mobile phone. I’ll tell you.”

Irene was depressed: “Can I not give it away? You robbed it.”

Jacob said, “These companies don’t have a long development time. They seek stability, so they generally don’t change their partners easily.”

Irene seemed to understand but not understand, “Then am I going to lose track?”

Jacob said, “Abandoned yourself so quickly? No wonder the Yan family fell so quickly.”

Irene stared at him… “Can you say something nutritious?”

Jacob said, “Draw their cooperation chain, then find out their weaknesses, and overcome them one by one. As long as the chain breaks, you can rebuild your own territory.”

Irene seemed to have an epiphany, “It makes sense!”

Immediately admired Jacob, “No wonder my Lingbao is also very business-minded, because you taught her well.”

Jacob’s face was dark, “There is no way to teach.”

I had known that she was so black and naughty, then she shouldn’t have taught her this, let her be like those women with big breasts, doing nothing better.

Irene said, “Don’t be like this, did my sister do something that makes you unhappy? You can bear it a little bit more!”

Jacob thought about it carefully, since she came back, she seems to have not done anything to make him happy.

But thinking that he had done it before, he can only accept all her bad deeds.

Irene left with a smile.

Jacob suddenly thought of something. Stop him, “Irene——”

Irene turned his head!

“Are you serious about Janice?” Jacob examined his eyes.

Irene’s eyes flickered.

Jacob punched his nose with a fist, “break up with her immediately.”

Irene had a nosebleed like a note, and looked at Jacob bitterly and screamed, “You are now my brother-in-law, and you have to call me big brother in terms of seniority. Did you treat your big brother like this?”

“You should fight.”

“It’s up to the owner to beat the dog. If you beat me, I’m not afraid that my sister will ask you to settle the account after knowing it?”

Jacob said angrily, “If it weren’t for seeing her, I would have killed you today.”

“Alright, alright, I promise you that I will break up with your second lady when I turn around. It’s okay!”


After blasting away Irene, Jacob immediately sent a text message to Grace, “See you at eight o’clock tonight.”

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