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Chapter 683

Mattie stretched out her hair and stretched her hands out and said, “Alyssa, are you trying to prevent me from doing this? Am I the kind of person in your heart?”

Alyssa said lightly, “Yes.”

“Damn!” Mattie was hit by a rare blow.

Alyssa looked at her with a smile but a meaningful smile: “You still wanted to snatch Karl from me back then.”

“At that time, I was fearless when I didn’t know, okay?” Mattie said angrily.

Alyssa shook her head and said calmly, “Anya clearly robbed Robin, you are not reconciled, you just want to be her sister-in-law.”

An embarrassment flashed across Mattie’s face.

Back then, she would mix with the maids and enter Karl’s villa. The real reason behind it was indeed Alyssa said.

Looking back now, that thing was so stupid that she didn’t want to admit it.

After so long, she was mentioned by Alyssa again. Although she was a little embarrassed, she was more relieved.

Mattie picked up Alyssa and gave her a sip of coffee, and said righteously: “Alyssa, please make it clear that we are in a cooperative relationship. You can’t laugh at your partner like this. You should respect me. And save me some face.”

“Oh.” Alyssa replied indifferently.

Mattie felt that if she hadn’t had a large number of adults, she would have had a heart attack right now.

Fortunately, she used to feel that Alyssa looks kind and weak.

After contacting her, she discovered that Alyssa only looked weak on the surface, with thorns inside, and could pierce people at any time.

“Okay, I have already sent you my stuff. I wish you a happy new year in advance. I will join the group for a discussion meeting on the seventh day of the new year. You will be notified later. Anyway, you don’t welcome me. I should go back.”

Although Mattie said so, she stood motionless.

Alyssa stretched and supported her chin, and pointed in the direction of the door: “Then you won’t go?”

“Meaning, can you stop me for a meal?” Mattie rolled her eyes, “I think I’m also a small well-known producer. Why are you so shameless here?”

“Aren’t you busy? There is still time to stay for dinner?” It’s not that Alyssa didn’t want to stop Mattie down for dinner, because she was really afraid of her being busy, so she didn’t mention it.

The relationship between her and Mattie is a bit delicate.

It can’t be said that it is particularly good, but it is not bad, but they can trust each other. When there is a real need for trust, they will threaten each other again.

“Of course there is.” Mattie simply stayed still on the sofa, presumably in a posture of not leaving without eating.

Alyssa checked the time, and it was indeed time to cook lunch.

“What do you want to eat? Take a look at the ingredients in my refrigerator, and I will make you a few of them.”

Alyssa walked to the refrigerator and opened the refrigerator door to signal Mattie to pass.

Mattie was very positive, as if afraid that Alyssa would go back on her words, and quickly walked over.

She looked at the ingredients in the refrigerator and murmured, “I want to eat them all.”

“Then you’d better go back.” Alyssa was about to close the refrigerator door, Mattie immediately stopped her: “Don’t… don’t do this…”

Mattie said two dishes and asked Alyssa to cook them.

Alyssa’s cooking skills are good, steaming, frying, and boiling are all things.

Mattie looked stunned at the side: “I didn’t expect your cooking skills to be so good! I will invest for you, open a private kitchenette, make three tablets a day, and bid for the starting price, and the higher price will get the meal.”

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry: “Miss Adkins, what I cook is rice, not rare treasures, nor antique cultural relics.”

Mattie shook her head repeatedly: “No, no, no, you can give it a try and see if anyone comes to bid.”

Alyssa felt that Mattie was fantastic, and she didn’t bother to pay attention to her.

When eating, Mattie’s voice was all on the table.

“This smells so good!”


“Next time I will come to your house for dinner.”

Alyssa silently put a chopsticks into her mouth, and chewed slowly.

The taste is the same as before! Isn’t it particularly delicious?

Most of the meal went into Mattie’s stomach.

Mattie had eaten and drank enough, and did not forget to mention to open a private kitchen.

“Alyssa, you should really consider my previous proposal. I think the address of the hotel is chosen…” Mattie was halfway through her words, and her cell phone rang.

She answered the phone and said, “What’s the matter? It’s okay… I won’t come back… I won’t go to dinner, I have a place to eat.”

When Alyssa heard that she was planning to stay for dinner, she pushed her out the door.

Mattie hung up the phone and walked out reluctantly: “I’ll come back for dinner tonight.”

“Don’t come.” Alyssa refused coldly.

Mattie said again: “I will play with Grace.”

Grace poked her head from the side: “I’ll play by myself.”

This aunt has eaten all her chicken wings, so she should not come back tonight.

Mattie twitched her mouth, and could only turn around and leave.

The Mattie that Alyssa usually saw was an official businesswoman, and it was the first time she had seen Mattie’s cheeky side.

She and Mattie have eaten so many times in the restaurant outside, and she has never seen Mattie like this.

Alyssa closed the door when Mattie was walking away.

However, she closed the door with her front foot, and someone knocked on her door again.

Alyssa thought it was Mattie who was back again, but opened the door and found that it was Dave.

She didn’t go out much recently, and Dave didn’t come to look for her either. In the middle, she also invited Dave to come to dinner, but Dave refused.

As usual, Dave yelled without expression, “Miss Alyssa.”

Then he lifted the thing in his hand and handed it to Alyssa.

The logo on the handbag is a bit familiar, Alyssa thought about it for a moment, only to remember that it was the LOGO of an international brand.

This company has clothes, cosmetics, and bags.

What is Dave doing?

The doubt on Alyssa’s face was so obvious, Dave took the initiative to explain: “For you.”

“Me?” Alyssa stretched out her finger to herself.

Dave nodded.

There was a momentary short circuit in Alyssa’s mind.

“What are you doing to buy me these things?” It seemed to Alyssa that Dave’s behavior was more than abnormal, it was simply too abnormal.

“I have no relatives and no friends in Rostenvel. The New Year is deserted and I want to give people gifts to feel the festive atmosphere.” Such an unreliable reason, from Dave’s mouth, makes people feel a little lonely.

Alyssa paused, and reached out to take what he handed over: “Thank you.”

Dave just nodded, then turned and left.

Alyssa’s phone rang at this time.

Tina came here.

“Alyssa, I have received a lot of cosmetics from endorsement companies. I will bring you a few sets. I am almost at your home.”

Alyssa said helplessly: “Did you make an appointment to give gifts together today?”

Chapter 684

Tina noticed the keywords in Alyssa’s words: “‘You’? Who else gave you a gift?”

When she was talking, there was a voice about the car door.

Alyssa guessed that Tina had arrived.

“Are you here? Do you want me to come down to pick you up?” She was afraid that Tina would have too many things alone.

“No, you have to take Grace down when you come down. It’s too much trouble.” Tina was holding things, panting, “Don’t tell me, I’ll be up right away.”

Alyssa didn’t close the door anymore, just opened the door and waited for Tina to come up.

It didn’t take long for Tina to come up, carrying large and small bags of things in her hands.

Alyssa hurried over to help her get it.

Tina remembered what Alyssa had just said on the phone, and asked her before entering the door, “Who else gave you something?”


“She? She has a cooperative relationship with you, and it makes sense to give you gifts. Who else?”

“Dave on the opposite side.”

“Huh?” Tina was stunned for a moment before remembering who Dave was: “That bodyguard?”


Alyssa put away the things Tina had brought before returning to take in the things that Dave had just sent.

Tina is an actor, often attends events, and also endorses several big-name clothing and cosmetics.

As soon as she saw the logo on the bag, she recognized which product it was.

“Your bodyguard is really generous. This set of things is worth hundreds of thousands, right?” Tina was a little surprised at first, and the look in Alyssa’s eyes changed: “What is your bodyguard? This thing is something can an ordinary bodyguard afford it?”

“The origin is not simple, but he is just a bodyguard now. Moreover, he is not short of money.” Dave used to be a member of the organization X. Some people asked the organization X to work, and countless rich and powerful people sent money to their door to find them. Dave must be very rich.

Alyssa flipped through the contents of the bag, which seemed to be a limited edition gift box.

Although Alyssa said that Dave didn’t spend money, Tina thought about the rich people in Rostenvel, but she didn’t think of any family with Dave.

Therefore, she thought that what Alyssa said was not short of money or just not short of money, and didn’t think Dave had much money.

She felt that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a gift for Alyssa would be a big expense for Dave.

Tina analyzed: “He doesn’t lack money and is willing to spend it for you. This is not for you, what else can it be?”

Without even thinking about it, Alyssa directly denied Tina’s statement: “It’s impossible to see me.”

She has seen Dave and Claire getting along, and she also has someone in love. She can see that Dave looks at Claire with different eyes.

As for the difference, she couldn’t tell, but she could feel it.

And Dave’s eyes looked open and upright. In his eyes, she was just a slightly familiar employer, nothing special.

“Why are you so sure that he didn’t like you? If he didn’t like you, then it’s what I said last time. He didn’t give it voluntarily, but someone asked him to give it.”

Tina shrugged: “If you think it’s impossible for someone to ask him to send it, then don’t know. Maybe he has too much money to spend.”

Alyssa thought for a moment, then nodded, “It’s also possible.”

Tina thought that Alyssa agreed with her statement that “a lot of money has nowhere to spend”, but the next moment she heard Alyssa say: “He may really have more money and nowhere to spend.”

Tina almost choked on her saliva: “Where does your bodyguard look like such a stupid person? I feel a little scared when I look at him, and it doesn’t feel like a good thing.”

“You just don’t provoke him. Although he is not a good person, he is quite principled.” Alyssa was serious about reminding Tina, Dave is a guy one should try not to provoke.

“Are you serious? Why do I feel that my back is cold…” Tina touched her arm, startled by Alyssa’s serious tone.

Alyssa smiled and did not speak, Tina continued, “Is it possible that the big boss asked him to give it to you?”

Alyssa was slightly startled when she heard this.

Is it Karl?

If Karl asked him to do everything Dave did, then it could explain why Dave treated her so well.

But Alyssa knew very well that she and Karl were over.

It is very complete.

“I don’t think it’s Karl. I don’t think he will do these things that care about me secretly after being so unsympathetic to me.” Karl is a decisive person, and he cannot do such things.

Alyssa shook her head, not knowing who she wanted to tell, and repeated: “It can never be Karl.”

“How could it not be possible? Do you think there is anyone else besides Karl?” Tina felt that Alyssa was too absolute.

She continued to persuade Alyssa: “Sometimes the truth of things is often the least unexpected. You are a screenwriter and storyteller. You should believe in this kind of thing more than I do?”

“The more you make up stories, the more deceptive you are. So I will not believe that this kind of thing exists anymore.” Alyssa didn’t want to continue to say this to Tina, so she went to the side to see what Mattie gave her.

Tina followed her: “Alyssa, let me make an analogy, it is a true thought in my heart, I have no other meaning…”

“What’s the analogy?”

“I think it’s impossible for the big boss to like Miana. Miana did so many disgusting things before. Even if the big boss looks at me, it’s impossible to see Miana, right?”

Alyssa stopped the movement in her hand, turned her head to look at Tina, her eyes faintly making Tina feel hairy.

Tina said weakly: “I’m just making an analogy…”

Alyssa’s thoughts loosened for a moment, but quickly denied: “But… Karl and Miana lived together for three years.”

“They lived together for three years, did the big boss ever behave a little bit too much to her?” Tina saw that Alyssa didn’t speak, and said to her, “Surely not!”

Indeed not.

People that Karl didn’t like were useless for a long time.

Alyssa fell silent, her mind was a little confused.


There are new messages pushed on the phone.

Alyssa picked it up and found that it was a news feed.

She originally wanted to clear the notification, but she accidentally clicked on the push title.

“Karl and Miana…good things are coming…”

These few bright keywords made Alyssa involuntarily click on the news.

When Tina saw Alyssa’s eyes suddenly cold, she stared at the phone without blinking, and then looked curiously.

As she watched it, she subconsciously read out what she saw: “Yesterday, a reporter took a video of Karl Adams accompanying his new girlfriend home. He only came out of the woman’s house this morning. It seems that good things are coming…”

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