Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

Just at this moment!

The Iron Face Wolf waved his hand.


His palm, as if containing boundless magic and majesty, instantly made the whole noisy wolf hall silent.

“Who are you? Why you had hurt my brother!” The iron-faced gray wolf’s face calmed down at this moment.

He stared directly at Shaun.

For some reason, there is a creepy feeling in his heart.

He can be sure that this guy in front of him is absolutely extraordinary. Otherwise, how dare he hurt his brother and even came alone to the Wolf Hall. This is almost a dead end!

Not waiting for Shaun to answer.

A coquettish woman rushed in from the door, ran to the iron-faced wolf while crying, and then cried to the wolf and said:

“Lord Wolf! this is the guy who has beaten Kang Leng!”

“Kang Leng and I were going to somewhere in BMW when we ran into this guy. Kang Leng was not angry at all. He went down and argued with him. As a result, this violent maniac beat Kang Leng into such condition!”


After hearing Wen Qian’s words, whether it was the iron-faced wolf or all the black boxers around, they all blew with anger.

They didn’t expect that someone would dare to touch the people in the Porcelain Wolf Hall, especially those in the Wolf Hall, who would make direct violent actions.

And just when the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was about to say something.

Suddenly, Elvira’s shocked voice came from the iron box:

“Lin…Shaun? Is that you?”

“No! Why are you here, go! Go!”


When Elvira’s voice came from the iron box, the noisy voices below became quiet again.


Huh huh!

The iron-faced gray wolf and all the boxers there looked at Shaun.

Only then did they found that the guy in front of them was not only the guy who has injured Kang Leng, but also the son-in-law who they want to kill for 5 million yuan.

“It turns out that you are Shaun?” The corner of the iron-faced gray wolf’s mouth was full of brutality.


He hadn’t done anything yet, but he didn’t expect that Shaun would hit the door directly!


At this moment, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was completely angry.

Just at this moment!


Under the sight of many people in the wolf hall, only a tattered little beggar, and famous vegetable farmer and vendor, followed Shaun.

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