Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

Because in their lives, Shaun’s face is simply the nightmare they will never forget at all.

“Fan God is Mr. Lin! My God, I actually fought the great Fan God before!”

“Hahaha…Idol, although I was scrapped by Mr. Lin before, it’s really worth it!”


At this moment, Sanggou and others were in excitement.

Just looking at their expressions.

Master Dao smiled and shook his head.

Because only he knew that Shaun’s identity was not just as simple as that of God.

Master Dao even doubted.

Shaun is the genius doctor Lin, because he has personally seen Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese medicine doctor in Jiang City, and Mike, a madman in Western medicine, respecting Shaun.


He also suspected that Shaun had an unpredictable mysterious relationship with Tianlong Group and Shengshi Club.

Because he knew everything!

All the senior executives of Tianlong Group were kneeling in front Shaun.

The Black Tiger of the Shengshi Club razed the most famous western restaurant in Jiang City to the ground for Shaun.

At this moment, Master Dao couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and said to Sangou and others:

“Mr. Lin, don’t mess with him!”

“Whoever irritates him will die!”

This sentence made Sangou and all his brothers look straight.

That’s right!

After they had dealt with Shaun several times, they felt the horror of Mr. Lin.

Shaun is like a bottomless abyss. Anyone who provokes will become the white bones under the abyss.

At this moment!


The door of the box was pushed open from the outside.

This situation changed the expression of Master Dao and others.

“Who is this?”

As soon as Master Dao was about to yell, he suddenly realized that the persons who broke in were the ones who he sent out to protect Mr. Lin.

“Little San! Why you guys come back? Didn’t master let you follow him far away?”

Hearing this!

San and the others all turned pale, and then they replied:

“Master Dao, something went wrong!”

“We followed Mr. Lin all the way to the slums in the city! There, we met a fat man driving a BMW who wanted to kill Mr. Lin. Mr. Lin gave him a severe lesson!”

“But we didn’t expect that this fat man turned out to be the brother of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf! Now, Mr. Lin went to the wolf hall by himself!”


After listening to San’s words, Dao’s body trembled fiercely.

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