Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1384

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Chapter 1384

Late night!

Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walking in the cold wind.

At this time, Bai Yi looked ignorant, and still doesn’t know how they got through the storm.

Lin Fan?

At the moment, she looked suspiciously at Lin Fan, is it all Lin Fan?

Because Lin Fan has always looked indifferent since it happened.
But now it seems that he has long known that the Bai family and Zhang Miaoke would end up like this.

“Lin Fan, how did you find the genius doctor Lin?”

Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan suspiciously. The genius doctor Lin, how did Lin Fan find it?

Lin Fan smiled and said:

“It’s not the genius doctor I found, but the genius doctor Lin found me. As your partner, he knows you meet Trouble, naturally you have to come forward to help.”

“He also told me, because he is worried that if you are said to be manufacturing counterfeit drugs, you will also tarnish his reputation.”

“It turned out to be so.”

Bai Yi nodded, and accepted the explanation.

“Then you can still contact the genius doctor Lin? He has helped us so much, and we have to find an opportunity to thank him personally!”

“I want to come for so long, it was not once or twice that God Doctor Lin helped her.”

This owe favor, also made her feel uneasy.

Lin Fan’s expression stiffened, but he quickly returned to normal, saying:

“Mr. Lin is extremely mysterious. After solving today’s matter, he left. I even don’t even know his true face. I haven’t seen it, I can only wait and talk later.”

Bai Yi sighed and said: “It can only be so!”


At this moment, Lin Fan’s expression suddenly changed, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared fierce, and a majestic murderous intent burst out outrageously.

“What’s wrong?”

Feeling the change in Lin Fan’s breath, Bai Yi couldn’t help feeling tight, looking at Lin Fan in horror.

“It’s nothing, it just feels cold, let’s go home quickly.”

Lin Fan said with a smile, and then took Bai Yi’s hand and took the car.

But as soon as they left, the road behind them left a bloody road with corpses everywhere.

At night, after Bai Yi fell asleep, Lin Fan got up and walked to the backyard.

There, Ye Shihao and others have been waiting for a long time!

Seeing Lin Fan appeared, they all knelt down respectfully:

“King, someone secretly wanted to assassinate you and the queen’s family tonight, and I have solved it by my coefficient.”
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth curled up, and he smiled:

“Find out who can do it?”

Ye Shihao’s face was gloomy, and he said sharply:

“Wang family! After they kill you tonight, they will flee Jiangnan and go straight overseas!”

“At that time, even Huaxia will not be able to stop them!”

Ha ha!

Lin Fan sneered and shook his head lightly:

“Sure enough, I knew they wouldn’t let it go so easily. It turned out that they still had such a back-up player.” “I’m afraid that at this time, they are already happy, right?”

In the eyes of Wang’s family!

They are just ants. If they can’t be killed by normal means, they can simply use force to solve them.

Seeing that Lin Fan could still laugh, Ye Shihao and others were taken aback for a moment, and then they all understood. Lin Fan was afraid that he had expected it long ago, right?

This is no wonder!

What they can think of, how can the master not think of it?

Is it possible that their heads are really better than the King of the Blood Prison who suppressed the heroes by himself?


The four great masters also laughed, but their smiles were a little bit more bloody:

“The Wang family and the Lin family are really deep in the master and servant. Even if you are like a bereavement dog, you have to get rid of the thorns in the Lin family!”


Lin Fan also laughed, as if he had heard something funny:
“Yes, such a master and servant are deeply affectionate, but they are deliberate, I Lin Fan…”

“I don’t want them to do what they want!” Agitate!

Offended the King of Blood Prison, and wanted to escape overseas!

Wang family, naive!

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