Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 384

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Chapter 384

“I’ll go too! I’m a witness to this incident! I can testify to you!”

“And me too, I don’t believe that there is any justice in this world! He almost killed someone, and he was so arrogant. Let’s go to the wolf hall to seek justice!”


One by one passerby followed Shaun.

For all this, Shaun did not refuse.

He just bent down and grabbed the fat man’s feet, as if pulling a dead dog, and walked forward.

And looking at Shaun and the others Paula covered her mouth, tears slid down from her eyes:

“Shaun, you must come back safely!”

“for sure!” hall!”

“Quick! Go back and report to Lord Tiger, the boss is going to see the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!”

Paula is praying!

The sturdy men next looked at each other dignifiedly.

“Let’s go and report to Master Dao! Mr. Lin went to the wolf
These sturdy men withdraw from there suddenly.

One by one they got into the black cars.

At the same time!

In the North City, there is a resplendent club named-Willow Leaf Flying Sword!

The name sounds like martial arts, but in fact, this is a private club, only opens for a very small number of members.


The reason why many Jiangshi bosses dare not set foot here is that this is the lair of the North City overlord Dao Ye!

In a box.

Master Dao put his arms around two enchanting beauties, smoking a cigar while watching the video.

This is the video of Kelly’s concert.

When he saw the god inside!

A trace of incredible luster splashed in the eyes of Master Dao:

“Oh my God! It’s him! It’s definitely him!”

Master Dao was incoherent with excitement at this moment.

And hearing this!

The mourning dog and others standing behind the sofa asked curiously:

“Master Dao, who are you talking about?”

“It is Mr. Lin!” Master Dao smoked a cigar fiercely, as if to suppress the excitement in his heart, pointing to the god in the video, and saID to the younger brother such as Sanggou:

“Look at him! Isn’t this mortal god who is most powerful in the world, Mr. Lin?”


Although Sanggou and others are reckless, they have naturally heard the name of the gods.

Even many songs composed by Fanshen are regarded as classics.


At the moment, Sangou and a group of people immediately gathered around, when they watched the mortal god who played the piano on the video!


Everyone felt their scalp numb.



Whether it was the mourning dog or the little brothers around, they had personally fought against Shaun.

He can’t be a random god, they are sure that only half of his face is revealed.

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