Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1285 – 1286

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Chapter 1285

All of the resources in her hand were immediately surrendered.

All announcements and activities are gone.

Tina slept at home for a day and was awakened by a call from Alyssa.

“Tina, come out to eat together.”

Tina yawned, “I have eaten.”

She came to bed after lunch.

Alyssa was silent for a moment: “It’s only six o’clock, are you eating dinner?”

Hearing this, Tina woke up all of a sudden.

“It’s six o’clock in the evening?” She turned over and looked out the window, and it turned out that it was already dark.

In winter, the days are short, it is dark at six o’clock, and the city is already bright.

“Best Day, wait for you.” Alyssa, as if she refused, hung up after speaking.


When Tina arrived at Best Day, Alyssa had been waiting for her for a while.

As soon as Tina sat down, Alyssa handed her the menu: “I just heard the waiter say that a few new dishes have been developed. Would you like to try it?”

“Yes, just order it.” Tina actually has no appetite for food.

Alyssa did not force her, and ordered a few dishes that she had been optimistic about just now.

After ordering the food, Alyssa looked at Tina’s face. Tina felt her gaze and touched her face: “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried.” Alyssa couldn’t help but smiled: “You won’t suffer from this kind of thing. I saw Cathy’s face swelled higher than yours.”

Tina who had just picked up the water glass was startled: “Cathy’s face was swollen?”

“Yes, after I broke up with you this morning, I ran into her when I went up the elevator.”

Tina was silent for a moment: “I didn’t beat her.”

The two looked at each other and saw the answer in each other’s eyes, but they didn’t say it tacitly.

Alyssa remembered what Peter had said before, and deliberately said, “Will you be too cruel to Peter.”

Tina’s eyes darkened, and her voice lowered: “If he is not cruel, he will not give up easily.”

Alyssa said, “What if he still doesn’t give up?”

“He is already with Cathy,” Tina said pretendingly.

Peter and Cathy are together, which is enough to show that her “ruthlessness” has begun to bear fruit.

Alyssa still couldn’t help but persuade Tina, “Do you have to get to this point? Why not try to untie the knot?”

Obviously, the two people who love each other have caused this situation.

Tina didn’t know if she had listened to what she said, and curled her lips: “Do you want to eat with me or came to persuade me?”

“Eat,” Alyssa said no more.


During the next period of time, Tina entered a state of waiting for employment.

The full schedule has become Cathy’s.

Every day she opens Twitter, it is all about Cathy’s topics and trending searchs, and it looks like it’s already on fire.

Friends in the circle knew that Tina was at home, and they all called to ask about the situation.

It was not until the week before New Year’s Eve that Tina received another announcement.

It was a previous event on the endorsement brand.

On the morning of the event, Stephanie drove happily to pick Tina to the event site.

It was only now that she realized that this activity was actually outdoors.

Stephanie went to make a cup of hot coffee for Tina, and whispered: “Is the planner’s brain broken? It takes three full hours to do activities outside on such a cold day. Ms. Tina, your dress is still Shaved shoulders, this must not be frozen into a popsicle…”

“Hmm.” Tina noticed that the activity was about to begin, took off her down jacket and handed it to Stephanie.

Chapter 1286

When the down jacket was taken off, Tina shivered with the cold.

She got goosebumps on her arms.

Stephanie was so distressed that she hurriedly gave her coffee: “Take another drink to warm up and go on stage.”

Tina had to take it and take another sip. Before taking the stage, she did not forget to tell Stephanie: “Wait, don’t move or talk nonsense.”

“I know…” Stephanie was a little embarrassed. She was obviously the manager, and she should have taken care of Tina, but how could it be that Tina was taking care of her.

“Not only need to know, but also to do it.” Tina glanced at her and turned to the stage.

She is a small agent with personality and courage, even dared to face CEO.

As soon as Tina came onto the stage, there was a scream below.

Tina’s figure has always been well maintained, even in the near-zero weather, she only wears a shaved shoulders dress, her demeanor is also perfect, as soon as she took the stage, she took away the attention of others.

Stephanie screamed among the fans, and took out her mobile phone and took pictures endlessly.

This beauty in this flourishing age requires a few more shots.

Tina only stood on the stage for three minutes, and she felt that she was so cold that she lost consciousness, but her expression and voice were natural and calm.

In the middle of the event, there will be an interactive session with an intermission.

Stephanie hurried back to backstage and prepared hot coffee and a handbag for Tina.

Tina took a sip of coffee and let out a long sigh of relief before she felt that he was alive.

Stephanie said that the down jacket was draped over Tina’s shoulders, and whispered: “The activity side was deliberate. They didn’t say that it was outdoors before. I would not take this activity if I knew it.”

“Say a few words less.” Tina sniffed and said lowly.

Even with makeup on her face, she couldn’t cover her cold nose, and her face was flushed lightly.

After drinking several sips of coffee, Tina stared at the door and muttered, “Stephanie, I heard that people have hallucinations in extremely cold conditions.”

“Yes.” Stephanie looked at Tina unclearly.

Tina pointed in a direction not far away and said to Stephanie, “Look at that person over there, Peter?”

When she sat down just now, she saw Peter, but she was not sure.

Peter should be in a company meeting at this time, or on the way to discuss cooperation, should not be here.

Stephanie looked in the direction that Tina was looking at, squinted her eyes for a while and nodded: “It seems to be Peter.”

Tina turned her head to look at her suddenly: “What do you call him?”

It’s not that you can’t directly call Peter by name, but that ordinary small employees will not call the big boss directly.

Boss is a natural deterrent for small employees.

“Ah…I…” Stephanie said stammeringly: “I’m just going to say… Mr. Grant is here, it’s a coincidence, Mr. Grant’s windbreaker is pretty good-looking, do you want to go over and make a noise? Hello…”

Seeing Stephanie change the subject, Tina only looked at her deeply.

“Ms. Tina, is there anything on my face?” A guilty conscience flashed across Stephanie’s face, carefully looking at Tina.

Tina raised her lips slightly, and said with a light smile: “Just remembering that you are also surnamed Grant, what a coincidence.”

After Tina finished speaking, she paid attention to Stephanie’s reaction.

Stephanie also smiled when she heard this: “There are quite a lot of people in our company with the surname Grant.”

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