Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 417

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Chapter 417

Just in time, Jacob’s call came.

“Irene, return Grace. Also, take your woman away!” Jacob roared into the microphone.

“Yes, yes, war master.”

Irene wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and then sent Grace back.

Janice stared at Irene angrily, “You said, do you like her and dislike me?”

Irene said guilty: “I’m sorry, I pulled the wrong person.”

Janice powder fist fell on him, “Believe it or not, I beat you to death, can this be wrong?”

The young couple reconciled as before.

Jacob stretched out his hand to La Grace, Grace awkwardly shrank her hand behind her back.

Jacob’s hands were frozen in the air.

After a long while, he said helplessly: “You want to compensate her, it’s up to you.”

Grace suddenly smiled.

She took his hand affectionately, “War Lord, the banquet has begun, let’s go.”

Jacob’s brain hurts terribly.

The banquet begins!

Full of friends!

The high platform in front is decorated with birthday party patterns, and there is a tower cake next to it, which is huge.

Popular stars are performing hard on stage.

Singing and dancing, the atmosphere is lively.

Jacob took Grace and walked straight to the table of seat C in the front row.

“Sit down.”

Grace said in disbelief, “Warlord, I am a free-sick person, but sitting in the c position that others dream of, will I become a target?”

Jacob picked up her brand name, Grace was dumbfounded.

It turns out that the seats have been arranged long ago.

The anxiety in her heart was swept away, and then she was slightly moved.

Jacob sat down next to her, together with Janice and Irene, Zhan Hanxuan and several other junior members of the war family.

Probably the ice sculpture of Jacob was present, and they seemed particularly serious and restrained.

Only Zhan Hanxuan, the hippie smiled against Jacob and said, “Big Brother, the method you used to punish that junior third time just now was so dispelling. I sincerely thank you on behalf of my mother.”

Jacob’s face collapsed slightly.

Grace was awkward with him over this matter, this guy didn’t open the pot or lift the pot.

“Go back and translate all company documents into French!”

Zhan Hanxuan’s face paled, “Brother, don’t, it’s so difficult for me to translate a copy——”

At this time, a lady of etiquette came over and whispered a few words in Jacob’s ear. Jacob got up and left.

On the stage, after a light song and man dance, Jacob walked onto the stage with an elegant gait, and suddenly thunderous applause rang out from the audience.

He stood there, even if he didn’t speak, he exuded his unique charm.

Cold and steady, but with an expensive face.

The three-hundred-sixty-degree beauty of the prosperous world without dead ends, why not let people indulge him.

Picking up the microphone, the charming voice, comparable to that of the anchor, rang out, “Thank you for your visit to Tourmaline Manor. Today we have two happy events for our war family. One is the 82-year-old birthday of the old man. The old man is still strong and healthy. I firmly believe, The old man can still shine for the Zhan Group for the rest of his long life.

Second, today is also a great day for me and Grace to form a couple. Hope you all witness our good days. “

In the audience, Grace spouted hot tea.

Isn’t Jacob insane?

Three Mengbao wearing white clothes suddenly came to her. Derek and Faith grabbed Mommy’s hand and said excitedly: “Mommy, today is a good day for you and Daddy to get together.”

“You go up quickly, don’t let Daddy wait for a long time!”

Grace looked at the powder-carved jade and cut several cute treasures. Derek and Jas wore small suits, which were simply reduced versions of Warm and Jacob.

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