Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 641 – 642

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Chapter 641

This has always been something Alyssa didn’t want to think about.

Therefore, she would willingly want to ask Karl to ask clearly.

But Karl’s thoughts have explained everything.

He really wanted to separate from her.

Not to mention love or not, Karl really wanted to be separated from her.

Alyssa bit her lip, and walked to the elevator entrance unconsciously, and did not go to press the elevator, just standing there in a trance.

Someone followed, and seeing Alyssa standing there with a loss of soul, she couldn’t help but glanced twice before reaching out and pressing the elevator.

The elevator doors opened and closed, closed and reopened.

Alyssa still, stood there without moving.

Until Mattie called her over.

“Alyssa, you’d better not come to the studio today, otherwise you don’t want to go out alive! You actually let Robin’s big pig hoof pick me up!”

Mattie’s tone sounded irritable. She woke up this morning and found that she was not in her own home, and she was completely confused.

After listening to her, Alyssa said quietly: “Dare you tell Robin to pick you up? Isn’t it what you want?”

“I…” Mattie paused, hesitated for a long time, and then said a little bit tightly: “But you can’t just…”

“Isn’t it all that suits you? I’ll just hang up if it’s okay.”

“Eh, wait! Where did you sleep last night? You…”

No matter what Mattie wanted to say, Alyssa hung up the phone.

She calmed her mind and raised her foot into the elevator. She took the elevator down the first floor and hurriedly walked outside.

She was hit by someone at the door.

Alyssa didn’t care, put her hands in the pockets of her coat, and walked out hurriedly with her eyes down.

When walking down the steps, she felt someone blocking her. Alyssa frowned and raised her head, and she saw Clifford’s annoying face.

“Alyssa.” Clifford smiled at her slightly.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows, the expression on her face was tepid, “Is there something wrong?”

“It’s all good.” Clifford shook his head: “I am just a little curious, why are you here.”

“Does it matter to you where I am and why?” Alyssa walked around from him and wanted to leave, but Clifford’s next words made her stop abruptly.

“Alyssa, you are lying to me.”

Clifford’s voice is low, and if you discern it carefully, you can hear the hint of anger in his tone.

Alyssa stopped and turned to look at Clifford, and found that Clifford also turned to look at her.

Clifford stared at her fixedly, the emotions in his eyes were complicated and difficult to distinguish.

Alyssa felt a little in her heart.

Did Clifford already know that she was not hypnotized by him at all?

Alyssa hesitated in her heart, so she didn’t speak aloud.

Clifford squinted his eyes and took a step closer to her, standing very close to her: “I said earlier that Karl is not suitable for you. Even if you pretend to be hypnotized, you are not the same as Karl. He abandoned you?”

After he finished speaking, he stood up straight and backed away, smiling very mildly.

Alyssa clenched her hands, gritted her teeth and said, “Whether I am with Karl or not, it has nothing to do with you.”

“It’s not just that you haven’t been hypnotized, but Grace hasn’t died, right?” Clifford ignored her words directly and raised his eyebrows.

Alyssa was shocked, and Clifford knew what it was.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t hide her face.

Clifford saw her surprise and sneered: “Just watch it, Karl will not be my opponent!”

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly. Just as she was about to speak, she vaguely felt something. She raised her eyes and looked behind Clifford, and she happened to see a paparazzi holding a camera and taking pictures of her.

Seeing that Alyssa had spotted him, the paparazzi immediately turned away with the camera and ran to the other side. When a car drove over, he got in and left.

That person seems to be the one who bumped into her when she just came out!

Alyssa remembered the last time she and Clifford ate in the restaurant, and was taken photos to write news, suppressed anger and looked at Clifford: “Despicable!”

How could there be paparazzi where she meets Clifford every time. She is not a traffic star. Although there is a popular script, it is not worth the paparazzi to squat with her.

Obviously, it was the person Clifford was looking for, who came to shoot on purpose!

Clifford smiled disapprovingly: “Don’t be anxious to get angry, I’m also doing it for your good!”

Alyssa sneered, not wanting to say a word with Clifford, and turned to leave.

Behind her, Clifford showed a successful smile.

Because of Karl’s words last night, Alyssa was in a bad mood, and her mood was even worse when she met Clifford.

When she went to Mattie’s studio, she had a cold face, and when the staff greeted her, they were also cautious.

As soon as Alyssa arrived at Mattie’s office, she sat on the sofa.

Mattie saw her coming in and asked her assistant to pour a glass of water.

After the assistant brought in the water, Mattie motioned to the assistant to put the water in front of Alyssa.

The assistant put the water in front of Alyssa and whispered: “Miss Alyssa, your water.”

“Thank you.” Although Alyssa was in a bad mood, she didn’t lose her temper.

After the little assistant went out, Mattie sat next to Alyssa: “You are so angry all morning, what’s wrong?”

Mattie put one hand on the back of the sofa, her legs overlapped, and she looked like she wanted to talk with Alyssa in a leisurely manner.

Alyssa’s gaze stayed on Mattie’s neck for a while, noticing a few small red spots on her neck, raised her eyelids and looked at Mattie: “Pull the collar higher.”

“What?” Mattie touched her neck, and after a while she realized what Alyssa meant, her expression slightly changed: “Is there anything on neck?”

“Is there something you don’t know yourself? Are you going to tell me it was bitten by a mosquito?” Alyssa curled her lips, squinting her eyes slightly, and she looked a little inexplicably evil.

Mattie pulled her collar and said angrily, “What’s the matter with the mosquito?”

“Oh.” Alyssa nodded: “It’s a mosquito named Robin!”

“Hey! You…” Seeing Mattie blushed, Alyssa stopped talking.

Alyssa turned around and said seriously: “How much do you know about Miana? Do you know where she lives?”

Mattie hesitated for a while, and said hesitantly, “What are you doing? Do you want to retaliate against her? Even if Karl is with her, you can’t do anything illegal!”

“Are you all filled with water in your mind?” Alyssa exhaled unpleasantly, “Do I look like I’m trying to trouble her?”

Mattie nodded without hesitation: “Hmm!”

Chapter 642

Alyssa pursed her lips: “If you don’t want to tell me anything, I will check it myself.”

Mattie was a little speechless: “I know. But don’t keep thinking about these things, you have to write the script too!”

Alyssa lifted the hair around her ear and said, “Before the New Year, I will give it all to you.”

Mattie’s eyes lit up: “Let me tell you, I will tell you where Miana lives now!”

After knowing Miana’s address, Alyssa went back.

It was still early, and she wrote the script for two hours, sorted it out briefly, and went to see Grace at Karl’s house.

When she arrived at the house, she saw Claire inevitably.

Claire’s complexion was worse than when Alyssa had just left.

“Came to see Grace?” Claire is an active person. As soon as Alyssa comes, she knows her purpose.

Last time she said the unpleasant things to Claire, the two had nothing to talk about. Alyssa only responded coldly, “Yes.”

When she walked upstairs, she felt that Claire had been looking at her.

When she came to the corner, Claire called her out: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa looked back at her, and motioned to her to say anything.

Claire paused before saying, “After you meet Grace, can we have a chat?”

Her expression looked calm, and Alyssa couldn’t tell what Claire wanted to say to her.

But Alyssa could vaguely guess that it might be related to Karl.

Alyssa hesitated for two seconds, then nodded in response.

Claire smiled at her, looking a little grateful.

Alyssa has lived in this villa for so long, and is very clear about the layout here. With her eyes closed, she knows where Karl’s room is and where is Grace’s room.

When passing by Karl’s study, Alyssa slowed down involuntarily, but didn’t stop, and walked over.

When Alyssa pushed open Grace’s door, Grace was sitting at the table and painting.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Grace turned her head suddenly, her eyes panicked like a frightened little rabbit.

Alyssa didn’t walk over immediately, but said softly, “Grace, it’s mother.”

Grace stared at her for a while, the panic in her eyes gradually disappeared.

Only then did Alyssa walk over.

“What is Grace doing?” Alyssa looked at the drawing board in Grace’s hand and found that she was drawing an apple, which looked quite alike.

Alyssa remembered that before, when Grace was in no trouble, she drew very casually, all kinds of lines, random circles.

But the apple in front of her, Grace painted in a decent way.

Seeing Alyssa looking at the painting, Grace moved the drawing board in front of her with minimal movement.

This subtle movement did not escape Alyssa’s eyes.

She was a little flattered, and her eyes flashed with surprise: “You don’t need to push over, I can see it, can you draw another one for mom to see?”

Grace nodded, picked up the paintbrush and began to paint seriously.

When she was painting, she looked very serious, her pinkish little face was full of seriousness, and her black eyes stared at the drawing board unblinkingly.

Alyssa felt soft in her heart and couldn’t help but reach out and gently touch her head.

Grace suddenly frowned and looked at her. Alyssa remembered that Grace didn’t like human touch. She froze and was about to take it back, when she heard Grace say: “Draw!”


She is painting, so don’t disturb her that means?

Alyssa retracted her hand and asked tentatively: “Then you are finished, can I hug you?”

Grace nodded.

A smile appeared on Alyssa’s face involuntarily.

After Grace finished painting, she actually let Alyssa embrace her.

It didn’t take long for Grace to fall asleep.

Alyssa carried her to the bed, and after she settled down, she went out to find Claire.

Claire was obviously waiting for her.

The two went to the reception room.

The heating is turned on in the room, and there is hot tea prepared early in the morning.

Alyssa and Claire sat face to face. Claire handed a cup of tea to Alyssa: “Drink tea.”

Alyssa took the tea: “If you have something, just speak up.”

Claire didn’t mean anything, and asked directly: “What happened to you and Karl? Why did you move away suddenly?”

“It’s normal for feelings to gather together or dissociate if they don’t.” Alyssa lowered her eyes and stared at the floating tea in the teacup.

“The feeling you are talking about is someone else’s, not Karl’s.” Claire shook her head, her tone sounded with a meaningful feeling: “Have you not noticed? Karl always uses the same brand. He is a dedicated and loyal person.”

Alyssa’s whole body was a little tight, she moved her lips slightly, and pulled out a smile: “Miana is beautiful and temperamental, and she is right in front of him. What’s wrong with being together?”

Claire was a little angry when she heard what she said, and finally had a little elder sister’s majesty in her tone: “Alyssa, Karl is confused, how can you be as confused as him.”

But Alyssa was thinking about another thing at this time.

She didn’t speak, just stared at Claire and looked carefully.

Claire was a little uncomfortable with her eyes: “What do you think of me like this?”

“If you were able to give Karl more attention when he was a child, he would not be so paranoid when he grew up.” After Alyssa finished speaking, Claire’s face changed.

“I don’t mean to blame you for Karl. After all, I don’t have this position.” Alyssa took a deep breath, changed her posture, and said, “I spend more time with him than you spend with him. It will take a long time, Karl really wants to separate from me this time, I know very well.”

Claire was silent for a while, frowning slightly: “But, I think he still loves you. He has been back late recently. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and see the light in his study room is still on.”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and pressed her head very low while Claire was watching, “That has nothing to do with me.”

The words about Karl were enough to make ripples in her heart.

However, she did not forget the words Karl said.

Karl was more decisive this time than ever.

It took a few days for Alyssa to think of the way last night and wanted to talk to him.

Karl is so smart, he does know her purpose, but when he utters such unfeeling words…

Karl didn’t want to talk to her at all.

The more dedicated the person, the more unfeeling.

Alyssa’s coldness made Claire’s words unable to speak.

“I don’t have much time. I have done too many foolish things before. Now I only hope that Karl can be happy.” Claire laughed, “But there is no turning back in life. Some things are done and they are wrong. Then they are just wrong and no excuse can make them right.”

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