Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1283 – 1284

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Chapter 1283

Tina came out of the meeting room and found Annie and Stephanie were waiting at the door.

“Let’s go.” Tina calmly pulled her hair, covering her face that had become red and swollen after being beaten, tilted her head slightly, and walked forward quickly.

Annie had stood farther away, naturally he didn’t see Tina’s face clearly. Stephanie was not tall, because of the height difference, he didn’t see Tina’s face clearly, but he felt that Tina was a bit strange.

“Sister Annie, let’s go first.” Stephanie and Annie waved, and went after Tina: “Ms. Tina, you slow down.”

Tina walked very fast, and Stephanie trots to keep up.

She thought it was because Tina was left behind by Peter to say something unpleasant, so she was in a bad mood and walked so hastily, so she didn’t ask much.

The elevator reached the first floor. As soon as Tina stepped out, she collided with Alyssa who walked in.

“Tina?” Alyssa was a little happy when she saw her.

Tina subconsciously tilted her head, not wanting Alyssa to see her swollen face, but it was too late. The two were facing each other, and Alyssa had naturally seen her face clearly.

Alyssa’s face sank, she strode over, and her eyes fell on her face: “What’s the matter?”

Stephanie was originally puzzled that this had happened, and when she took a closer look at Tina’s face, she immediately understood, and anger appeared in her eyes: “Ms. Tina, what’s wrong with your face?”

“It’s okay? Come over to the meeting to discuss the script. You will be busy, and then go back to eat together.” Tina patted Alyssa’s shoulder, and before Alyssa could speak, she strode away.

Alyssa frowned slightly looking at her leaving back, knowing that this was not the place to talk, so she had to get into the elevator.

The elevator went up and reached the floor she was going to.

The elevator door opened, and Alyssa saw Cathy standing outside.

Cathy was tidying up her hair and clothes, and the makeup on her face seemed to be repaired and delicate.

But Alyssa went out and found something was wrong.

Half of Cathy’s face also swelled up, swelling higher than the cold face, even with delicate makeup, it couldn’t cover it.

Could it be that Tina and Cathy fought each other?

Cathy also noticed Alyssa, and was a little uncomfortable covering her face, and then thought of something, smiling and greeted Alyssa: “Alyssa, screenwriter, early.”

“Morning.” Alyssa said softly, politely and away.

A flash of contempt flashed in Cathy’s eyes. She knew that Alyssa and Tina had a good friendship, and that these two women were all the same, and never looked at her.

Alyssa was also a little surprised. Cathy didn’t like her, and she didn’t have a good impression of Cathy. Today, she didn’t know what wind was blowing, and Cathy took the initiative to greet her.

On this point, Cathy is also very clear.

Cathy chuckled her lips and smiled, with a humble appearance: “I am fortunate to be able to work with Adams’ screenwriter. Please take care of me.”

What if you look down on her? She is not yet able to make Alyssa movies.

After she finished speaking, she wanted to see a look of surprise and disbelief on Alyssa’s face.

But to her disappointment, Alyssa just glanced at her and asked lightly, “Really?”

Then left.

Cathy stomped her feet in anger.

What’s so good about it, but she married better than her, and was lucky enough to write a fierce web drama. If there is no Karl, what kind of thing is Alyssa?

Cathy felt much more balanced when she thought of this.

She has now climbed to Peter, and in the future, it will be time for her to take off.

Chapter 1284

When Alyssa faced Cathy, her face was still calm, but she turned around, already full of anger.

She had also vaguely heard that Tina came back to the company today to have a meeting and make plans.

She ran into Tina downstairs and Cathy upstairs.

What else did Cathy say to cooperate with her in the future!

Although don’t know what happened in the middle of this, but it must have nothing to do with Peter.

What the hell is Peter doing?

Alyssa went directly to Peter’s office.

She knocked on the door twice, and Peter’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”

Pushing the door in, she saw Peter sitting at the desk holding coffee, looking thoughtful.

“Alyssa, so early?” Seeing that the person coming in was Alyssa, he put down the coffee in his hand and smiled at her.

Alyssa directly sat down on the chair opposite Peter’s desk.

“I met Cathy at the elevator entrance.”

“Oh.” Peter didn’t know what she was doing suddenly mentioning Cathy, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Cathy said she has cooperation with me, why didn’t I know?”

Alyssa’s tone is still mild, but her complexion is not pretty.

She has not finished writing a script that she was writing before, and is currently following up on the film project of “Lost City”. Cathy said that cooperating with her is definitely not, groundless.

And she only has the project of “Lost City” in her hands. Cathy’s cooperation is definitely related to “Lost City”.

The smile on Peter’s face narrowed, and the corners of his lips were curled, and he said without expression: “Tina said that she is willing to give up all the resources she has in her hands and let me go and hold my girlfriend.”

“Peter, are you three or thirty? Can you be more sensible?” Alyssa could understand the cause and effect just by listening to him.

Tina loves the profession of actor and is very ambitious. It is impossible to give up the resources in her hand for nothing. Peter must have said something.

“I’ve been irrational, Alyssa, I grew up with Tina. I like her for so many years. In the end, she is saying, “I see your face, I feel sick.” You make me How sensible!”

Peter took a deep breath, trying to calm his emotions.

He couldn’t calm his emotions after taking a few deep breaths, so he no longer forced himself in vain, and simply said, “I don’t want to be like this either. I just want her to look at me more and want to know if she is true. Never cared about me…”

Peter lowered his head slightly and reached out to support his forehead, looking painful and depressed.

Alyssa and Peter have known each other for many years, and he always looks like a shameless dude, as if he has no real heart.

This is the first time she has seen Peter like this.

If it is not too sad, he should not easily confide his thoughts to others.

After a while, Alyssa heard an indifferent voice: “Since it’s so painful, just forget her.”

She knew that these words were indifferent and cruel to Peter.

But people’s minds are biased.

She couldn’t control Peter’s pain, she only knew that this was what Tina wanted.

Tina made a lot of determination to help make this decision.

The only thing she can help Tina is to let this matter pass earlier and persuade Peter to forget Tina earlier.

Peter raised his head and looked at Alyssa blankly: “Do you think you are talking humanly?”

Of course Alyssa knew that she was not talking about humans, so it was easier said than done to say that he had to forget all these years of feelings.

She sighed: “I’m going to the conference room first.”

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