Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 918

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Chapter 918

Guan Xiao’s handsome face became deeper and deeper.

After Ferrari arrived at the castle, two rows of young and beautiful girls came out of the castle, and they helped Irene into the house.

Irene became a little impatient, “Guan Xiao, isn’t it just signing an agreement? Where did you bring me?”

Guan Xiao respectfully said: “Wait a moment, I will get the agreement now.”

They took Irene to the desk and sat down, Guan Xiao took out the divorce agreement and handed it to her.

Then handed over a pen.

Irene felt very sad, but she had no courage to drop her name while holding the pen.

“Guan Xiao, I want to listen to the content of this divorce agreement.” She suddenly said.

Guan Xiao was a little embarrassed.

Irene said: “His family has a big business. If he wants to divorce me, there must be property disputes. Also, we have three children. I have to know how the three children are divided.”

Guan Xiao said: “The president has left all three children to you to take care of.”

The expression on Irene’s face froze sharply, “Doesn’t he want one?”

Originally, she was afraid that he would be cruel and unfeeling to snatch all the children, but she didn’t expect that he would not want any of them in the end.

His decision made Irene feel ashamed.

He wanted to sever relationship with her completely before he didn’t want her child.

“Then what about the property, does he not give me a point?” Irene stood up in anger.

She doesn’t love money, but this question involves her attitude.

She can’t wait to know.

Guan Xiao didn’t speak for a long time.

Irene suddenly laughed frantically, she convicted him of death, “It really is.”

Irene laughed wildly for a while, but suddenly turned into a sad cry.

“Where did I go wrong, Brother Jie, why are you doing this to me? Tell me where I did not do well. If I change it, I change everything, okay?”

“I know, I didn’t listen to you, and you disappointed me. You don’t allow me to have plastic surgery, I have plastic surgery. You don’t allow me to leave, I left. So you are angry. But for so long, you have punished me Isn’t that enough?”

“Brother Jie, even if I beg you, I beg you to come back, okay?”

Irene cried so piercingly, it can be said that those who hear it weep and those who see it are sad.

Guan Xiao secretly wiped away tears.

Looking at the alarm clock on the wall, the minute hand was ticking, and Guan Xiao’s mind was full of d characters.

They are suffixed with numbers that decrease day by day, from 13 to 1, shouting in his mind like a devil.

At this moment, he wanted to stay with the president and advance and retreat with him.

However, the president asked their ghost members to swear to him: this life will be Irene’s head and will protect Irene’s safety all his life.

Irene suddenly went crazy and tore the agreement to pieces.

“I’m not divorcing.” Irene shouted.

“He provokes me first. If he provokes me, he will be responsible for my life.”

“Obviously, we have to be together for a lifetime. Whether it is beautiful scenery or falling into the mud, we must always go through it hand in hand. Why break your promise? Why?”

The divorce agreement became a piece of snowflakes flying in the air.

Irene cried and turned into tears.

In the castle, there is a sad atmosphere everywhere.

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