Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 388

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Chapter 388


At this moment, all the noise in the entire wolf hall stopped abruptly.

Everyone looked at the person that was thrown in.

This figure was covered with blood, and it was almost impossible to see the real face.

And after seeing this man’s fat figure and vague appearance!


The entire wolf hall got completely exploded.

“Kang Leng! God, he turned out to be the younger brother of the museum owner!”

“Damn it, who is it that wounded Kang Leng like this!”


The noisy sound whistled in an instant.

Everyone’s face was full of shock.

The iron-faced gray wolf is named Kang Lang!

And he has a younger brother, Kang Leng.

Both have love and devotion for each other from the beginning, especially with the soaring reputation of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, his brother Kang Leng has become a lord of the slums in the city, arrogant and domineering, no one dares to provoke him.

But now…


No one could imagine that who was so courageous to beat up the younger brother of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf into such a miserable condition.

In an instant, the entire wolf hall suddenly became a mess.


At this moment, when everyone was in a panic, a roar resounded from the second floor.

They saw that the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, like a goshawk, jumped down from the second floor.

He ran to his brother quickly, wiping the blood from his face, and shouted in grief:

“Who! Who has hurted my brother!!!”



Almost everyone shuddered uncontrollably when they heard the roar of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.

Everyone can hear the thick anger and killing intent from this roar.

When the roar of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf just fell!


A footstep actually resounded from the door, making everyone’s hearts beat slightly.

Then, one after another, they all looked at the door.

Suddenly, under the gaze of everyone, a young man walked in slowly.

“it’s me!”

Shaun’s voice was indifferent, and he looked straight at the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, showing coldness and sorrow.


After hearing that Shaun personally admitted that he had hurt the fat man Kang Leng, the whole wolf hall was completely fried.

Fierce black boxers around, as if they were about to eat Shaun, their face was fierce!

“Boy, are you looking for death? You dared to hurt our curator’s brother!”

“Kill him! Revenge for Kang Leng!”

“How you dared to hurt Kang Leng, you are going to die!”


The voices of the black boxers around were full of brutality.

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