Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1386

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Chapter 1386

The Wang family thought this battleship was here Escorted them abroad.


When the battleship approached, they saw that the battleship was blood-colored and oddly shaped, and it turned out to be a luxurious dragon.

It is huge, with a strong sense of shock, like a mountain of blood moving sideways!

Especially, that roar is like a roar of a dragon, majestic!

“The Lin family is so interesting that they took a battleship to escort us away.”

The Wang family didn’t know, so they thought that the battleship was to pick them up, and it was so happy now.

But at this time, they saw Wang Shouzheng lying on the ground in fright. Instead of a hint of joy on his face, he was full of despair.

“Dad, the Lin family are here to save us, why do you give this expression?”

To save us?

Wang Shouzheng laughed and shook his head, and said in tears:
“They are not here to save us, they are here to kill us!


As soon as this word came out, all the Wang family’s expressions changed wildly, and they spoke in unison Yelled:

“This is not the Lin family’s battleship?”

Wang Shouzheng smiled bitterly, and the whole figure seemed to be tens of years old in an instant:

“This battleship, named Bloodhowl Dragon Ship, came from the blood prison! “

Blood Hell! The words are like the roar of thunder!

All the Wang family members instantly lost blood on their faces.
In an instant, happiness leads to sorrow!

Blood Prison, now they are at war with the Lin Family. Then, as the number one eagle dog of the Lin Family, the Blood Prison must be eliminated quickly.

It’s just that they don’t know why the blood hell is here.

Today they are acting so secretly that no one knows except the Lin family and them.

At the moment when the Bloody Dragon Ship docked at the dock!


Hundreds of blood shadows, all rushed out of the battleship, and descended on the spot.

And at this moment, a brutal sound made everyone in the Wang family completely scared and paralyzed:

“Jiangnan, it’s not your Wang family who came and wanted to leave. Just leave!”


The Wang family was shocked to see that among the dozens of people, a figure like a mountain appeared.

“Blood… the mad god of blood prison!”

Seeing the first butcher in the blood prison, all the Wang family knew that they were in danger today.

“Which, what is going on?”

Wang Shouzheng suddenly sweated, and at the same time looked at the bloody mad god in horror.

The blood prison, but the existence that can challenge the Lin family, don’t say that their Wang family contends with it, and they don’t even have the qualifications to take it seriously.

Why did they spend so much time, dispatching the Gorehowl Dragon Ship to capture ants like them?

At this time!

He roared with extreme grief and indignation:

“The mad god of blood prison, you have a lot of money and a debtor. It is the Lin family who offends you, and our Wang family has not offended you. , Why are you embarrassing us?”

Wen Yan!
The mad god of blood prison suddenly grinned, staring at him fiercely:

“Intent to murder the family of the dark emperor, dare to say that I have not offended?”


With these words, Wang Shouzheng and others’ expressions changed again and again, murdering the family of the Dark Emperor?

How is this possible!

“You fart! You are framing and framing. Even if my Wang family has eaten the ambition of the leopard, they dare not attack the Dark Emperor!”

Wang Shouzheng roared, this it’s just nonsense, in his opinion, the blood prison mad god is deliberately planting!

But at this moment, in the other direction, there was a joking voice:

“Don’t worry, I will let you all go to the top and bottom of the house today, and you will die clearly!”


Hearing this voice, all Wang family members turned their heads together!

And then!

It is the eyeballs coming out!

“Lin… Lin Fan?”

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