Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327

In this period of time, Bai Yan dreamed of breaking Lin Fan and Bai Yi into pieces.

And now, she is about to get what she wants!

There is a backer supporting her, even if Bai Yizhen and the King of Blood Prison reach a cooperation, she is not afraid.

In her eyes, Lin Fan and his wife are already dead.

“Bai Yan, let go of my parents, whatever you want to do to me, just beg you to let them go!”

Bai Yi was already crying and turned to Bai Yan pleaded bitterly.

“Hahaha, Bai Yi, I didn’t expect you to have today!”

Bai Yan laughed wildly, admiring her masterpiece:

“You come over with me, as long as you and I go over there to talk, then I will consider letting them die!”


Without waiting for Bai Yi’s promise, Lin Fan took the lead and yelled:


Bai Yan was obviously not at ease, Bai Yiruo Go, it may be life-threatening.

“Lin Fan, let me go, that’s my parents! Do you want me to die?”

But Bai Yi walked towards Bai Yan with a cry.

She also knew that Bai Yan was definitely not at ease, but she had no choice now.

Now that they have been caught by Bai Yan, her parents will die if they don’t obey!


When Bai Yi left, the floor under Lin Fan’s feet suddenly burst open!

Murderous, madness surged freely from his body!

That extreme killing intent is unprecedentedly heavy and heavy!

He was completely irritated!

And then!

He trembled, took out his cell phone, and dialed a call:

“Passing orders! All members of the blood prison, above the master, enter China, enter the river city!”

“Tonight, let’s kill!”

The blood prison mad god on the other side was silent for a long time…

“Blood prison, get Order!!!”

Soon after Lin Fan gave the order, Jiangnan and Jiangbei were completely boiling!

The two violent figures rushed out in the direction of Jiangshi like a gallop!

His eyes are blood red, killing intent is boiling!

Their queen was humiliated, her parents were at stake, and their king was completely angry!

Upon hearing this news, their killing intent was violent to the extreme!
Their king needs them, so they must rush to Najiang City in the shortest possible time!


Just when they were about to step into the Jiangnan realm, a group of mysterious shadows suddenly blocked their way.

“Dragon, tiger and war god, without permission, you dare to enter the world privately? Your behavior has caused the legion to turmoil. You are defying the military order!”

However, you run wildly. The Dragon Tiger God of War did not stop at all, staring fiercely at the dark shadows of the other party, and shouted in unison:



Those dark shadows suddenly changed their expressions and were completely frightened!

In their capacity, who would dare to kill them easily?

Dragon Tiger God of War, this is crazy!

“Retreat!” The leader of suddenly shouted, because he knew very well that they couldn’t stop the two monsters in front of him at all.

Dragon Tiger and God of War broke through the encirclement, rushed towards Jiangshi at the fastest speed, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This scene will be deeply shocked by the dark shadows present!

And now!

The leader of Sombra was so ugly that his face was ugly, and he cursed in a low voice with lingering fears:

“Damn it! What happened to the two gods to disobey the military order? , Also go to Jiangshi?”

And at this time, his cell phone rang, and the moment he connected…

The phone slammed heavily on the ground, but his face was pale, completely dumbfounded.

“The leader, what happened?”

All the dark shadows were shocked when they saw this, because they had never seen such an expression on the leader’s face. .

is full of endless fear!

Hear the words!

The leader’s face was full of bitterness:

“The sky… has fallen!”

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