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Chapter 21

Karl looked at her small face that was flushed with anger, the expression on her face was still sloppy, and the tone was light: “In trouble?”

Alyssa squeezed the quilt and looked at him coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

She had a cold face, looking at Karl’s eyes, she didn’t have any power.

“It’s really none of my business, but if you ask me, I can consider helping you.” Karl looked at her with deep eyes, making no secret of his bad intentions.

Of course, Alyssa would not beg him.

Karl glanced at her deeply, then turned around and went out.

He hadn’t walked two steps before he met Smith.

Smith nodded slightly and asked his opinion aloud: “Boss, how to deal with the news about the wife on the Internet?”

Karl thought of what Alyssa had said before, curled his lips, his smile was not warm, his voice indifferent: “What does it have to do with me? If you want to help someone, it depends on whether people want you to help, heh!”

After Karl finished speaking, he went directly to the study.

Smith looked at him from behind, and realized with hindsight that the boss’s last “hee” seemed to have some sense of breath?


Alyssa didn’t plan to pay attention to the news on the Internet.

She didn’t know why Isabel did this suddenly, and she didn’t want to guess.

All she knows is that Tina already knows that she married someone from the Adams family, and then Tina may tear her directly.

Even if she knew that Tina wanted to tear her up, she still wanted to see Tina.

The two made an appointment in a relatively remote cafe.

After all, Tina is now also a small actor with 700 or 800 Twitter fans, and places with a lot of people will worry about being recognized.

When she arrived at the cafe, Tina had already arrived.

Tina wore a mask, long hair tied into a ponytail, and a very ordinary white down jacket. She looked clean and neat, and coupled with her good looks, so that people frequently looked towards her.

Tina has been like this since she was in school she will become the focus wherever she goes, and she can easily attract the attention of others.

Alyssa sat down opposite her, her tone apologetic: “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Tina hugged her arms and leaned on the sofa, glanced at her, and then slowly said, “You are the Adams’ young lady, a small person like me should wait for you.”

Alyssa: “…”

Tina saw that Alyssa didn’t speak, and couldn’t bear to say harsh words.

She tossed the mask to the side, and said angrily: “Your real mother is just like being lowered her head. She spoiled other people’s daughters and turned a blind eye to the real daughter. I never thought about you, I told you to be careful, now it’s okay, you got trapped and got married into Adams family!”

After Tina finished speaking, she took the water next to her and drank it all in one breath.

Alyssa pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose to remind her: “Drink slowly.”

Tina glared at her: “Did the Adams family embarrass you?”

“No, the people from the Adams family… are pretty good.” Except for “Luther” who always haunted her, everything else went well.

Tina thought of the business, and her expression straightened: “Do you know why Isabel wants to buy hot searches on the Internet, saying you robbed her fiance?”

“How did you know that Isabel bought the hot search?” Alyssa stopped pouring her water again.

Tina looked at her like a fool: “Just like you are, who would bother to pour dirty water on you, it’s not because it is profitable.”

“What’s the profit?” Alyssa really didn’t understand why Isabel did this.

Tina sneered and said: “Before I got on the plane, I asked my paparazzi friend to inquire about it. Isabel did this, just to be honest with Norris, and she just made you as a stepping stone.”

Listening to what Tina said, Alyssa naturally wanted to understand.

At this time, Isabel needed to get rid of Karl’s fiancee.

So she went to Twitter to buy a hot search, stepped on Alyssa to pour dirty water under her feet, and washed into a kind-hearted sister.

Alyssa pursed her lips, and said, “I think it’s pretty beautiful.”

“So? What are you going to do?” After Tina finished speaking, she asked her as if thinking of something, “I’m asking you, you just married Karl in this way, you guys…”

“He thinks I’m ugly, and we respect each other like ice.” Alyssa knew what she was asking, so she said it directly.

“It’s really ugly. You don’t want to be ugly. Don’t pretend to be ugly. Put on clothes and make-up to blind his dog’s eyes!” Tina’s recent filming is of revenge, so she likes it very much. Reverse this kind of face-slap.

Alyssa laughed: “No, it’s fine now.”

Respect each other like ice, it’s good not to interfere.


Before long, Tina was called away by her agent.

She rushed to pay the bill before she left.

Alyssa is not as tall as her, and her hands are not as long as her, and she has never been able to grab them.

Although she is usually carefree, she is still very careful about small things. Knowing that Alyssa is not financially rich, she will try to pay the bill first when she goes out to eat.

Alyssa felt very heartwarming, and felt a little sad.

Tina knew all her secrets and knew everything about the family.

Long ago, Tina said that she should stop expecting her from the Hunt family, especially Rachel.

But she didn’t believe it, until she was forced to marry into Adams’s family.

However, even at this point, they are not dissatisfied, they still have to use her.

Do you really think she can be used so easily?

When Alyssa was about to take a taxi back to Karl’s villa, she received a call from Rachel.

Rachel’s voice is rare and gentle: “Alyssa, come home for dinner tonight.”

At this juncture, Rachel’s attitude was so gentle to call her, and the purpose was obvious.

Alyssa rejected her voice, with a low tone: “There is no time.”

Rachel didn’t expect that she would refuse directly, and her tone could not help being tougher: “You have no job now, what can you do? Just come back for a meal, the whole family is…”

“Oh, but I am from the Adams family now.” Alyssa cut off Rachel’s words directly.

Rachel was completely angry this time, and the volume was raised: “Talke to mom like this!”

She had never spoken to Rachel in this indifferent tone before, and Rachel had never spoken to Isabel in such an impatient tone.

After all, it’s just because she doesn’t care.

Rachel didn’t care about her, so she treated her as she pleased.

She doesn’t care about Rachel anymore, so naturally, she doesn’t get enthusiastic.

“Then you go to Isabel, she is filial and gentler than me, and she is better everywhere.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she hung up the phone immediately.

Chapter 22

On the way back to the villa, Alyssa was scanning Twitter all the way.

The topic of “Ugly people make trouble” remains high.

Most of the people inside are scolding Alyssa.

Alyssa sneered, she was the victim, why should she accept others’ abuse innocently? But can Isabel, the initiator, gain both fame and fortune?

Alyssa sent a message to Tina.

“Introduce me a reliable marketing account.”

“what are you going to do?!”

Across the phone screen, Alyssa could feel the cool excitement.

“I don’t want to be scolded for nothing.”

“That’s right, kill the princess in the late stage of illness! I will help you contact a friend of mine who has more fans than me…”

Tina couldn’t understand Isabel’s insatiable anger, “everybody in the world will listen to me”, and kept calling Isabel the princess’ late stage disease.

Alyssa was a little helpless when she heard this, Tina, this woman who doesn’t seem to be too big to watch the excitement!

However, with the development of this matter up to now, Alyssa didn’t intend to settle the matter, she just planned to make the trouble a little bit bigger.

Since Isabel had made up her mind to squeeze out all the usefulness of her, it would be enough for Isabel.

It’s just that whether Isabel can afford the price of stepping on her to wash white is not certain.


Three o’clock in the afternoon is the time for Sunshine to have afternoon tea and chat.

What’s more, it was three o’clock in the afternoon on the weekend.

However, a very simple Twitter with only the word “sorry” was topped hot.

However, within two hours, there were already over ten thousand comments.

This Twitter was sent by Alyssa with her own account.

She asked the marketing account to forward the screenshots, and used a series of speculations to prove that this user was another party in the topic of “Ugly People Are Doing Things”.

For a while, there was a lot of scolding under Twitter.

There are countless comments such as “Family Dead” and “Hit by a car”.

Tina exploded quickly and called Alyssa, “Alyssa, are you really stupid? You asked me for a marketing account, just to apologize to the princess Isabel for her late illness? Believe it or not, I will do it now Come and cut you?”

“Don’t believe it.” Alyssa said calmly.

Tina was a little discouraged: “What are you going to do?”

When she first saw the top Twitter, she didn’t believe it was sent by Alyssa, but when she clicked it in, it was indeed Alyssa’s account.

Although she was angry, she quickly calmed down again.

Alyssa has been swallowing anger at Hunt’s house all these years, but it doesn’t mean she has no temper.

“I plan to give Isabel a big gift.” Alyssa paused, her voice low a few times: “A big gift that was scolded for the first time in her life.”

Tina’s family situation was better than Hunt’s. She had long wanted to clean up Isabel, but Alyssa never let her do that.

This time Alyssa did it herself, and she felt extremely irritating: “Okay, anyway, if you need me for anything, just call me.”


The study door was pushed open.

Smith took the tablet and walked in and put the tablet on the desk: “Boss, Madam apologized to Isabel on Twitter.”

Karl is dealing with official duties. Although he has not officially taken over the Adams family business, he also has his own business in private.

He raised his head and glanced at the Twitter that appeared on the tablet.

With just a glance, he lowered his head again, his voice calm and quiet: “Why did she apologize to Isabel?”

“Boss, what do you mean…” Smith’s impression of Alyssa was that she stopped at “not surprisingly” and “slowly responding”, so when he saw this Twitter, he didn’t think deeply.

“Don’t interfere, just let me know if there is progress.”

Although he had only seen Isabel once, he could also see that Isabel was so petted by the family that she didn’t have any thoughts in her actions.

At least, Isabel didn’t think much about talking to him.

And Alyssa’s growth environment is relatively harsh, with no applause, no encouragement, and rejection by all her relatives, so she is far more mature and stable than the average peers.

He believed that if Alyssa really wanted to fight back, she would succeed.

If unsuccessful…

Oh, if she came to him, he would be willing to consider helping her.

However, that ugly woman will come to ask for this possibility…


The vibration of the phone interrupted Karl’s thoughts.

He took the cellphone and saw the number on it, his expression darkened.

It is an international long-distance call.

He did not answer the phone immediately, but said aloud: “You go out.”

When he was speaking, his eyes still fell on the screen of the phone, but Smith, who was very familiar with him, had already guessed who made the call.

Only after Smith went out, did Karl press the connect button on the phone.

The next moment, a woman’s questioning voice rang on the phone: “Karl, what’s the news on the Internet? I have seen it. Isn’t it even bigger in the country? You really married an ugly and stupid woman. Your body is obviously good, why don’t you keep showing up to make others misunderstand, let those cats and dogs be your wife and enter the door of Adams’ house…”

The more women said, the more ugly, Karl frowned slightly, with a meager anger in his voice: “Claire!”

“What’s your tone? I’m your sister!”

“It’s only two minutes before me.” Claire is Karl’s twin sister.

Claire calmed down for a while, and then continued: “Karl, I didn’t come to carry it with you. I really don’t understand why you have to pretend to be a cripple for so many years. Now you are even a small householder. The women in here dare to bully you, so why are you? After two years of father’s retirement, don’t you want to…”

Karl was like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and was immediately irritated.

His voice exudes a deep chill: “Because you are not the one who watched your mother be abused to death! That’s why you can live safely abroad, but I can’t! I won’t find the murderer for one day. I can’t get rest!”

Claire retorted: “Those kidnappers have already been shot at the desk!”

Karl’s voice was gloomy: “No! The real murderer has not been caught! We changed our schedule temporarily that morning. If there were no people from the Adams family to report, the kidnappers could not be accurate in such a short time. Find us, kidnap us!”

As long as he remembered what happened that day, the hatred and anger in his heart interlaced to break through his chest.

He didn’t want to talk to Claire anymore, and hung up the phone with a “pop”.

Every time he quarrels with her about this matter.


There was a knock on the door, followed by Alyssa’s voice: “Karl, are you there?”

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