Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 386

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Chapter 386

He knows the Iron Face Wolf very well.

That guy is a complete lunatic, fighting madness!

Anyone who provokes him will die or get a severe injury!

Especially to the Wolf Hall!

There is even the iron-faced gray wolf’s lair. There are countless black boxers inside, and not any other powerful person in the city can go there to provoke this guy.

“Quick! Raise all the brothers, this time, no matter what, Mr. Lin must be rescued!”

Master Dao was really anxious.

He had seen Liu Zhen, Major General Dong Jun, and other big names bowing to Shaun.

If such a terrifying character really loses his life in the wolf hall, then he will definitely be buried alive.


Following Master Dao’s order, the entire’Liu Ye Fei Dao Club’ started to get ready.

Densely, a group of brawny men in white walked out from one box one after another.

Each of them held a machete and swarmed outside.

In the blink of an eye, as many as two hundred people gathered.

Divided into dozens of cars, the humming engine roared, shaking the sky.

When Master Dao saw that people had already stuffed up and are ready, he immediately waved his hand:

“Let’s go to Wolf Hall!”

“Sweep the pack of wolf cubs!”


After the words were over, the cars under the pressure of Wu began to gallop towards the slums in the city.

The scene is extremely spectacular.

At the same time!

In the Nancheng of Jiangshi, there is the same situation!

“Quick! Quick! Quick! Protect the boss at all costs!”

“Who is blocking, who will die!!!”

Hu Ye’s eyes flashed with gloomy cold light.

And under his roar.

The black man in suits and shoes rushed out of the clubhouse.

The densely packed cars began to rush toward the slums in the city.

I’m afraid that all Jiangshi people can’t think of it.

Just because of one person!

The two major hegemons of Jiangshi, the north, and the south, all came out, setting off a huge wave of shaking Jiangshi.

at the same time!

In the wolf hall which is located in the slums of the city, the atmosphere at this moment is extremely hot.

A spacious boxing ring was built in the middle of the stadium.

Kill kill kill!

On the ring, two black boxers were fighting frantically with blood and sweat.

It seems that two beasts are fighting desperately!

Not only that!

Around the ring, a chubby customer, a strong black boxer, and an enchanting girl were all screaming and shouting frantically, cheering for the favorite fighter.

Whenever the fighters on the stage splashed with blood, the crowd below would shout and roar like beasts.


On the top beam of the ring, there is also an iron box hanging.

The scream of a woman came out of the box.

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