Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1281 – 1282

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Chapter 1281

“Ms. Weber can speak well, I am far behind you. Since you also said that we have been in friendship for many years, why should it be so high-sounding? Your contract with AdamPic will expire next year. I am afraid that you have already found the next home.”

Peter looked at Tina with a gloomy expression, without a trace of temperature in his eyes.

He has seen through the woman Tina.

Cruel and ruthless, but also good at disguising.

Tina was taken aback when she heard the words. If it were not for Peter to mention it, she would have forgotten that her contract with AdamPic was about to expire.

Since just now, Peter’s words have been thorny and aggressive, and it is just right for Tina to have a fever. Talking to him is too troublesome, and she just feels tired at the moment.

She had no intention of confronting Peter anymore, looking impatient: “I don’t think that everyone is as stingy as you.”

As Tina said, she stood up and planned to leave the conference room.

Now that all the resources in her hand were given to Cathy, there was nothing to do with her next, so she went home to rest.

Peter’s words reminded her that since the contract is about to expire next year, she won’t sign the company at that time, and she will go out and start her own business.

If you stay in AdamPic forever and bow your head to Peter but look up, you will never end.

Tina has to pass by Peter when she goes out. Just when she passed by him, Peter suddenly got up and held her.

“I’m not only stingy, but I’m also still mean.” The man’s voice came from behind her in a low voice, with an unknown depression: “I have been expecting you to come and beg me for these two days, even if not. You came here to lose your temper, and you felt better.”

Because the tantrum proved that she still cared about him.

Mind that he gave her resources to Cathy.

But she didn’t, she let it out openly, making him feel that she was a joke, she didn’t care about him, let alone anything he did!

After a long while, Tina said in a cold voice, “Is there anything going on with Mr. Grant?”

Peter suddenly used his hand to pull Tina into his arms, with red eyes, and asked her in hatred, “Tina, do you have any f*cking intentions.”

Tina was caught off guard by him. A trace of panic flashed in her eyes, and she quickly recovered her calm: “CEO Grant, please respect yourself.”

At this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open.

“Peter, I heard that you are still in the meeting room, together at noon…” Cathy saw the two people hugging together in the meeting room, her expression suddenly changed: “You…”

Tina didn’t expect Cathy to come in suddenly, and she broke away from Peter, and walked out without even looking at Cathy.

But Cathy didn’t plan to let her go like this.

She stopped Tina, “Tina, do you know that Peter is my boyfriend?”

Tina didn’t bother to care about her and planned to bypass her and leave, but unexpectedly, Cathy suddenly stretched out her hand…


The loud applause resounded throughout the conference room.

she was unprepared, so Cathy slapped her firmly.

She raised her eyes, Tina’s face seemed to be covered with frost-like cold, her beautiful eyes looked sharp at Cathy like a knife, without saying a word, but her eyes were enough to scare her back two steps.

Peter also didn’t expect Cathy to dare to do it in front of him, subconsciously took two steps forward, and then suddenly stopped.

Tina never cared about him.

Even if he helped her out, she would not thank him.

Maybe he still feels sick.

Cathy was initially a little scared after playing Tina. After all, Peter and Tina were close, but now that Peter had no response, she was relieved.

She ran up to Peter and said in tears: “I’m sorry, Peter, I just saw you hugging each other, I was confused for a while…”

Chapter 1282

Cathy squeezed two tears out, crying while looking at Tina: “Miss Weber, would you mind?”

His cold eyes were as cold as freezing.

Cathy swallowed. Although she felt that it was cool to hit Tina in her heart, she was still inexplicably afraid of such depression. She quietly moved her steps and hid behind Peter calmly.

Tina faced Peter’s face, raised her arm slightly, hesitated for a while and then put it back, coldly said: “Take care of your girlfriend.”

Even if a heart hurts as if it has been screwed up, you have to pretend to be nonchalant.

Cathy is now Peter’s girlfriend.

When Cathy opened the door just now, she was her hugging Peter, and Cathy had reason to be angry.

She recognized this slap.

The moment a decision is made, be prepared to bear the consequences.

From now on, she and Peter are just a simple relationship between the boss and the artist, and can no longer do anything beyond.

Tina turned around and went out.

Even if she had been slapped severely just now, she didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all from her back, she was still as proud as a queen.

That kind of self-confidence exuded from his bones was beyond Cathy’s vision.

She clenched her hands, pinched her nails into the palms of her hands and didn’t notice it.

Sooner or later, she will let Tina lower her arrogant head and be stepped on the dirt!

“Adams’ CEO is my friend, you should know.”

Peter suddenly said, pulling back Cathy’s thoughts.

“You mean Karl?” Cathy looked puzzled, wondering how Peter suddenly mentioned Karl.

Could it be that Peter knew that she had deliberately bought out a reporter before, took pictures of her and Karl, and posted them on the Internet for hype?

Peter turned around and looked at her indifferently: “Karl has a principle, that is, he never does anything to women himself.”

Cathy was puzzled and anxious, but still followed his words and said, “He is kind of a gentleman.”

“Gentleman?” Peter curled his lips and smiled, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

Cathy couldn’t tell why, watching him smile, she felt a little hairy, and asked cautiously, “What’s wrong?”

The expression on Peter’s face was reduced bit by bit, until a layer of frost-like coldness, when Cathy realized that something was wrong, it was too late.


Peter raised his hand and slapped Cathy’s face with a slap.

He didn’t have control, and Cathy’s face became swollen with a slap.

Cathy was completely stunned, her ears were buzzing, and she cried and asked, “Peter, you…why are you hitting me?”

Peter was completely indifferent to Cathy’s tears, with a warning in his tone: “Remember who you are.”

A trace of fear flashed through Cathy’s eyes, and she quickly found a reason to defend herself: “I’m sorry, Mr. Grant, although you announced that you were with me to help me hype, others thought we were really together, I did something with Ms. Weber just now to make our relationship more credible…”

Although Cathy looked a bit like Tina, she was just Cathy. Peter was so clear-headed that it was impossible to really like her.

He announced to the public that he was with Cathy, and he just wanted to stimulate Tina with a fluke, so he told Cathy in advance, it was just hype.

Unexpectedly, Cathy was so ignorant and dared to deal with Tina.

Tina was right, he was guilty.

Even if Tina had never had him in her heart, he still couldn’t see others do anything to her!

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