Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1328

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Chapter 1328

And now!

At all airports in the world, one plane will take off all the way to Jiangshi!

Countries, shocked inexplicably!

“The Blood Order that had been silent for ten years in the Blood Prison has appeared again! Who is so bold and angered that man!”

“Quick! Full release, of the Blood Prison Power is enough to destroy the country! We can’t stop them at all!”

“Notify all gates and not allow them to be blocked. We can’t offend a man who can command the entire underground world!”
Then, all countries issued a comprehensive notice to allow all gates to pass, and it is not allowed to obstruct those lunatics!

Because they know that even if they really want to stop, they can’t stop it!

The blood hell has ruled the underground world for ten years, and their influence in the underground world is terrifying to the extreme!

All the dark side forces such as drug lords, warlords, killer organizations, and even terrorists, have bowed their heads to them, and now the dark emperor is furious and has issued a blood order to summon all the members of the blood prison.

If you dare to stop, you will be seeking your own death, and you will be madly retaliated by the blood hell!

This night!

Countless eyes from all over the world converged in the Far East, and the spirits of the various forces were strained to the extreme, shocked and unbelievable.

Huaxia, what happened?


And now!

In the office of a certain corps, a woman in military uniform immersed her head on her desk, correcting documents.

Plain face is facing the sky, heroic!

She is obviously a woman, but she has a majestic aura even more domineering than a man.

This kind of aura was tempered by her life as a warrior and through countless fights, even the god of war can’t match it.

At the same time!

She is still the only one with a handsome seal in Huaxia!

Countless times, the northern border has been suppressed with iron and blood. So far, more than a million enemies have been killed?

Therefore, her body has bloody odors that cannot be dissipated all the year round. No matter how you take a bath, there is no way to get rid of it!

The heroes of all parties call him the Queen of the Bloody Phoenix!

Just because this woman is more cruel than a man, everything she has gone through has never been charcoal, leaving no one to live.

And her favorite thing to do is…


She is the existence that even the God of War has to bow his head, one of the four major armies of China, the Nihuang Army!

At this time, Nihuang asked without raising his head:


In this office, as a gust of wind passed by, he doesn’t know when there were a few more figures, and they all knelt in front of Nihuang.

“Return to the army! Something happened in Jiangshi! Lin Zuo’s father-in-law was kidnapped, and Lin Zuo was furious!”

“At present, the young master has issued a blood order, which has caused the world A sensation! All blood prison powerhouses are rushing to China, the number has reached 10,000!”

“The dragon and tiger war gods, blood prison mad gods and other top powerhouses, regardless of the obstacles, forcibly broke through the barriers, and the blockers were killed. ! All rushed to Jiangshi in the first time!”

“Military seat, the sky is falling!”


The pen in that hand, even in the hands of Nihuang, was broken for life!

And then!

Her face is full of ecstasy:

“Have tolerance for three years, is he finally going to explode?”

“The man who claims to be the strongest man in the world is finally coming back!”

Her body was trembling constantly, and it was hard to hide her excitement, because she had waited for this moment for too long long time.


She shouted violently:

“If the order continues, no one will be allowed to block the entry of the blood prison. Those who disobey will be my enemy in the north, and there will be no mercy!”

“Tonight, the Northern Territory and the Blood Prison will go to Jiang City!”

“Yes!!!” Everyone yelled, and then disappeared into the office in an instant.

At this time, Nihuang’s face showed a cold smile:

“Lin family, have you ever thought about that You have been humiliated in every possible way and the waste and discarded people who have been sweeping out, have grown into a dragon that can swallow you?”

“Lin Family, your retribution is here!”

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