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Chapter 1449

There are many things that actually happened long ago.

It’s just that most people realize it later, and it takes a long time to realize that some things have happened and some barriers already exist.

Or, life itself is actually a scam, and you need to pay a price if you want to know the truth.

And these costs often require a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

After that, they will become tired and numb.

Tina felt that she was like this.

She used the most reckless method to test her position in Peter’s heart, but the result did not satisfy her.

But this result is too real to escape.

In the following years, she has been letting herself accept, that she is not that important in Peter’s heart.

Even Peter, who she thinks loves her and cares most about her, doesn’t care about her that much. Could there be someone else who loves her more?

After she questioned herself, no one could give her the answer.

So she arbitrarily denied herself.

She felt that she would probably never meet someone she loves more.

In the face of Peter, there was another hurdle in her heart.

She thought that if she said something cruel to him, he would probably stop pestering her again. After all, she is not as important as she thought in her heart, wasn’t it?

But Peter was more stubborn than she thought.

She felt that she didn’t seem to understand him anymore.

After a long silence, Tina said softly: “I also want to know why we became like this.”

Seeing her like this, Peter didn’t want to force her.

He walked to Tina and slowly squatted down. With the movement of squatting down, his eyes fell on her face. He looked at her, his expression was as calm as a lake under moonlight, calm and peaceful. With gentleness.

“Since you don’t know, let’s find the answer together, okay?” His tone was the same as his expression, calm and gentle.

Like coaxing her countless times as a child.

The memory is like a flood that broke the gate.

——Stop crying, go eat ice cream, okay?

——All to you, okay?

——Will you go after finishing your homework?


She thought that those long-lasting memories were forgotten in the passage of time.

And she now discovered that those memories were not forgotten, but a special key was needed to open the door of those memories.

Because they are precious and special memories.

It is so precious that it will not be discarded at will.

Even if it is forgotten for a short time, it is only for the restart one day in the future.

“Okay.” After Tina answered, he was stunned.

The joy in Peter’s eyes was about to overflow: “I will deal with Cathy’s affairs as soon as possible, and then we will have a good talk?”

Tina nodded silently.


After Cathy cuckolded Peter’s trending search, after it was exposed on Twitter, it was all rudely removed, and keywords were also blocked.

After the blocking, neither party clarified the rumor.

As a result, this matter is more and more settled.

Peter’s trick is not particularly clever, but it is useful.

Although Tina didn’t ask about this matter, she could guess that this matter was probably exposed by Peter deliberately.

Although Cathy did the wrong thing, it also hurt Peter’s face.

Peter didn’t make a statement, but he tried his best to suppress the news. On the one hand, he sat down on the matter and on the other hand showed his generosity.

This method of reaping all the benefits is Peter’s style. He has never been willing to suffer.

Chapter 1450

Tina canceled the vacation, time was free, and felt that there was nothing to do, so she returned to her parents’ house.

When she went home, her parents were naturally happy.

When eating, they asked about Peter.

Melba filled Tina with a bowl of soup, and asked, “Is the Peter thing true?”

Tina thought for a while, and said, “I don’t know.”

“If this is true, Peter would be too careless…” Melba sighed.

Tina was a little puzzled: “What’s the care?”

Melba’s eyes widened: “You haven’t used Twitter for a long time?”

George frowned on the side and picked vegetables and sadi to Melba: “Okay, you are still gossiping about these children…”

Melba also felt that she had a little gossip, so she stopped talking about it, and talked to George about the Dragon Boat Festival.

Tina took out her mobile phone, opened Twitter, and saw a familiar name on the trending search list: Uncle Na.

This uncle had spoken to her when Cathy had slandered her before, so Tina clicked in with some curiosity.

She clicked in and saw the content of the first popular tweet under the topic:

—— “The famous film critic Uncle Na was banned for exposing the material.”

What material was exposed, even the number was blocked?

There are various comments on this Tweet, and some people ask what happened.

Tina flipped through a few comments and then saw a screenshot.

The screenshot is the material exposed before the uncle was blocked:

——”A certain article of the 18th line actress wanted to be in position, and took advantage of a certain young and promising media company boss to get drunk into his room. Although this boss is attracted to flowers and heart, he is quite responsible. After she was pregnant, she was with a certain man, which was very spoiled, but the boss who often walks by the river also wet his shoes and was deceived. A certain woman was not carrying his child at all… I would advise Everyone who wants to be in a position, a man really can’t do things when he is drunk… To say that this boss is quite innocent…”

After reading this, Tina already understood what was going on.

Although the uncle said it vaguely, the affairs of Cathy and Peter have been making a lot of noise recently, and you can understand who he is talking about after making a connection.

There are still netizens discussing this matter enthusiastically.

“I blamed this boss.”

“You don’t be afraid, brother, say the name of the boss out loud.”

“You don’t tell me, I’m afraid of being blocked.”

“Hahahaha, what kind of innocent boss is this, who is even responsible for being pregnant. This is different from the playboy I know.”

“Let me just say, how could Peter look at Cathy.”

“Upstairs, your number is gone.”


Seeing that Tina had been looking at the phone, Melba couldn’t help but say: “Tina, don’t look at the phone, eat quickly, it will be cold later…”

“Okay.” Tina turned her head and smiled at Melba, turning the phone over and covering it on the desktop.

In her heart, she was thinking of other things.

That uncle was just a film critic. He had never participated in these gossips before, but now he has mixed these things twice…


After eating, Tina went out for a walk, and ran into Jodi in a casual manner.

Jodi led a puppy.

Tina walked towards her: “Auntie.”

“Tina, you’re back.” Jodi smiled when she saw her.

A cold gaze fell on the puppy: “Why do you want to raise a dog suddenly?”

The smile on Jodi’s face faded a little, with a faint tone: “It’s easier to raise a dog than Peter.”

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