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Chapter 639

Karl heard Alyssa’s words, but did not speak immediately.

He seemed to feel that sitting posture was uncomfortable, moved his hands and feet, changed his posture, his whole face could be hidden in the dark, and then he slowly said: “You said that you were the one who parted the other day. Now take the initiative. You are the one who came here.”

Having said this, Karl paused, and smiled unclearly, “What? After only a few days of separation, you can’t stand loneliness and come to me again?”

In the box of the entertainment club, in order to create an atmosphere, the lights in the room are not very bright.

And the position where Karl was leaning against happened to be in the dark. Alyssa couldn’t see how he looked when he said this, and could only guess his emotions at this time by voice.

Karl’s tone was light, how could Alyssa couldn’t hear it?

That day, both of them said bad things.

From opening Karl’s villa to the present, her whole person is still a little muddled. Until today, she saw Karl and Miana appear together at the dinner party, Alyssa was a little more sober.

She had a foreboding that Karl was here for real.

In the past, he wouldn’t be willing to have contact with a woman like Miana when she fought Karl, but now, he actually attended a dinner party with Miana.

Thinking of Karl’s real life, and thinking of other women lying beside him in the future, Alyssa’s heart became a ball.

It became a mess.

She couldn’t ask Karl directly, she could only use this naive and boring way to let Karl come to see her.

Best Day’s boss is Peter, but Peter is also a shrewd person. If he knows that Alyssa is looking for something here, he will definitely contact Karl directly.

As for whether Karl would come, Alyssa was actually not sure.

But fortunately, he came.

It’s just that Karl is here, which makes her feel more uncomfortable than not.

Alyssa sat where the light was brighter, and any changes in expression on his face would appear in Karl’s sight.

She folded her hands together, although her face was calm, but the hands she shook together were already tightly held together.

“Mr. Adams, why didn’t I find out that you are such a passionate person?” Alyssa sneered, “Don’t think of yourself too importantly. I am looking for you, just want to ask about Grace. That’s it.”

For some reason, after Alyssa finished speaking, she felt that the temperature in the room had dropped a few degrees, and the air pressure had suddenly dropped.

Alyssa frowned slightly, is it an illusion? Or is she too nervous about lying?

She lowered her eyes and saw that there was a can of beer in front of her. She picked it up and opened it and took a sip, trying to ease her emotions.

However, after drinking this sip of beer, not only did she not feel that her emotions were relieved, but she felt that the air pressure in the room seemed to have become lower.

At this time, Karl finally spoke again.

“Did I prevent you from going to see Grace? If you really want to go, just go and see her. Have I forbidden you from meeting her?”

Karl raised his wrist and looked at the watch on his wrist: “If there is nothing else, I will go back first.”

He said, standing up and leaving.

Alyssa was afraid that he would really leave like this, and then stood up: “Hold on!”

Karl looked at her sideways, his eyes impatient.

Alyssa looked uncomfortable: “What do you say about fake wine?”

“I’ll let someone give you a waiver.” Karl stretched out his hand and pulled his tie, the impatience on his face became more obvious.

Alyssa was stunned on the spot, not knowing what to say for a while.

From entering this box, Karl showed impatience, irritability, light-heartedness, and indifference, all kneaded into a ball, pressing like a snowball that is getting bigger and bigger-on her body, let her go all over At the same time as the body grew cold, she felt out of breath.

She moved her lips, but could not make a sound.

Karl seemed to think she had nothing to say, and turned around and walked out.

However, he lifted his foot and walked two steps before suddenly stopping.

A touch of surprise appeared in Alyssa’s eyes, but soon Karl’s words wiped out the surprise in her eyes.

“One more thing.” Karl tilted his head slightly and did not look straight at her. There was no warmth in his low voice: “If you are going to see Grace, don’t drink too much a day in advance.”

After Karl finished speaking, he strode away.

When going out, the door closed with a bang.

Alyssa sat down on the sofa, her eyes a little empty.

She reached out and picked up the can of beer that had just been opened, and poured it into her mouth bit by bit.

Wine is bitter.

But not intoxicating.

Alyssa threw out the empty beer can. The beer can made a “clanging” sound on the ground. After rolling around, it disappeared.

Alyssa shouted out loudly, “Bring me wine! Bring me wine!”

There was a waiter guarding the box. Hearing the voice, he immediately came in: “Miss Alyssa, you have already drunk so much, stop drinking, shall we take you home?”

“What’s the answer?” Alyssa raised her eyebrows and looked at him, pressing her fingers on the table with a “clang”, and said word by word: “I, ask, you, bring, wine!”

The last word “wine” has a long ending sound.

Best Day’s guests are either rich and influencial. Anyone can’t afford to provoke them. What’s more, the guest named Alyssa is related to Adams’s family. The waiter dared not say anything more and went to bring wine.

The waiter brought the wine and was driven out by Alyssa.

However, Alyssa became more sober the more she drank.

Alyssa frowned, raised the wine bottle to her front, and muttered to herself: “Really… fake wine?”

She leaned on the sofa blankly, curled her legs together on the sofa, looking fragile and a little bit depressed.


In the dimness, Alyssa heard someone calling her.

It seems to be the voice of a man.


No, Karl had already left, how could he come back again.

“Hehe.” Alyssa smiled mockingly, ignoring the man who called her name.

“I’m going, how much did you drink?” The man’s voice got closer and closer.

Alyssa squinted and stared at the man for a long time before calling out his name: “Grant…Peter?”

Peter exclaimed: “After drinking so much, you can still recognize me. Do you still have a human stomach? Is it the sea?”

“It’s just right, we…together…drink…” Alyssa struggled to get up and went to get the wine again.

Peter pressed her arm: “Okay, don’t drink anymore, I will send you back.”

“What to go back? I’m not going back, I want to drink.” Alyssa threw the black card in front of Peter: “I have money! You bring all the best wine in Best Day!!!”

“It sounds like… I don’t have money…” After seeing the black card, Peter twitched his mouth: “I really don’t have money as you…”

Chapter 640

Peter doesn’t have a black card from Adams’ family. It is issued in limited quantities. The Adams’ family has talents. He doesn’t know the limit of that card.

Alyssa brushed away the hand that Peter stretched out: “What do you do with me? Sit down and drink!”

The drunk manpower was surprisingly large. Peter had paid special attention to it, but Alyssa pulled it down and sat down.

Then, Alyssa dragged a wine bottle and stuffed it into Peter’s hand: “Drink!”

Peter wanted to pull out his hand and put the wine bottle back. But he soon discovered that he couldn’t remove Alyssa’s hand at all.

After the warm bottle of Alyssa was corked into Peter’s hand, he patted his hand: “Drink it well! Come!”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she turned her head and picked up another bottle to toast with Peter.

He didn’t come to her for a drink.

He pretended to have a drink with Alyssa, and called the manager to bring two waitresses up.

The waitress came quickly, and Peter immediately told them: “Send this mam to the guest room upstairs.”

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” Alyssa frowned, “Let me go, don’t move me!”

The waiter looked at Peter with embarrassed expression: “Mr Grant.”

Peter put his hands on his waist and said angrily: “Look at what I am doing! If she doesn’t go with you, you should think of a way to let her go with you!”

One by one, your mind will not turn!

“Yes.” The waiter heard the words, and immediately stopped speaking, and the two helped Alyssa to go out.

It’s just that Alyssa has been struggling uneasy.

Peter followed them, thought for a while, called Alyssa.



She also knew it should sound, and it seemed that she was not too drunk.

Peter took advantage of her to be half-drunk and not drunk fully, and walked up to her and screamed at her: “Karl knows that you are drinking here and is about to come to you. Let’s leave now.”

Alyssa was already very drunk at the moment, no one remembers Karl had already been here.

She raised her head abruptly, her eyes blurred, and her speech was a little slow: “Karl is here? Let’s go…”

Alyssa finally followed the waiter obediently, and Peter breathed a sigh of relief.

At a critical time, it would still be useful to pull Karl out.

After the waiter sent Alyssa to the room, she stayed inside to help Alyssa take a bath and change clothes.

Peter stood outside the door, lighted a cigarette and took a puff, then took out his mobile phone and called Karl.

“I asked Alyssa to go to the room you lived in.” That room is Karl’s regular residence in Best Day. For a while, Karl often lived here, and it had everything in there. .

Even if Karl didn’t live in Best Day much later, that room was still there, waiting for Karl to move in at any time.

After he finished speaking, he quietly waited for Karl to speak.

After a while, Karl’s deep voice rang on the other end of the phone: “Who did you ask to send it?”

Peter felt that this problem was inexplicably dangerous. He pondered for a moment and said, “Two waitresses.”

“Yeah.” Karl replied, “Trouble.”

Peter felt a little puzzled: “Didn’t you come here before? Why later asked me to help you send her to the room? What happened to you?”

“Nothing.” Karl’s tone was light.

Peter felt that Karl was about to hang up again, and he immediately said, “Don’t hang up. Although I didn’t go to the dinner tonight, I heard that you brought Miana over. You suddenly found out that Miana is true love before you went to her. I didn’t believe it when you let her go.”

“Heh.” Karl sneered, “Can’t it be because I don’t love Alyssa?”

Peter froze for a moment, because he was talking all the time and couldn’t care about smoking. The cigarette butt burned to his fingers.

He took a breath of pain and said, “…Yes.”

Then Karl hung up the phone.

Peter flicked the soot accumulated on the cigarette butt, bent one leg, and kicked the wall twice boredly.

The next day.

When Alyssa opened her eyes, she felt that the sky was spinning, she was dizzy and her consciousness was a little dull.

After staying in bed for a while, Alyssa’s consciousness gradually returned, and she slowly remembered what happened last night.

Karl came and went, and then Peter came and asked someone to take her back to the room.

Last night, after Karl left, although she was very drunk, thinking about it now, she can still remember everything from last night.

Alyssa sat up with her body supported, and looked around the room, and found that this room was the one where Karl lived in Best Day.

Thinking of Karl’s indifferent face last night, if she let Karl know that she slept here again last night, she still didn’t know what bad things to say.

After Alyssa got out of bed and hurriedly washed and changed clothes, she removed all the sheets on the bed and threw them on the floor, and then called room service.

A waiter arrived soon.

“Change all the sheets.” Alyssa finished speaking and walked out.

She took out her mobile phone as she walked, the service here was pretty good, and she charged her mobile phone.

Alyssa called Peter, “Thank you for last night.”

Peter complained about the direction of Alyssa’s words: “When speaking, be clear about what it means to thank me for last night… Don’t say it so easy to misunderstand…”

Alyssa felt that the older Peter was, the more ink he got.

She interrupted Peter directly: “Thank you for letting me go back to my room.”

“You don’t need to thank me, if you want to thank…” Peter hesitated, thinking of what Karl said on the phone yesterday, and said, “You still don’t drink for so long in the future, Tina… Tina will worry too…”

“Thanks, I know.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she didn’t give Peter a chance to grind the harp again, so she hurriedly said “goodbye” and hung up the phone.

She is not a person who loves alcohol, and she would come to Best Day to drink, but it was also impulsive.

She was completely irritated by Karl’s appearance with Miana, only then would she make such an impulsive thing.

If it’s normal, she can’t do such a thing.

She dared to drink so much, but also because she was in Best Day, she dared to drink so much.

Even if Karl really didn’t care about her, Peter couldn’t care about Tina’s face.

Karl’s attitude was as firm as ever.

Does he really feel bored?

Karl is a sensible and calm person. Although Alyssa said the words at the time made him very angry, it would be impossible to drive her away if he had no intention of separating.

And Karl let her go just like that, which meant that he had already thought of separating from her.

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