Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 917

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Chapter 917

Jacob left quietly.

When Irene rushed to the rental room, he saw Irene sitting on the sofa properly, his eyes were out of focus, and his face looked bewildered. Irene almost knelt down with his legs in fright.

“Lingbao.” Irene staggered and ran over.

Irene heard Irene’s voice and stood up excitedly, “Irene, was he here just now?”

Irene was silly in place.

Then he smiled charmingly, “I don’t know. Just now I received an anonymous text message, and someone asked me to come here to pick you up. I came here.”

Irene said excitedly: “I know it must be him. He deliberately pretended to be dumb, and deliberately sprayed lavender perfume he didn’t like, all to hide his identity in front of me.”

Irene whispered with tears, “He must have heard that my eyes were blind on the phone, and he came over to help me out. But I don’t understand, since he can’t worry about me, why did he push me away cruelly?”

Irene choked up and said, “Lingbao, my eldest brother took you to the doctor. What’s the matter with your eyes?”

Irene nodded.

Irene squatted in front of her, “I am carrying you.”

Irene fumbled and put his hands on Irene’s shoulders. When Irene stood up, she almost staggered, and Irene’s eyes filled with suspicious expression.

It turns out that not every back is as stable as Jacob’s. Not every back is as warm as Jacob.

Irene is sure that the person with her just now is Jacob.

Irene sent Irene to Huan Ya Hospital. The doctor performed a comprehensive examination on Irene and concluded: “Miss Yan is not organically damaged. Perhaps it is transient blindness caused by nervousness. It is recommended to continue to observe.”

Irene was relieved.

When leaving Media Asia, Guan Xiao suddenly appeared, walked in front of Irene, with a solemn expression: “Miss Yan, please come with us. We need Miss Yan to sign an agreement.”

Irene heard Guan Xiao’s voice and asked tremblingly, “What agreement?”

Guan Xiao hesitated for a moment, and said: “The divorce agreement the president gave you.”

Irene is petrified like a carving.

After a long time, Irene’s voice trembled and said, “Okay.”

She originally thought that as long as she didn’t mention the divorce agreement, he would forget about things.

As long as the divorce agreement is not signed, even if he breaks up with her, even if he is indifferent to her, in her heart, he is still her husband.

But the one who should come, can’t escape after all.

Irene carefully supported Irene and came downstairs.

A very beautiful red limited edition Ferrari parked at the door of Media Asia.

The interior is luxurious, with sun flowers inlaid with diamonds everywhere.

At first glance, it is a woman’s car.

Guan Xiao respectfully opened the co-driver’s door for Irene.

Irene was startled slightly, Guan Xiao’s attitude towards Irene was just like that of Jacob-meticulous?

After Irene got in the car, Guan Xiao thoughtfully closed the door for her.

Guan Xiao looked at Irene who was in a daze, lowered his voice, and solemnly said: “Master Yan, you can rest assured, we will take good care of…the president.”

Irene just realized that Irene is now the new CEO of Media Asia.

Irene lied to Irene, “Lingbao, my eldest brother is in a hurry. I’ll go to the bathroom first. Call me after you finish.”

Irene nodded. She trusts Guan Xiao very much. This trust is a continuation of her unconditional trust in Jacob.

The three ghost members, wearing sunglasses and all-black suits, sat in the back seat of Ferrari.

The car started and drove like a mysterious castle.

At this moment, the hour hand is already pointing to 23 o’clock.

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