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Chapter 685

The further Tina reads, the smaller her voice becomes, until finally the sound is muted.

She looked up at Alyssa with a look of astonishment, and whispered: “I don’t think this report has any credibility. Nowadays, aren’t many media outlets who write about blogging for the sake of traffic? Alyssa?”

Alyssa directly clicked on the video below.

Because it was taken secretly, the video is very blurry, but it can be seen that it is indeed Karl.

In the video, Karl came out of a building, and Miana followed him.

The background is in a high-end residential area, it should be Miana’s residence outside.

Alyssa watched the video back and forth several times.

Seeing her like this, Tina felt distressed and took her mobile phone over: “Alyssa, don’t look at it.”

Alyssa didn’t notice the distress in Tina’s tone. She took the phone over, opened the video, put it halfway, and pressed the pause button.

Then, she handed her mobile phone to Tina, “Do you know where the community where Miana lives is?”

Tina glanced at Alyssa suspiciously, but still lowered her head and looked at the community in the video carefully, distinguishing where it was.

After watching for a while, Tina raised her head: “I know this community. When I bought a house, I also saw this place, but later because it was too far away from the company, I didn’t choose this place…”

Alyssa had asked Mattie about Miana’s address before, which was the same address that Tina had told her.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Alyssa’s contemplative expression, Tina always felt that Alyssa was thinking about something.

Alyssa took the phone back and put it away, and raised her eyes slightly: “Confirming something.”

“Confirm that Miana’s address is needed for what?” Tina felt more and more, she could not guess what Alyssa was thinking.

“It’s not a big deal.” Alyssa patted her shoulder: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Although Tina was a little uneasy, she believed that Alyssa must have her own ideas about what she did, so she didn’t ask more.

Tina’s things had already been delivered, and Grace teased again before leaving.

At night, Alyssa was preparing something to cook for the next New Year’s Eve, and the phone rang.

It was a call from a strange number.

It’s been a long time since she received a call from a stranger.

“Who?” Alyssa answered the phone with the mobile phone in one hand and rummaged in the refrigerator with the other hand.

Karl had said before that he had an appointment on New Year’s Eve, and she didn’t have to send Grace back.

On New Year’s Eve, she and Grace are the only two, but she still wants to cook more dishes.

After all, it is New Year’s Eve dinner.

“Alyssa, come home for dinner at night.” Travis’s voice.

Alyssa frowned slightly, took the phone to her and checked the number, then continued to put the phone to her ear: “New Year’s Eve is a day for family reunion, what shall I do?”

In fact, Travis didn’t carry too many other thoughts, but just happened to think of Alyssa, so he found Alyssa’s phone number and told her to come home for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

He also knew that Alyssa was in conflict with the family, but in his opinion, Alyssa’s words were still a bit unreasonable.

Travis’s tone was unpleasant: “Anyway, we are all a family. After breaking the bones and connecting the tendons, the same blood is flowing on the body. You and Karl have been divorced a long time ago. You live alone outside, and I always want to bring you home.”

“Colin has long since published the newspaper and dismissed the father-daughter relationship with me. You think I am alone outside. When I lived in Hunt’s house before, how could I not be alone?”

She had already walked out of the quagmire of Hunt’s house, and would no longer be easily tied up by the so-called “family” and “same blood”.

Travis felt that Alyssa’s words were extremely ignorant, and his displeasure turned into anger: “Alyssa, think about it clearly, if you come back for dinner tomorrow, it means that we are still a family in the future. If something happens, you can still rely on us.”

Alyssa sneered in her heart, relying on it? It’s good not to kill her.

“No matter what you want to call me, I am very grateful to you.” Alyssa closed the door of the refrigerator, with a hand around her, her tone was light: “I have nothing to do with the Hunt family, you’re different, so I am willing to call you big brother.”

If Travis also became like the rest of the family, she would turn her face and deny.

In the past few years when Travis took over the family, he has gradually matured and steadfast. She still understands this point.

He didn’t say any more, just hung up the phone.

The hurry of the phone is enough to show how angry he is.

Travis pinched the phone that ended the call and turned around, with a thoughtful expression.

Colin came over. He knew that Travis had called Alyssa and asked, “How about? Will Alyssa come back tomorrow?”

Travis took a deep breath, his tone faintly impatient: “She won’t come back.”

He put the phone in his pocket and touched a cigarette to light it.

When Colin heard that Alyssa was not coming back, he immediately said loudly: “No? You called her to come back for New Year’s Eve dinner, but she dare not come back? She thinks she is still Adams’ daughter-in-law! Humph!”

In the past two years, the Hunt family has been in a downturn, half-dead, and the performance of the starving people has not been very good. Colin also became more irritable.

Travis felt particularly bored when he watched Colin’s expression become a bit hideous because of extreme anger.

“Regardless of whether Alyssa is Adams’ daughter-in-law or not, she is your daughter!” Travis took a puff of cigarette heavily, with a hint of incomprehension in his tone: “Even if you want her to die, she’s still your blood.”

He really didn’t understand how Colin and Alyssa were like enemies.

Colin widened his eyes and said sharply: “Isabel is my daughter!”

“Then do you know what your good daughter did? Buying murders, taking drugs, messing around with men and women, these are all good daughters you taught!” Travis had done Isabel early The investigation is clear.

Although he used to be muddy, he never touched those medicines, and he wouldn’t be like Isabel without a bottom line.


Colin raised his hand fiercely and slapped Travis: “As$hole!”

Colin slapped Travis so hard that he turned his head to the side. After a few seconds, he moved his jaw and moved his chin in response.

He looked at Colin with a mocking look: “The family has been going downhill in recent years. Our new products are about to go on the market, but we can’t afford to invite first-line celebrities to endorse them. The hot drama must be popular in the entertainment industry Very well-connected, if she is willing to help us at this time, our situation will get better.”

After he finished speaking, he gave a sneer, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, and flung his sleeves and left.

Chapter 686

Ignoring the episode of Travis, nothing special happened until the next New Year’s Eve.

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Alyssa brought Grace together to get some ingredients.

Alyssa put the vegetables that Grace liked to eat in the basket, and also moved a small stool for Grace and placed it in front of the sink so that she could wash the vegetables herself.

Alyssa was standing in front of the sink washing vegetables, and the two of them were talking from time to time.

Grace seemed smarter than before, but she was still childlike and cute.

While talking, Grace suddenly asked Alyssa: “When will Dad come? At night?”

When she was at home, Karl went to work at the company and usually came back at night. This made an inherent memory that: Dad likes to show up at night.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and then explained to Grace: “No, he won’t come, he has other things to do.”

“But, mom, you just said that you want everyone to be together during the New Year? Why doesn’t Dad come?” Grace opened her eyes and looked at Alyssa, with a face full of doubts.

Alyssa fell silent, how should she explain to Grace that she and Karl would not live together.

“Because of some reasons, your father and I will not live together anymore. He and I are not a family anymore.” Alyssa wanted to explain to Grace in simple words.

Grace’s small brows frowned again. She thought for a moment and said, “Why isn’t he a family? Isn’t he my father?”

Alyssa smiled and shook her head: “Of course Dad and you are a family. What I just said was that he and I are no longer a family.”

Grace nodded without understanding.

Alyssa thought she understood, and accepted her statement.

But before long, Grace suddenly raised her head and looked at Alyssa: “But Dad loves you.”

“What?” Alyssa never thought, Grace would say such things.

“On TV, Dad loves Mom.”

Alyssa remembered that Grace liked to watch a domestic cartoon for a while.

“Dad loves mom” often appear in cartoons.

Before Alyssa thought about how to answer this question, Grace continued: “Dad doesn’t love you anymore? So you are not a family anymore.”

Alyssa opened her mouth, for a moment she didn’t know what to say.

What Grace said seemed to be correct.

Children’s world is very simple, and their understanding of things has only two ends.

Right and wrong, black and white.

“Yes, you…” Alyssa was interrupted by the doorbell.

Grace’s eyes lit up, and she showed a big smile: “It’s Dad here!”

After speaking, she jumped off the stool and ran outside the kitchen to open the door.

“Grace, slow down.” Alyssa hurriedly followed, fearing that she would fall if she runs too fast.

Grace ran to the door and stood on tiptoe with great effort, before touching the doorknob, turning the doorknob vigorously, trying to open the door.

Alyssa looked aside, feeling a little unbearable.

Grace came to open the door so happy because she thought Karl was there.

But the person outside was not destined to be Karl.

Alyssa could not bear Grace’s disappointment, but she could only watch Grace disappointed.

Grace’s small body almost hung on the doorknob, and it took a while to open the door lock that Alyssa could open with a slight twist.

The door opened a gap, Grace’s tiptoes flattened to the ground, and she tilted her head to look outside.

Alyssa was also curious about who came, and wanted to step forward to help Grace open the door.

But before she could step forward, she saw Grace froze in place, and then shouted happily: “Dad!”

There was a momentary blank in Alyssa’s mind. Is it… Karl?

After Grace called out “Dad”, she opened the door of the room wide, and directly pounced on the man standing outside and hugged his leg.

Looking at the handsome face of the man, Alyssa thought of a lot of things in his mind for a moment, but it seemed that he hadn’t thought of anything, and stood still.

Karl leaned over and hugged Grace. He weighed Grace with both hands, then he curled his lips, revealing an inconspicuous smile, and his voice was kind: “Heavier again.”

Grace touched Karl’s face with a serious tone: “You have lost weight.”

What Grace said was actually what Alyssa wanted to say.

Karl found a new love, so he should be proud of it. Why did he lose weight?

Thinner than the last time she saw him.

Karl had originally lowered his head to talk to Grace, but suddenly raised his eyes to look at Alyssa.

Just before he raised his eyes to look over, Alyssa lowered her eyes to hide her emotions.

She took a step back, stood by the door, and said in a mild manner: “Come in first, it’s cold outside.”

There is heating in the room, and neither she nor Grace wears much.

Karl glanced at Alyssa deeply, held Grace and raised his foot into the house.

Alyssa closed the door behind him and followed.

After entering the room, Grace struggled and slipped off Karl: “I’m washing vegetables.”

She said, pulling Karl into the kitchen.

Karl followed Grace into the kitchen and saw the vegetables in the sink and the small stool before him.

He has lived here for a while and is very familiar with Alyssa.

“Mom washes more vegetables than I do, please help her.” Grace pointed to Alyssa’s unfinished dishes.

Alyssa just heard Grace’s words when she came in. She walked forward in two steps and quickly stood in front of the sink, blocking Karl’s sight: “Drink water?”

“Yeah.” Karl nodded.

“Well, come out, I will pour you water.” Alyssa turned her head and looked at Grace: “I’ll go out and pour water for Dad. Be good, don’t wet your sleeves.”

Grace nodded ignorantly: “Yeah.”

Alyssa took the lead out of the kitchen.

She walked to the window far away from the kitchen and made sure that Grace couldn’t see it, nor could she hear her talking to Karl, and then stopped.

She turned her head to look at Karl who was following her with a cold tone: “What are you doing here?”

“New Year’s Eve.” Karl stood in front of her with a calm tone, but Alyssa was inexplicably flustered.

“Don’t you have an appointment? You should spend New Year’s Eve with Miana at this time. What are you doing here?” As soon as she spoke, Alyssa wanted to bite her tongue.

Just talk, what else she does!

I’m afraid that Karl doesn’t know, does she follow his movements?

She was ready for Karl to laugh at her, but Karl seemed to have not heard her mention Miana, skipping the middle sentence and said: “Temporarily canceled the trip, come to accompany Grace celebrated New Year’s Eve.”

He directly skipped the words of Miana in the middle, making Alyssa feel that he seemed to give her a step.

Even if she doesn’t want Karl to spend New Year’s Eve here, but he is already here. Grace is very happy. He wants to spend New Year’s Eve with Grace…

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