Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1547 – 1548

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Chapter 1547

Tina’s body was fine, and she was discharged after two days of observation in the hospital.

Stephanie picked her up the day she was discharged.

It’s just that Tom was the one who came with Stephanie.

Tina glanced over Stephanie, squinted her eyes and smiled and cried out, “Mr. Allison.”

“I heard that Ms. Weber was injured and was hospitalized. As a friend, I followed to come and visit.” Tom also bought flowers and handed them to Tina after speaking.

Before Tina reached out, Peter took Tom’s flower.

Tina retracted her hand somewhat disappointedly, and looked at Peter with some dissatisfaction. Peter pretended not to see Tina’s eyes and smiled perfunctorily at Tom.

“Thank you Mr. Allison for the flowers.”

Tina glared at Peter: “Mr. Allison gave it to me.”

“It’s all the same.” Peter grabbed her shoulders and said with a smile.

Tina raised her eyebrows: “Where is the same?”

“It’s the same everywhere.” Peter stuffed the flower into Stephanie’s hand: “Take it.”

Stephanie took the flowers with a dazed expression and gave them to Tina, why did they get into her hands?

Tina shook off Peter, stepped forward to take Stephanie’s arm, and whispered in her ear, “What’s the matter with you and Mr. Allison?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that when he heard that I was coming to pick you up and as you are leaving the hospital, he said he wanted to come with me, but I was embarrassed to refuse…” Stephanie said hesitated, obviously because of a guilty conscience.

Tina smiled: “Oh, it is like this.”

It seems that for the past two days in her hospitalization, there has been a situation between Stephanie and Tom.

“Ms. Tina, why are you doing this…” Stephanie heard the deep meaning in her calm tone.

Tina spread her hands and looked innocent: “What?”

Seeing that Stephanie was about to get angry, Tina said in a serious tone: “Mr. Allison, although he is a profiteer like your cousin, he is also a gentleman and his character is decent. He is a good man.”

Stephanie bit her lip and whispered, “But, he likes you.”

“What?” Tina looked at Stephanie in shock, “You say it again, I didn’t understand.”

Tina’s volume was raised a lot because of shock, Peter and the others looked sideways.

Stephanie was startled, and buried her head low, trying to pretend that she didn’t say anything or knew anything.

Tom glanced in Stephanie’s direction, and the corners of his lips were slightly curved.

Watching Stephanie’s reaction, it was obvious that she didn’t know that Tom was her rumored fiance.

Tom can really hold it back.

Tom felt Tina’s gaze and smiled at her.

Tina looked away, the man didn’t have a good thing.

If it weren’t for looking at Stephanie as if Tom were also a little bit interesting, she would just expose him directly.

Tom is too shrewd and a very good businessman.

Will there be such a thing as love for a scheming man?

However, the cousin Peter is indeed a bit stupid.

Tom was full of loopholes, and Stephanie didn’t even doubt his identity.

“Eh, Stephanie.” Tina went to chase Stephanie who was in front: “Silly sister, wait for me.”

Stephanie’s tone was helpless: “Ms. Tina…”

When Peter saw Tina running so fast, his heart jumped to his throat: “Tina, slow down!”

How could she care about what Peter said, her little injury was almost healed, what happened to her running a few steps?

Chapter 1548

Tina’s slender arms rested on Stephanie’s shoulders, and Stephanie looked worried: “Ms. Tina, don’t run, go slow.”

“Don’t follow your cousin. At a young age, just like an old man, worry about this and that. I just have a small injury and it’s almost healed. If it’s not for worrying about my head, I don’t want to live with these two.”

After all, she had been smashed in her head, and she had some memory loss.

It’s because Alyssa had lost her memory before, so she could accept her amnesia so easily. Fortunately, she just lost that little memory, which has no impact on her life.

Stephanie had already heard Peter talk about Tina.

But like Peter, she was still a little worried, and she reached out her hand to hold Tina cautiously: “After all, you have been in the hospital, so be careful. Your body is more important.”

Tina couldn’t help rolling her eyes: “As expected, they are all named Grant.”


Stephanie and Tom came together to pick up Tina and leave the hospital. Out of courtesy, Tina felt that they should invite them to dinner.

But before Tina told Peter of this idea, Tom answered the phone and left.

Seeing Tom driving away, Tina patted Stephanie’s shoulder: “Okay, then Stephanie will eat with us.”

Stephanie also looked out of shape: “Where to eat?”

“Of course it’s the old place.” Tina smiled.

“Best Day?” Stephanie shook her head quickly: “I don’t think this is necessary, Tina, you just got out of the hospital, you should go home and take a good rest. Your health is important.”

At this point in the parking lot, Tina opened the door and got in the car: “Peter, to Best Day.”

Peter didn’t say a word, and drove forward silently.

After a while, Tina realized that the direction was wrong.

“Go to Best Day.” Tina sat in the back row, leaning forward, lying on the back of the chair and said to Peter.

“Fully right, you should go home and rest first.” Peter said without looking back.

Tina felt an inexplicable desire for victory and defeat. The important thing now is not to go to Best Day, but to fight for victory: “No, go to Best Day.”

But no matter what she desires to win or lose, the steering wheel is in the hands of Peter, and it is useless for her to object.

When they got home, Tina was still sulking with him, pulling Stephanie into the elevator and ignoring Peter.

Tina did not live at home for a few days. Although the house is not messy, it still needs to be cleaned up.

She entered the door and lay on the sofa. Peter and Stephanie, the brother and sister, were busy cleaning the room for her.

Tina felt that she was a little ignorant of good and bad, a little too pretentious, so she got up and poured a glass of water for Peter.

While Stephanie was going to the kitchen to collect water, she walked to Peter with the water, pinched her throat and spoke to him: “Brother Peter, drink water.”

Peter was stunned for several seconds, and Tina impatiently plugged the water into his hand before he realized it.

He looked at the water in his hand, then at Tina: “No poison?”

“…” Tina gritted her teeth: “Am I that kind of person?”

Peter nodded solemnly: “Yes.”

After he finished speaking, before Tina became angry, he drank the water and returned the cup to her: “Thank you, Miss Weber.”

Stephanie just came out of the kitchen after fetching the water and heard Peter’s “Miss Weber” clearly.

She touched her nose and stepped back silently, feeling that it was not the right time for her to come out.

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