Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1385

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Chapter 1385

At this time!

A group of people gathered in a pier in Jiangnan.

There is a deep pleasure on his face, but it is full of hideousness!

“How’s the matter resolved?”

An old man asked actively, with an aura of no anger and might, like a majestic old lion.
He is the head of the Wang family, Wang Shouzheng!

“Grandpa, don’t worry! I have asked someone to deal with it. Tonight, Lin Fan’s family will definitely die!”

“And, according to your instructions, the corpse Ten thousand paragraphs!”


Upon hearing this, Wang Shouzheng hummed coldly, and said with a grin:

“The little one who abandoned the young man, dare to oppose my Wang family, damn it!”

“Mingzhe, Grandpa has already avenged you! Nine Heavens Spirit, you can rest in peace!”

The Wang family members present also showed a happy smile when they heard this.

In their eyes, Lin Fan and Bai Yi are already dead.

Good death! dared to offend their Wang family, causing their Wang family to lose their face throughout China, and even causing them to flee overseas. They all wished to smash the Lin Fan family.

“It’s just that our Wang family fled this time. When we heard that we killed Bai Yi in the old part of Jiangnan, our Wang family was unwilling to lend a helping hand!”

“One an ungrateful person who hasn’t been cultivated by my Wang family for many years, how can they have their status today?”

“A slut who does everything possible, what is there to be afraid of? What a group of brave bandits! “

And when he heard this, Wang Shouzheng’s face was also ugly, and said angrily:

“Kill Lin Fan’s trash, and the Lin family’s wish has been fulfilled. Our Wang family is now it is the number one hero of the Lin family!”

“It is only a matter of time when we fled overseas. When things calm down, the Wang family will still be the Wang family in the capital. By then, we will settle accounts one after another!”
Hear the words!

The members of the Wang family also showed grimaces, but they had to leave their homes for the Lin family. How could the Lin family treat them with care?

When they return to Huaxia, they will be appointed as an official and enter the jue.

Wang Shouzheng looked at these children and grandchildren in front of him, and smiled:

“Don’t be afraid, I have already contacted the Lin family, they will arrange for us to smuggle the boat, which will be there in a while.”

Just listen!

The Wang family was even more ecstatic. As long as they escaped overseas, even Huaxia officials could not help them.

They have sold all their properties and transferred them overseas. After the past, they will still be able to enjoy the glory and wealth.

And the hapless abandoned son-in-law’s family can only die like this.

“Why hasn’t the youngest come back yet?”

Wang Shouzheng said impatiently. His third son arranged for a killer to kill the Bai yi family, but he has not yet returned. .

“Dad, don’t worry! The youngest said before that he wants to make a video of the killing of Lin Fan’s family to show you the hatred!”
“Plus, I heard that Bai Yi, Lin Fan’s wasteful and abandoned wife, is a great beauty. The third child is probably thinking about her, and she is dying with her!”
Hear the words!

Wang Shouzheng’s face also showed a deep grin:

“Well done! I must take a good look at how the bastard who killed my grandson will end up? It’s miserable!”

It’s just now!
“The ship is coming!”

A shout, awakened everyone present!

Everyone looked sideways, and their faces were suddenly filled with joy, as if they had seen the dawn of victory.

Right now, everyone thought that this was the boat that the Lin family arranged to rescue them.

But the difference is that after Wang Shou saw the huge black shadow, his legs trembled and his face was as gray as death!

“Blood… Bloody Dragon Ship!”

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