Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1238

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Chapter 1238

Xiao Tingjun went crazy.

He was beaten up, humiliated, and was about to castrate, and now he has to apologize?

How could he accept it?

My father is crazy. What is there to be afraid of this trash couple?


Xiao Youwei turned his head with a grim face, and stared at Xiao Tingjun firmly:

“Since you don’t want to apologize, go to death!”


At the moment when he heard this, Xiao Tingjun suddenly felt short of breath, his face was suddenly covered with fear, and he fainted on the spot.

Father, are you serious?

Not just him!

After hearing these words, Wen Qian, Li Sang Hyuk, and others were completely petrified.

If you don’t apologize, you have to die?

Xiao Youwei treated his son so ruthlessly for these two wastes.

When they heard this sentence, everyone felt a tingling scalp.

“Dad, you want to kill me for these two wastes?”

Xiao Tingjun’s eyelids jumped wildly, and a thick shock appeared on his face as if he had seen a ghost.

At this time!

Even Elvira got stunned.

What is going on here?

She thought that with the appearance of Xiao Youwei, she and Shaun would face a catastrophe.

However, she didn’t expect that Xiao Youwei would stand on their side.

This is simply incredible!


Xiao Youwei, who heard this, immediately sneered and said gloomily:

“Miss Elvira is the spokesperson of the King of the Blood Prison in Jiangnan, a veritable Jiangnan Communist, such an existence…”

“Is she rubbish??”

The last sentence suddenly roared, deafening!

All the people there trembled fiercely!

The spokesperson of the King of Blood Prison?

Jiangnan Gongzhu?


This is impossible!

Nowadays, in the entire Jiangnan noble circle, there is a widespread rumor that Elvira is a bastard, that only by accompany the big man to bed in exchange for the false name of “the Jiangnan Communist Party”.

How could she be the spokesperson of the King of Blood Prison in Jiangnan?

The moment they Hearing this!

Wen Qian and Li Sang Hyuk suddenly trembled uncontrollably, their faces suddenly grayed out.

Elvira, really is the Jiangnan Communist Party?

Isn’t that equal to the position of the Xiao family in Jiangbei?

But they dare to attack Elvira, isn’t this tantamount to provoking the King of Blood Prison?

Thinking of this possibility, they wanted to cry without tears, and their faces were completely dull.

Everything is understood!

No wonder Yan Yutang would kneel down to Shaun and beg for mercy!

No wonder the Nalan family would be so humble to Shaun!

No wonder, Xiao Youwei would take the initiative to apologize!

Just because Shaun’s wife is the most powerful woman in Jiangnan today!

Those rich and famous Jiangshi who had just spoken bad of Elvira, their complexions were like frosted eggplants at this moment, and they were so frightened that they were scared to pee on the spot.

This is like looking for death!

At this time, Xiao Tingjun was completely stunned, only feeling that his brain was blank.

Elvira, really the Jiangnan Communist Party?

And is she appointed by the King of Blood Prison?

Even though Xiao Tingjun wanted to cry without tears, his whole body trembled crazily with fear, only to feel that his views had completely changed.

Sure enough, the rumors are not credible!

He even dared to ask the Jiangnan Communist Party to wait for him to sleep together. If King of Blood Prison came to know, he would be…

A dead man!

However, there is more to it!

Xiao Youwei’s face was completely green at this moment, staring at Xiao Tingjun coldly:

“Also! The mad god of blood prison has personally called me just now. It is already a death order. If Miss Elvira can’t calm down today, then my Jiangbei Xiao family…”

“Will be removed from this world forever!”

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