Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 916

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Chapter 916

So, how could this broad and warm back belong to him?

Jacob carried her back to Janice’s rental house, and then sent a text message to Janice: “Sister Irene is blind, come back to take care of her quickly.”

But after a long time, Janice did not reply to his text message.

Jacob couldn’t bear to leave the blind Irene alone in the rental room, and simply stayed to take care of her.

He pours water for Irene’s tea and cooks for Irene.

The scent he left in the room, mixed with the scent of lavender, made Irene devoid of falsehoods, and truly felt the existence of Jacob.

During the meal, Irene said moved: “You have been taking care of me for a long time. Can I touch your face? I must know what my benefactor looks like, right?”

The bowl in Jacob’s hand accidentally slipped onto the table, and he was anxiously thinking about how to respond to Irene’s small request.

He stood up, walked quietly to the coffee table, picked up the scissors and quickly cut his flowing hair into a dog-biting size.

Then he returned to the dining table, gently grasped Irene’s hand, and put her hand on his face. He deliberately squeezed the handsome face of Fengshen into a twisted shape.

Irene stroked his face, and when her fingertips climbed up to his face, a tiny electric current burst from the fingertips into the limbs.

Irene was startled slightly; this familiar feeling could only be brought to her by Jacob.

Her heart began to tremble.

She stroked her dog as if gnawing, she touched his squeezed face, and finally her hand came to his sexy apple.

She wanted to verify whether the speculation in her heart was true.

However, Jacob suddenly grabbed her hand and put her hand on the table with resistance.

Irene said in embarrassment, “I just want to know if you are a boy or a girl?”

Jacob wrote a word in her palm: male.

Irene said: “The feeling you give me is like mine…”

She paused, and choked out two words: “Brother.”

When she said these two words, a sweet and shy smile appeared on her face.

Jacob was startled slightly, this girl always had a cold face when she saw him recently. It turned out to be in disguise.

He wrote in the palm of her hand: “How is he?”

Irene thought for a long time, and said: “He is the best brother in the world.”

Jacob wrote: “I don’t believe it. How can there be such a perfect person in the world?”

Irene’s smile was condensed in the bottom of her eyes, and then she spoke, with a harsh voice, “Unfortunately, such a good Brother Jue has…dead.”

If Jacob was overwhelmed by ice currents, he couldn’t recover for a long time.

He gently let go of her hand and stood up swayingly.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang, and Jacob saw Janice’s name displayed on the mobile phone screen, and he staggered to open the door and leave.


He connected the phone and heard Irene’s voice over there.

“Young Master Zhan, what happened to my sister?”

“Say it when you come.” Jacob didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Irene’s disappointment in him, like a curse, completely imprisoned him.

He returned to Irene, endured the grief in his heart, and took care of everything for her.

Then, he looked at the alarm clock on the wall.

The hour hand has pointed to 19:09.

In a few hours, the doom of the Zhan Family will come.

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