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Chapter 629

Although Alyssa thought about so many things in her heart, she didn’t show it on her face. She just sneered with sarcasm: “Pay attention to the tone of your words. Are you ordering me? Do you think I am the same as Daisy?”

Clifford was silent for a moment, then chuckled, “Alyssa, why do you think so? I only care about you. Karl is sinister and cunning. I’m afraid you will be deceived by him.”

Alyssa went back directly: “You are not much better than him.”

“Hehe.” Clifford smiled reluctantly: “If you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you. After all, we are friends, and I will not force you to control you like Karl.”

Alyssa sneered, but her tone was much better than before.

She sighed and said helplessly: “Since you want to know so much, then I’ll tell you, anyway, even if I don’t tell you, you will know it yourself.”

“Alyssa, don’t think too much, I’m really just worried about you.”

Alyssa ignored Clifford’s words: “Last night Karl was going to the small town suddenly. I felt it was sudden, so I went with him to see what he was going to do.”

“Then what did he do?” Clifford’s tone became anxious.

Alyssa thought of an excuse that she had made up early in the morning: “He went there to meet Claire and take her back.”

They did pick up Claire and came back together. Even if Clifford was going to check it, they could still find it, and they had been paying attention to Grace’s whereabouts, so as long as Grace didn’t go out, Clifford would hardly know Grace’s affairs.

But now that Grace is brought back to Rostenvel, it is estimated that this matter will not last long.

After listening to her, Clifford’s tone changed slightly: “Didn’t he and Claire become enemies?”

“Who knows? If you want to know, check it yourself. I just want to avenge Karl. As for the matter between him and Claire, I don’t want to know.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

She thought for a while, and as soon as she looked up, she saw Karl standing not far away, and she didn’t know if he had heard her conversation with Clifford just now.

Alyssa walked towards him, and after approaching, asked him aloud, “Didn’t you really look at it?”

She pointed to Claire’s room.

Karl didn’t speak, and took her straight to the study.

After entering the study, Karl immediately closed the door.

After that, he walked to the window with his back turned to Alyssa, put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants and stared out the window, looking very irritable.

“What’s wrong?” Alyssa walked over and stood beside him.

After a while, Karl said aloud, “Even if I disagree, you still have to stick to your plan, right?”

Alyssa knew that Karl was referring to the fact that she pretended to retaliate against him and then secretly investigated the secret behind Clifford.

Without any hesitation, she said directly: “Yes, even if you disagree, I will do the same.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head to see that Karl did not respond, and she sighed slightly: “Especially after seeing Grace, I feel that I must do this. If I don’t figure out what Clifford is, Whatever is strong, what is secret, then we may never have peace.”

“You don’t believe I can handle this.”

Karl’s voice was cold, like a layer of frost.

“As for the reasons why I want to do this, I have explained to you many times. I do believe you, but I want to do something for you, for Grace, and for us.”

“I have always believed in you, but I can’t leave everything to you alone. Clifford is now carrying you. He sees through people’s hearts, is skilled in calculations, and has mysterious forces behind him. His defensive heart is too strong. I can approach him. This is the fastest and most convenient way.”

After Alyssa said such a long story, Karl had a cold face from beginning to end, and she didn’t know if he had listened to her words.

She knew that Karl just didn’t want her to take risks.

But she also has her own responsibilities, and she is not a woman who just needs to be protected.

She is not that weak.

After Tina knew that Alyssa lived in Karl’s villa, she came to her door.

“What’s the matter with you and Karl?” She could see clearly Alyssa’s behavior at the banquet when she was in United States.

Alyssa paused, looking at Tina’s eyes, and said in a serious tone: “Tina, this matter is very complicated. don’t know where to start with you, and I don’t want to involve you.”

“You want to anxiously kill me like this!” Tina frowned and stared at her.

“Don’t worry, isn’t Karl still here? When he is there, I don’t worry, what are you worried about?” A smile appeared on Alyssa’s face: “But during this time, I may be very busy. If nothing happens, Don’t come to me anymore.”

“Also, that Clifford, try not to contact him again.”

“I know.” Tina snorted, “The big villain Clifford will be planted sooner or later!”

After Tina finished speaking, she seemed to think of something again: “Where is Grace, I want to see her.”

“She’s asleep, let’s go another day.” Alyssa refused Tina with a face as usual.

Tina usually has some nerves. Hearing Alyssa’s words, he didn’t notice anything unusual, so he didn’t go to see Grace again.

Tina stayed for dinner at night, and saw Claire.

When she saw Claire at Karl’s house, Tina was so shocked that her eyes almost fell out.

She raised her head and gave Alyssa a puzzled look: Why is Claire here?

Alyssa just shook her head slightly, indicating that she could not tell.

Tina didn’t feel better after seeing Claire.

After eating, she straightened up and said, “Alyssa, I’m going to leave, can you see me off?”

Alyssa knew that Tina had something to ask her, so she got up and followed out.

She sent Tina to the gate, and Tina looked around, then took her to the side and asked, “What’s the matter with Claire? The big boss let her live at home? Is he lunatic? ?”

“Claire has cancer. I am afraid that time is short.”

Alyssa’s words retorted everything behind Tina.

People will die, many things can be forgiven.

Although Tina was jealous, but when she heard the news that Claire hascancer, she couldn’t say anything sharp.

She paused and asked Alyssa worriedly: “Then she is going to die now, she shouldn’t be a demon anymore, right?”

Alyssa looked down at her toes, “Probably not.”

Tina snorted: “If she hadn’t been a stalker, you and the big boss wouldn’t have to be separated for three years!”

Chapter 630

Speaking of what happened back then, Alyssa was a little emotional.

“Tina, in fact, many things just felt hard at the time. Now it reminds me of what happened back then, but it doesn’t feel so hard anymore.”

“That’s why the scar doesn’t hurt!” Tina poked Alyssa’s head: “Anyway, you still have a heart for Claire, I’m leaving now.”

“Drive carefully on the road.”

Tina turned her head and walked backwards: “I see! If married women are like mothers-in-laws, I would never want to get married in my life!”

With a smile on Alyssa’s face, watching Tina drive away, the smile faded.

Clifford is unscrupulous, he is good at using all the people and things he can use.

She was afraid that one day, when Clifford wanted to threaten her, even Tina would not be spared.

Therefore, she had better not have too much contact with Tina during this time.

Apart from the shameful things that Clifford did secretly, his looks and temperament are also superb. He stayed in the school as a distinguished professor. Among the group of bald middle-aged professors, he is also a particularly seductive stream.

Therefore, Clifford quickly became a celebrity.

When Alyssa went out to work and ate outside, she would occasionally hear those little girls talking about Clifford, a special professor of psychology at the City University.

Clifford’s ability to buy people’s hearts is first-rate.

But it is not difficult to understand.

Alyssa remembered that Clifford had taken care of her as a vegetative for three full years in order to gain her trust.

This perseverance is really not something ordinary people can have.

Clifford became a celebrity, which had nothing to do with Alyssa.

However, she forgot that celebrities are always right and wrong.

“Professor Dixon is really handsome, especially in class!”

“Professional knowledge is also top-notch!”

“don’t know who is so lucky to be Mrs. Dixon, I feel so jealous when I think about it!”


Alyssa just had lunch in the restaurant, and the little girl at the next table had been discussing Clifford.

If they knew that Clifford was secretly a trash that even children would never let go, she wouldn’t know if they would continue to be so fanatical about him.

Alyssa laughed mockingly and called the waiter: “I’ll pay the bill.”

When she went out, two young girls came across.

For unknown reasons, the two young girls kept staring at Alyssa.

Until she walked far away, when she looked back, she saw the two girls pointing in her direction.

Alyssa frowned slightly, speeding up and returning to Mattie’s studio.

“Miss Alyssa…”

When she entered, the studio staff greeted her with a hesitant expression.

Alyssa stopped and asked her: “What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like this? Have something to say?”

The employee shook his head: “Why don’t you go online and check it out?”

Alyssa walked towards Mattie’s office while holding her mobile phone.

Mattie went out to talk about things in the morning, and she hasn’t come back yet, but Alyssa can come and go freely in her office.

Alyssa walked in, sat on the sofa, and took out her mobile phone to surf the Internet.

Alyssa saw what she wanted to watch in a local entertainment newspaper.

“Professor Dixon’s girlfriend was exposed, it turned out to be her!!”

Such a sensational headline has received tens of millions of clicks, and the following comments have exceeded 10,000.

Alyssa first glanced at the data roughly, then clicked to read the text.

This is a good look. What text is needed, the enlarged high-definition photo at the top, is enough for the media to write a long report, enough for these spectators to look at the picture and imagine.

It was when she had an appointment with Clifford for dinner in the restaurant a few days ago that she was photographed.

Alyssa has been secretly photographed and blocked by the media many times before, and she is still a little sensitive to the camera.

But she clearly didn’t feel anyone was taking photos that day.

Besides, the photos are so clear…

Alyssa kept tightening her fingers while holding the phone, exited the webpage, and dialed Clifford’s number.

Clifford seemed to have been waiting for her call. After the call was dialed, it only rang twice before being picked up.

“Alyssa.” His voice was gentle, but it felt creepy in Alyssa’s ears.

But Alyssa was not so polite. She asked directly, “Clifford, what do you mean? I saw the news! You deliberately let people take pictures and let them write, right?”

“Really smart! As soon as the news comes out, you know I did it.” Clifford’s tone sounded a little bit relieved.

Alyssa heating gritted her teeth: “You better clarify to me right away!”

“Are you ordering me?” Clifford’s voice was long, but Alyssa was very sensitive-feeling it out, Clifford’s tone contained anger.

Just as Alyssa was about to speak again, she heard the door open behind her.

“Whatever you think.” Alyssa finished speaking and said she hung up the phone.

Alyssa squeezed her phone tightly, took a deep breath to calm her emotions, and then turned her head back.

Mattie just opened the door and walked in, staring at Alyssa’s face for a few seconds: “What’s the matter with you? The complexion is so ugly.”

As she spoke, she walked to sit behind the desk and called the assistant to make her a cup of coffee.

When the assistant went out, Alyssa walked to the chair opposite Mattie’s desk and sat down.

Mattie took a sip of coffee and turned on the computer while talking to Alyssa: “There is an event tomorrow night. Come and join me.”

The next second, the coffee in her mouth spurted out.

“Puff…cough cough…”

Mattie choked so much tears that she hurriedly said: “Paper paper, give me some paper!”

Alyssa could probably guess what Mattie saw, that’s why she reacted so strongly.

Without expression, she threw a whole box of papers in front of Mattie.

It took a long time for Mattie to calm down.

Her computer is a laptop, and she turned the laptop directly towards Alyssa: “Tell me, what’s the matter with you and this professor? I can read all kinds of news! It’s not much quiet when I come back. Oh my God! I think you are too talented to be a screenwriter, but should you turn to be an actor before the scene?”

Alyssa glared at her: “boring.”

“It’s okay if you don’t be an actor. How about going to variety shows? Now all kinds of TV variety shows and online variety shows are very profitable!” Mattie’s tone was very serious, as if she said it.

Seeing that Alyssa’s complexion was still bad, Mattie stopped joking.

Mattie straightened her face: “Do you want me to settle this news for you?”

“No, thanks, I will go back today.” After Alyssa said, she lifted her bag and walked out.

Mattie did not forget to remind her: “Oh, tomorrow night’s activities, don’t forget!”

“I know.”

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