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Chapter 23

Karl was angry, and let out a gloomy roar: “Get out!”

Alyssa outside the door was stunned for a moment, then turned and left.

After a while, Karl’s mood had calmed down.

Smith knocked on the door and came in, holding a stack of documents in his hand.

As if thinking of something, Karl raised his head and asked him, “Is Alyssa back?”

Smith silently put the materials in his hand on the desk, and cleared his throat and said: “Madam has been back for a while, and it seems that she has just come…to find you…”

Only then did Karl remember that a woman had indeed knocked on the door to find him.

And the only woman living in this villa is Alyssa.

Did she take the initiative to find him?

Is it because the news on the Internet is not a soothing one, so she wanted to come to him?

A trace of interest flashed in Karl’s dark eyes, he leaned back in the chair, and said: “Call her here.”

When he went out at night, it didn’t take long to bring Alyssa over.

Alyssa pushed the door in and found that Karl was still sitting on the boss chair behind the desk as last time, and the boss chair turned back to her.

She could only see his arms on the armrests and the head emerging from the back of the chair. She could not see anything else.

Karl was the first to ask her, “What are you looking for?”

Shouldn’t she ask him this?

Before she came to him, he just let her go, and now he calls her over, just to ask her what’s the matter?

Alyssa didn’t shy away, and directly explained her intention: “I want to move out.”

After she finished speaking, seeing Karl did not respond, she explained: “I will be going to work soon. It is very inconvenient to live here and go to work.”

Her explanation received a concise response from the man: “Oh.”


Is this promise or not?

Karl felt very upset at this moment.

This ugly woman said sincerely yesterday that she didn’t mind him “no”, but today she wanted to move out of the villa!


Seeing that he hasn’t spoken for a long time, Alyssa said with some confusion: “You…”

Karl interrupted her coldly, “Do you think this is a vegetable market? You can come in and go out as you like?”

Alyssa heard the anger in his tone.

She didn’t quite understand, where did she provoke him.

Forget it, don’t move if you don’t move.

After another thought, she felt that her request to move out might have stimulated him.

After all, people with “physical defects” like Karl are very sensitive in their hearts and are easily stimulated.

When Alyssa thought about it, her tone softened unconsciously: “I know, I’ll go out if it’s okay.”

It was the first time Karl heard her such a soft tone.

After thinking about it carefully, Karl’s face turned black.

“Get out!”

Alyssa sighed, Karl’s temper was really bad.

Karl turned around and threw the file that he hadn’t put back on his desk before.

Seeing his reaction Smith also felt very inexplicable. The boss has always been inexplicably angry recently.

After a long while, Karl seemed to have thought of something, and asked Smith aloud: “I remember Alyssa’s information stated that she graduated from the Film Academy?”

Smith: “Yes, Madam is studying drama, film and television literature.”

A quick smile flashed across Karl’s face, with the beast’s inevitable gain for the little prey, and said faintly, “In other words, her job is a screenwriter?”

Smith was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

Everyone thinks that Karl is an impot3nt cripple, but no one knows that Karl has been the boss of the largest Entertainment Group in the country these years.

However, in just eight years, AdamPic has become the leader in the film and television industry.

AdamPic is a company that all film and television practitioners want to join. If Alyssa really wants to become a famous screenwriter, she will definitely give AdamPic a resume.

Smith understood the deep meaning of Karl’s words, and nodded, “I will do it now.”


Alyssa has submitted her resume to almost all the film and television companies in Rostenvel.

However, she deliberately skipped AdamPic.

As for the reason?

Because the film and television company signed by Tin and AdamPic are deadly opponents.

Moreover, she will definitely not be hired.

Before waiting for the interview news, she had to deal with the news that Isabel had made.

She brewed for a while before dialing Isabel’s phone.

“What’s the matter, let’s talk about it.” Isabel’s voice was still proud and domineering.

Alyssa pinched her nose, her nasal voice seemed to cry: “Sister, I am sorry. Don’t be angry with me. Shall we come out to meet? Don’t hurt my mother.”

“You let me out, I’ll come out, who do you think you are.”

Alyssa understood Isabel, she whispered: “Please.”

“Speak louder, inaudible.”

“I beg you……”


Alyssa put down the phone, her eyes were cold.

Isabel, you must be very proud now, right?

But soon, you won’t be proud.

Before Tina gave her a few marketing account contact information, there were also a few paparazzi contact information.

The news that she “robbed” Isabel’s fiancé is still very popular now, and some people are willing to take good news.

She picked one of the paparazzi’s contacts based on her feelings, sent the address and time, and went out for the appointment.

Alyssa went out on foot, and then Smith went to the study to tell Karl: “Madam is out.”

Karl raised his head to look at him, the expression in his indifferent eyes meant “What does this have to do with me?”

Although he was used to seeing Karl’s cold eyes, he still swallowed a little bit timidly.

“I guess that the wife’s going out may be related to Isabel.” He was a little curious about how the wife would deal with Isabel. He believed that the boss was in the same mood as him.

Who knows, Karl just responded lightly: “Oh.”

Smith wondered in a daze, could he guess wrong?

The next moment, Karl stood up, took his coat and walked out: “I haven’t seen the eldest brother for a long time, I’ll go find him for a meal.”

Smith: “…”

He remembered that if he was right, Master had not returned from abroad.

The boss should find a decent excuse…

Even though Karl’s excuse was so clumsy, Smith did not dare to break him.


Karl drove along with Alyssa to a restaurant.

He sat in the car and watched Alyssa go in for twenty minutes before Isabel arrived, she was late.

Then, another man dressed in ordinary but behaving suspiciously also entered the restaurant.

As the big boss behind the entertainment company, Karl concluded at a glance that the man who followed was a paparazzi.

It’s not in vain that he waited so long in the car, it seems that there will be a good show to watch.

Chapter 24

In the restaurant.

Isabel put her bag on the dining table and raised her chin proudly to look at Alyssa: “If you have something to say, say it now, I’ll have a date with Norris later.”

As she spoke, she raised her hands and admired her newly made nails.

She glanced at Alyssa inadvertently, she was really dressed like a day for ten years, plain long quilted jacket, sallow skin, black-rimmed glasses, and ugly eyes.

A woman like this, still wanting to steal a man from her?

Only those fools on the Internet will believe it.

Alyssa lowered her eyes, holding the water glass, rubbing her hands on the wall of the cup helplessly, but from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a man in ordinary clothes sitting down at the table behind.

She calmly sent out the edited text message: it’s time to start.

She did this series of actions extremely carefully, so Isabel did not notice.

Alyssa carefully looked up at Isabel, and said, “I have already apologized on Twitter. Don’t embarrass my mother.”

She cowered and looked the same as before.

Isabel snorted coldly, and she knew how could Alyssa become smarter from childhood to stupid at this age.

“It’s okay for Rachel not to be embarrassed, I only have one condition.” Isabel embraced her arms, her face was a smug smile.

“What…what conditions?” Alyssa’s voice was delighted and anxious.

“Fool, I really don’t know why you care about Rachel so much, she has never treated you as a daughter.”

Alyssa’s hands on her legs gradually tightened, her face pale, and she said bitterly, “Anyway, she is my mother. Even if she does it again, she knows that she is only for you and beg me to marry Karl, and I will agree too.”

Isabel didn’t like Alyssa’s weak and incompetent appearance. When she was a child, Alyssa studied better than her and looked more beautiful than her. She hated this sister very much.

Then Alyssa suddenly became stupid and ugly, and she hated this sister even more.

Having a sister like Alyssa made her feel ashamed.

But, fortunately, Alyssa is obedient like a dog and can be used by her at will.

Isabel smiled, her tone soft, but very vicious: “You are as cheap as your mother.”

A mockery flashed in Alyssa’s eyes. Rachel had been married to Hunt’s house for more than 20 years, and she was kind to Isabel. In the end, not only did Isabel not accept Rachel’s affection, she scolded her and called her cheap.

“You can say anything you like, but please don’t say that to my mother, she is sincere to you.” Alyssa pretended to be sad and whispered to her.

How could Isabel hear Alyssa’s words, she glanced at her, and said loudly: “Shut up! You don’t need to worry about my business. Now, you only need to do one thing, divorce Karl.”

“Divorce?” Alyssa’s eyes widened in shock.

This shock is half pretend and half true.

Without Isabel’s words, Alyssa had already guessed her purpose.

Although the Adams family didn’t care who married Karl, she certainly couldn’t tolerate Alyssa’s rebellion, because she was still an “ugly and stupid” woman who couldn’t make it to the table.

She asked for a divorce from Karl, which was clearly beating Adams’ face.

The Adams family will never let her go!

Isabel’s move is really ruthless, she directly draws Adams’ attention to Alyssa, and lets the Hunt’s people deal with Alyssa to vent their hatred. In this way, her own sense of presence in the Hunt’s family is greatly enhanced. If you lower it, you can live with Norris without any pressure.

Isabel seemed to inadvertently pluck the hair near her ear, and a pink trace appeared on her white neck: “As long as I do this, I won’t be embarrassed by Rachel.”

Alyssa has never eaten pork and has seen pigs running.

The red mark on Isabel’s neck was obviously a hickey.

Is this showing off to her?

Alyssa picked up the cup and took a sip of water, really feeling a bit blocked.

What she was sad about was not that Norris and Isabel were together. What she was sad about was that she had a crush on the man she had crushed for so many years, but that was all.

“However, the Adams family won’t agree to the divorce between Karl and me…” Even if the divorce is really going to happen, Karl can only ask for it.

“That’s your business, I advise you, it’s best to be obedient as a dog, otherwise I will let you and your mother have no good days to eat.”

Isabel really didn’t have the patience to talk to Alyssa any more, took out the mirror to put the lipstick, and then dialed the phone and yelled softly: “Church.”

Alyssa’s complexion stiffened.

Her response made Isabel very satisfied.

Although Alyssa was not a threat to her, she still felt a sense of accomplishment when she looked at Alyssa’s pitiful look like a falling dog.

Through the window, Alyssa watched Isabel drive away, then turned to glance at the dining table behind.

The man calmly shook the phone in his hand, Alyssa lowered her head, and the phone displayed a new text message reminder.

“I’ll go back and copy the video and send it to you.”

Alyssa replied: “Thank you.”

Putting down the phone, she slowly ate the cold food on the table.

She really didn’t know how Isabel became like this. When she was a child, she actually liked Isabel very much.

Isabel looks good, and children like beautiful young ladies, so she always follows Isabel.

However, Isabel seemed to be heartless.

For more than 20 years, Rachel had taken her heart and lungs to her, and Isabel could scold her and call her cheap, not to mention Alyssa, who had always been unable to see her?

She thought that Isabel had at least some affection for Rachel, but…

Alyssa felt a little congested, and the cold food was not delicious, so she got up and left.

Karl came out of the box on the other side and intercepted the paparazzi at the door.

When the paparazzi saw Karl’s tall, magnificent and extraordinary temperament, he felt a little anxious: “What are you doing?”

“Let me see.” Karl’s gaze fell on his bag in a cold tone.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” This is the first-hand news he has photographed. It will be tomorrow’s headline. Of course, he will not show it to others casually.

“Really? Do you believe it or not that I can make you unable to stay in the Rostenvel and the entire entertainment industry?” Karl’s expression remained unchanged, his voice calm and without emotion.

Only then did the paparazzi discover that the man in front of him was not only handsome and indifferent, but the suit on his body was haute couture. At first glance, he was rich or expensive. What’s more, the powerful aura and oppressiveness that he exudes. It consciously make people want to surrender.

He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Karl’s words, so he honestly showed Karl the video.

The picture and voice were very clear, and he listened to the conversation between the two women without fail.

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