Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1387 – 1388

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Chapter 1387

Art night.

The crew closed at nine o’clock.

Tina dragged her exhausted body back into the car, leaning on the back of the chair and closing her eyes to rest, and asked Stephanie aloud, “Where is the place to eat?”

“It’s in a restaurant next to the hotel where we are staying.” Stephanie’s tone still sounds a bit dissatisfied.

After she finished speaking, she looked back at Tina angrily: “Ms. Tina, let’s eat later, will we really be photographed?”

Tina was so tired that she didn’t want to open her eyes: “Yes.”

“Then I still don’t go, I’m afraid I can’t help pouring coffee directly on that woman’s face when that happens.” Stephanie said with a worried expression on her face.

Tina was amused by her words: “Splash, it’s just a trending search.”

Stephanie curled her lips: “I will hold back. Should we go back to the hotel first or go directly to the restaurant?”

“Let’s go to the restaurant first. If you finish shooting early, you can go back to rest soon.” Tina yawned, but still didn’t open her eyes: “Call me when you get to the restaurant.”

It would take about 20 to 30 minutes to get back to the hotel from here, and she still had to squint in the car for a while.

Seeing that Tina was so tired, Stephanie had to go to dinner with them in order to cooperate with Peter, making him even more angry.

It was all done by the woman named Cathy!

Twenty minutes later.

The car stopped at the entrance of the restaurant, and Stephanie whispered to Tina, “Ms. Tina, wake up, we are here.”

Tina opened her eyes and was at a loss for a moment. She shook her head and woke up before realizing that she was still in the car.

Today, from morning to night, she didn’t stop much except for eating, and she was still a little tired.

“Let’s go.” Tina said, opening the car door.

“Wait!” Stephanie stopped her.

When Tina turned her head, she saw that Stephanie didn’t know where she shook out a cosmetic bag: “Put on makeup and go on.”

“no need.”

“Eh, no, didn’t it mean that you would be photographed? You are so haggard, how bad it is to be seen by fans.”

“My fans just like me to be disgraced, grounded, without a sense of distance, and closeness.”


Stephanie was speechless for a while, and Tina took the opportunity to get out of the car.

Although she didn’t touch up her makeup, Stephanie tidied Tina’s hair before entering the restaurant as the last remedy for Tina’s image.

Peter ordered the box.

When Tina passed by, she saw Cathy sitting beside Peter.

Cathy stayed in the hospital for a few days, but her complexion was even better than before. It seems that these days have been well in the hospital.

“Here.” Peter heard the door opening and looked towards the door.

Stephanie turned her face away.

“Kept Mr. Grant waiting a long time.” Tina smiled, her face was polite and alienated, and what she said was extraordinarily official.

Peter’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and the corners of her lower lips were slightly curled, looking very gentle: “We just arrived.”

Although the two people laughed politely and estranged, from Cathy’s point of view, they felt an eyesore, so they interjected: “Yes, we only waited for half an hour, and thought Miss Weber you are not coming.”

Her tone was soft, with a smile on her face, but what she said always smelled of something.

Peter said that he had just arrived, and she insisted that she had been waiting for half an hour.

There are thorns in the words.

Tina ignored Cathy’s words directly, with a smile on her face, and walked to the opposite of Peter and Cathy. When she was about to sit down, Stephanie quickly stepped forward to help her pull away from the stool in front of Peter: “Ms. Tina ,sit.”

Tina glanced at Stephanie and motioned to her with her eyes: be honest.

Chapter 1388

Stephanie smiled to please, and blinked at Tina: Don’t worry.

Tina didn’t say much, and sat down directly.

After Stephanie looked at Tina and sat down, she opened the chair opposite Cathy.

Cathy naturally wouldn’t see Stephanie in his eyes. Stephanie sat down opposite her. She just glanced at Stephanie, and didn’t feel guilty because she found fault and beat her that day.

Stephanie sneered, raised her foot, and stomped on Cathy heavily under the table!

Cathy is pregnant, and being trampled on the foot will never abort, right?

She has never seen such a shameless woman!

How angry is Stephanie’s heart, this kick will weigh more?

As soon as she stepped on her foot, Cathy screamed: “Ah-who stepped on me!”

Cathy stretched out her hand to touch her own feet.

She hissed coldly, staring at the opposite Stephanie: “Did you step on me? Are you blind?”

Stephanie looked at Cathy with a smile and said, “How do you know that your eyes saw me step on you? If you don’t see it, then you are blind.”

She also deliberately aggravated the word “you are blind”.

“That’s you!” Cathy pointed to Tina and shouted: “I kindly and Peter invited you to dinner and reconciled. You agreed, and I thought you really wanted to come, but I didn’t expect you to use this kind of trick!”

“The next three is bad?” Tina hugged her arms, so she looked at Cathy in a leisurely manner: “How did you know that your eyes saw me using the next three?”

“I…” Across the dining table, where did Cathy go to see who was who stepped on her under the table: “It’s you anyway!”

Tina was tired for a day, and now she was hungry and tired. She really didn’t want to deal with Cathy, so she coldly said, “Cathy, if you continue to make trouble, you can only call outside reporters in. I think they must really want to capture the first-hand news of Mr. Grant’s girlfriend’s spoils.”

Cathy’s expression changed slightly, feeling that she could not gain the upper hand, and then turned to act like a baby at Peter: “Peter, look at them…”

Peter patted her on the shoulder: “Don’t forget our purpose today.”

Cathy thought of her and Peter’s purpose for coming to Tina to eat today, so she had to swallow the breath.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she sat down, she was kicked by Stephanie again. Cathy became angry and stared at her with anger: “You…”

Stephanie raised her chin and smiled at Cathy: “Miss Lee, what’s wrong with you?”

Cathy knew that to invite Tina to dinner today was to pretend to reconcile and show it to the media. It should be kind, but she is not a person who can swallow her breath.

Turning her head, she said to Tina, “Tina, take care of your agent!”

“Are you not sure about the situation after you haven’t been filming for too long? Generally speaking, the agent is in charge of the artist, not the artist in charge of the agent.”

Tina knew that Stephanie was angry and that this kind of innocuous little revenge would not be a problem, so she let Stephanie go.

“Order.” Peter pushed the menu to Tina.

He pushed the menu a little harder, as if a little unpleasant.

Tina pressed the menu, mocking the corners of her lips.

Yes, she and Stephanie targeted his girlfriend, can he be happy?

It’s just that because today is a “reconciliation” scene, it’s not easy to happen.

Tina came on an empty stomach and was not polite. She ordered a lot of dishes, and Stephanie was even ruder, almost ordering all the dishes in the restaurant.

Cathy looked dumbfounded on the side: “You are crazy, order so many dishes!”

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