Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1135 – 1136

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Chapter 1135

Karl said casually: “If you say she is alive, I believe you?”

“Don’t you want to see her?” Wilfred fixedly stared at him: “I am like this now, do I still need to lie? I really come to you sincerely this time and want to cooperate with you.”

“But I didn’t see your sincerity.” Karl held his head with one hand, his tone already a little impatient.

Wilfred seemed to have made up his mind: “I can arrange for you to meet.”

Karl said indifferently, “Let’s talk about it.”

“You…” Wilfred, who was full of confidence, began to feel unsure.

This is different from what he thought.

Karl looked like he was incapable of making money.

When he threatened Karl with Alyssa, it was not like that.

At that time, as long as he made the offer, Karl agreed without hesitation.

Does 5 have to threaten him with Alyssa in order to work?

Wilfred moved his gaze to Alyssa, his eyes full of calculations.

Karl looked terrified, raised his hand slightly, and the bodyguard consciously took Wilfred out.

This time, Wilfred did not struggle too much.

What Wilfred had to say had been told to Karl. Although Karl seemed indifferent, he felt that Karl didn’t necessarily think that way in his heart.

It is possible that Karl has other plans.

If Alyssa had to be used to threaten Karl, then when he had to use Alyssa, he could only think of a solution for Alyssa.

The bodyguards all stepped out, leaving only Alyssa and Karl in the room.

Alyssa watched them leave, retracted her gaze and fell on Karl’s body.

But she found that Karl was staring at a certain place, and he could see God.

“What are you thinking about?” Alyssa moved to him and asked him softly.

Karl returned to his senses and fished her into his arms in silence.

Alyssa wanted to look up at him, but he stretched out his hand to hold her head, not letting her look up at him.

Alyssa moved in protest, and heard Karl whisper: “Don’t move, let me hug you.”

“You just said that to Wilfred on purpose?” Alyssa stayed in his arms and asked him in a low voice.

Karl spoke slowly: “In the beginning, the news came from Clifford. At that time, he didn’t need to lie, so I took someone to investigate and find her. Although she was not found, I still checked There were some clues that proved Clifford did not lie.”

Alyssa was startled, and then said: “So you just thanked Wilfred on purpose.”

She was happy in her heart, happy that Karl would tell her these things.

If he hadn’t told her these things before, he would take care of it and handle it by himself.

This is a very good thing, he is willing to share these things with her.

“Well, it was my over-eager performance at the beginning, which made him think that he had the chance to win, so he always wanted to threaten me without fear, but I won’t give him this chance again.”

Karl’s tone was very gentle, and the arms around her were tight.

Alyssa nodded.

Suddenly, she thought of something, and suddenly raised her head to look at Karl: “Do you already have a plan?”

“Yeah.” Karl laughed, “You can guess that, my wife is so smart, I need to reward her.”

After speaking, he k!ssed her gently on the forehead.

Chapter 1136

Alyssa laughed and asked him: “Then what is your plan, let’s listen to it?”

Karl also smiled: “Secret plan.”

It means he doesn’t plan to tell her anymore.

Alyssa pretended to be angry and hit him.

Karl held her hand: “Okay, take a break.”

Alyssa said generously: “Okay.”

Since he didn’t plan to tell her, she just didn’t ask, he has improved a lot now.

The two returned to the bedroom together, and Karl lay down with her.

Alyssa has the habit of taking a nap. She talked to Karl without a word while lying on the bed, and she started to feel sleepy after a while.

“So sleepy, I’m going to sleep.” Alyssa yawned and drilled into Karl’s arms.

“Yeah.” Karl patted her back comfortably.

It didn’t take long for the person in his arms to breathe smoothly.

Karl stared at Alyssa for a moment, tried to move, but when he moved, Alyssa frowned.

He has been paying attention to her, so he can immediately notice any changes in her expression.

She frowned as soon as he moved, which showed that she was not sleeping well enough.

After a while, when Alyssa fell asleep completely, he carefully lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, and walked out lightly.

Smith was already waiting outside.

Seeing Karl coming out, he called out, “Sir.”

Karl looked solemn and asked, “Are they here?”

Smith said earnestly: “Jamie sent additional manpower on the way here.”

“Hmm.” Karl didn’t have any expressions on his face, just faintly responded.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

Smith gave Karl a glance and went to open the door.

“Karl!” As soon as Peter entered the door, he walked towards him with a look of excitement.

“Keep it down.” After Karl finished speaking, he turned his head and glanced at the bedroom behind him.

Peter raised his eyebrows, walked over and looked at him, “Alyssa is sleeping?”

Karl said: “I’m leaving and I’ll be back soon.”

“You are telling me what you are going to do.” Peter said.

Karl just informed him suddenly that he would ask him to come over and take care of Alyssa, and he didn’t say where he had anything to go, which was very worrying.

He even felt that Alyssa might not know where he was going or what to do.

“It’s okay, you can just stay here.” After Karl finished speaking, he raised his foot and walked out.

At this moment, another person walked in outside the door that had not yet been closed.

“Peter? Why are you here?” Tina’s expression changed when she saw Peter here.

Karl said in due course, “I called him.”

Originally turned around to leave Tina, he retracted his feet again after hearing this: “Oh.”

Then walked slowly into the room.

Tina glared at Peter and asked Karl: “Where is she?”

Karl called her suddenly, saying that Alyssa missed her, and asked her to come and accompany her.

She wanted to go out when she saw Peter just now, had it not been because Karl called her to come over, she would have left.

“Sleeping, please help me take care of her.” Karl’s expression remained unchanged, but his tone was extremely sincere.

Tina was taken aback and nodded.

Then she thought of something and asked: “What about you?”

Karl looked after Alyssa like something, how could he easily leave her to take care of others.

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