Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 919

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Chapter 919

Irene looked nervously at the clocks hanging on the wall.

Janice sat on the bed with her hands tied behind her back.

After Irene stared at the clock for the nth time, Janice finally couldn’t help but complain about him, “Irene, you have watched the clock ninety-nine times. Do you want to hold it and live with it in the future?”

Irene sat next to Janice nervously.

“Bongxian, if I tell you, tonight, it may be the time to fight the tourmaline in the last days. You will—”

Janice suddenly realized something, and the deep black pupils filled with huge panic. Then she exclaimed hysterically, “Let go of me, I want to go out.”

Irene was shocked by her sudden bursting aura, “Janice, I just said it might…”

Janice went crazy, “Irene, if this may become a reality? It means that after tonight, I will say goodbye to my family. I obviously have the opportunity to see them for the last time, but you deprived me of my last chance. Irene, you are the devil, you are so cruel.”

Irene was almost split in spirit by Janice’s scolding.

“Janice, after tonight, when the sun comes out tomorrow, I promise you, I will untie you. Okay?”

Suddenly, a huge rumbling sound, like a thunder that blasted the sky overhead, resounded deafeningly in every corner of the imperial capital.

Both Irene and Janice’s tympanic membranes were about to burst.

The two looked at each other.

Irene opened the curtains and saw the direction of Tourmaline Manor, which was filled with billowing black smoke.

Irene said: “It really happened?”

Janice suddenly turned into a scourge, using all her strength against the rope that bound her hands.

Irene saw that her face was twisted and deformed because of the force, and her eyes were glowing red because of pain.

“Irene, I hate you.”

“I hate you.”

Janice roared, “I love you wrong.”

“You can’t marry me, I confessed my fate. But why, you are not even willing to fulfill my last wish?”

“You are so kind to me.”

Irene was hit by Janice, and her breathing was chaotic.

“Janice, I’m all for your own good.”

Janice roared, “Do you know what is good to me? If you are good to me, you should respect me and fulfill my wishes.”

Irene walked to Janice tremblingly, and hugged Janice who was crying so hard.

“Janice, I beg you, stop making trouble. It will be fine after tonight.”

Janice said angrily, “No, after tonight, if the Zhan Family has two shortcomings, Irene, I tell you, I will never live.”

Irene was frightened by her words of “never make a living”.

Janice cried, clashed, kicked and beat, exhausting herself.

In the end, Janice lay on the bed as if going to the air, accusing Irene of his crimes, and said: “Irene, you don’t know love at all.”

“I used to be the eldest of the Zhan Family, and you are a prodigal. You are inferior and dare not accept my love. I mustered up the courage to chase you down. Why do you not accept my love because you love me? Arrange for Tan Xiaoyu to come out and completely cut off my thoughts of you.”

“Now I have nothing to love, I just want to live and die with my family. But you want to obstruct it in every possible way.”

“You always go against my heart and make me live better than death.”

“I regret loving you.”

“Really, Irene, I regret loving you.”

Irene’s eyes were moisturized, and his heart was pressed down like a boulder, and he couldn’t breathe a little kick.

He looked at Janice’s hollow eyes and said lonely: “You are right, you shouldn’t fall in love with me. People like me are really not worthy of your sincerity.”

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