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Chapter 687

If it’s normal, just forget it, Alyssa can send Karl away for a reason.

But today is New Year’s Eve, after comprehensive consideration, she has no reason to drive Karl away.

Grace is their daughter, not the private property of any of them.

Their breakup is the end of the relationship between two people, and it is the problem of the two adults. And Grace wanted everyone to spend New Year’s Eve together, Alyssa didn’t want to disappoint her.

After Alyssa thought about it, she lowered her voice and said to Karl: “After eating, find a reason to leave.”

Karl only said indifferently: “On New Year’s Eve, we must keep the year-old.”

New Year’s Eve is to keep the year old, so does he mean to stay until midnight?

“You…” Alyssa looked at Karl, speechless.

What can she say?

New Year’s Eve is indeed to keep the year old.

Then she thought, Grace was a child, and she must have fallen asleep before twelve o’clock.

When Grace was asleep, she could drive Karl away.

Thinking this way, Alyssa felt better, and turned back to the kitchen.

Because there was one more Karl, Alyssa added a few more to the dishes originally cooked.

She casually ate at noon, mainly waiting for dinner.

Grace hadn’t seen Karl these days, but rather stuck to him.

Karl also coaxed Grace patiently. Alyssa cut the fruit and prepared snacks and water for Grace.

When she passed the snacks she prepared, she saw the father and daughter nest together playing a puzzle game.

Karl tilted his body and leaned lazily on the sofa, looking very relaxed.

He put one hand on the back of the sofa, and Grace sat beside him with her small thick legs, holding the tablet in his arms. Leaning half of her body on Karl, her lazy appearance was somewhat similar to Karl.

Karl’s gaze fell on the tablet in Grace’s arms. Even if he was only playing games with children, his expression was focused and serious.

When Grace met that she could not, she would turn her head to look at Karl, and Karl would reach out to help her.

At this time, Grace’s eyes would light up, and the corners of Karl’s mouth would bend without a trace.

Maybe Alyssa had been watching for a long time, and Karl looked over to her.

He watched too suddenly, Alyssa didn’t have time to look back, and the two people’s eyes collided like this.

Alyssa’s heart suddenly speeded up as if frightened.

Before she panicked to stop opening her eyes, Karl had already looked away indifferently.

Alyssa’s heart sank suddenly, she lowered her eyes, and after dropping things, she turned and left.

She took the phone, walked to a chair farther from the sofa and sat down, took out the phone and tapped aimlessly.

No matter which web page is opened, it is celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Alyssa looked at it for a while and found it meaningless.

Turning her head and looking over the sofa, she found that Karl was looking towards her.

Then, Karl lowered his voice and said, “She is asleep.”

It turned out that Grace was asleep.

Alyssa got up and walked over, and she saw Grace falling asleep leaning on Karl, and Karl had picked up the tablet and put it aside.

Alyssa bent down to hug Grace, but was blocked by Karl’s hand.

Alyssa looked at Karl in confusion, “What do you want?”

Karl’s complexion remained unchanged, and no emotion was revealed in his eyes: “I will hold her back to the room, and you will open the door.”

Alyssa paused, retracted her hand, got up to open Grace’s door.

After taking two steps, she turned her head back and looked behind her.

Karl hugged Grace just in time.

Grace was almost 30 pounds, she sometimes fell asleep outside, and Alyssa was struggling when she leaned over and hugged her.

But to Karl, Grace’s weight was nothing, he could easily hug Grace.

Alyssa opened the door in front, and Karl immediately hugged Grace into the room.

As soon as he put Grace on the bed, Alyssa came over to help her cover her quilt.

There was no communication between the two until they walked out of Grace’s room.

Since Karl suddenly appeared in the morning, until just now, it was because Grace was there that Alyssa felt that it was not so difficult.

But now Grace is asleep, and she doesn’t know when she will wake up. How can she stay in this house alone with Karl?

Alyssa left the room and walked straight into her bedroom.


No matter how fast she walked, she wouldn’t be as fast as Karl’s voice.

She could think that she hadn’t heard, so she stopped, and without looking back, she asked him, “What’s the matter?”

Karl’s tone was a little serious, and Alyssa thought something was wrong with him.

As a result, two seconds later, Karl only said: “I’m hungry.”

Today’s lunch was a bit early, but it’s not until three in the afternoon. Is he hungry so fast?

Alyssa looked back at him in an angry tone, “Karl, do you treat me as your servant?”

“I’m not going to have children with a servant.” Karl raised his eyebrows slightly, his expression could not be more serious, but in Alyssa’s ears, he always felt a little bit of playfulness.

Alyssa didn’t know what to say for a while, she clenched her hand, and then released it again: “Wait.”

Alyssa was taken aback, she was actually very hesitant just now, but when she opened her mouth she actually agreed to cook for Karl.

She didn’t cook much at noon, and basically nothing left.

Alyssa didn’t know what revenge, so she wanted to cook a bowl of green vegetable noodles for Karl.

But when she arrived in the kitchen, she habitually took the meat out of the refrigerator and made a bowl of beef noodles for Karl.

Alyssa stared at the cooked beef noodles and stretched out her hand to support the bowl, feeling a little at a loss.

Alyssa, Alyssa, can’t you be more productive?

You guys broke up a long time ago, and Karl has a new love, so what are you doing with him like this?

No wonder it is always said that women are mostly duplicity and deceive themselves.

Alyssa laughed mockingly, and put the lid back on the pepperbox.

Just take it as a last bit of dignity for yourself, pretending not to remember that Karl loves spicy food.

Alyssa calmed her mind and brought out the cooked beef noodles.

Karl was already sitting at the table and waiting.

With a “bang”, Alyssa put the noodles in front of Karl, and the soup splashed out.

Karl picked up his chopsticks and stirred the noodles inside, and asked naturally, “Are there any peppers?”

“in the kitchen, take it yourself.” Alyssa left this sentence and turned around to go back to her room.

Not two steps away, she suddenly remembered that when she met Rachel in the supermarket that day, Rachel asked her about Isabel’s whereabouts.

The last time she saw Isabel was in the basement of the house in United States.

Karl must know the whereabouts of Isabel.

Chapter 688

Alyssa stopped and looked back at the direction of dining table.

Karl turned his back to her and sat alone at the table eating noodles.

The dining table is not big, but it is also somewhat lonely.

Alyssa stopped in place for a moment, then walked towards the dining table and sat down in front of Karl.

Karl didn’t seem to expect that Alyssa would come back suddenly, with a moment of stunned expression on his face, and it took two seconds to return to his usual apathy.

“I have something to ask you.”

Alyssa didn’t want to err on the side of him. They had a relationship like this, and there was no need to err on the side.

Karl glanced at her and motioned for her to ask.

“Where is Isabel? Is she still alive?” Alyssa paid attention to Karl’s expression, and wanted to guess from his expression whether Isabel was still alive.

Karl didn’t say where Isabel was or whether Isabel was still alive, but rather sharply asked, “Hunt’s family came to you?”

Alyssa was a little frightened, she just asked about Isabel, and Karl thought of Hunt’s family coming to her so quickly.

Even though she always knew how smart Karl was, she didn’t expect that Karl could be so sensitive.

“Don’t tell me.” Alyssa didn’t intend to question Karl too much, after all, they didn’t have much to do now.

Karl had no need to answer her questions, let alone any obligation.

“It may be death, or it may be worse than death.” Karl glanced at Alyssa deeply and gave her an ambiguous answer.

What is the difference between saying this and not saying it?

Alyssa pursed her lips, staring at Karl without speaking.

Karl didn’t speak anymore, only eating the bowl of noodles intently.

The noodle bowl quickly reached the bottom. To Alyssa’s surprise, Karl took the bowl into the kitchen after eating and turned on the faucet…

At this point, Alyssa didn’t believe that Karl could wash the dishes by herself.

It wasn’t until Karl took the bowl to flush under the faucet that Alyssa was sure that Karl actually wanted to wash the dishes by himself.

This surprised Alyssa.

With a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, Karl quickly finished washing.

He turned around and saw Alyssa sitting at the dining table, and said, “After all, there are no servants here. You have to do your own things.”

Alyssa narrowed her eyes and snorted softly.

She knew that Karl would say this because Alyssa had said that he treated her as a servant.

Alyssa was too lazy to care about Karl, but Karl asked as if suddenly interested: “Why are you asking about Isabel? Are you asking for Isabel’s family, or do you want to know?”

“Can’t I be curious?” Alyssa raised her eyebrows and glared at Karl.

Karl stared at Alyssa for a moment, and said, “If they really want to find Isabel so much, you can tell them that Isabel is in my hands and let them come to me.”

Karl asked the Hunt family to come to him?

Are you stupid to eat noodles?

Karl said just now that Isabel may be dead, or it may be worse than death for her.

In other words, when he was in the United States, Karl had indeed tortured Isabel, but in the end she was left alive.

“If you want people from the Hunt family to find you, you can tell them by yourself.” Alyssa can’t understand what Karl is thinking now, nor can she figure out what he is going to do.

In Alyssa’s opinion, Karl’s words were boring enough.

After thinking about it, Alyssa felt that she was even more boring talking nonsense with Karl at this time.

She stood up and pushed away from the chair, and went back to the room.

Karl stood on the spot, looking in the direction of Alyssa’s bedroom, his gaze stopped for two seconds, then he retracted his gaze and sat down on the chair she had just sat on.

He turned his head and swept around the room, then lowered his head again, wondering what he was thinking.

Alyssa stayed in the room and kept paying attention to the movement outside. She went out until Grace’s voice sounded outside.

When Grace saw her, she called out, “Mom!”

It didn’t take long for Grace to wake up from sleep, lacking energy, and the whole person looked sad.

Alyssa touched her head and took her to the bathroom to wash her face.

It is already evening, and she can start preparing dinner.

Alyssa asked Grace to play in the living room by herself, so she turned and went into the kitchen.

However, she only entered the kitchen with her front foot, and Karl followed her from behind.

Alyssa frowned slightly: “What are you doing here?”

“What can I do for help?” Karl’s complexion was faint, with a serious look as if he really wanted to help.

“No,” Alyssa responded coldly and stopped looking at him.

Karl walked up to her, put one hand on the table, tilted his head slightly, and a low voice sounded in her ears: “The New Year’s Eve dinner is for everyone to eat together, of course I have to contribute. Otherwise someone will say…”

Alyssa raised her head fiercely and interrupted him: “You go wash the dishes.”

Karl was clearly looking for fault, and he spoke so grandly.

Alyssa felt that Karl was still trying to find faults because of what she said earlier that she was not his servant.

Karl is such a stingy person.

But after listening to her, he didn’t say much, he actually went to wash the dishes obediently.

While marinating fish, Alyssa looked at Karl from time to time and found that he was really serious about washing dishes.

Alyssa let out a long sigh of relief, feeling that she still thinks too much.

Perhaps Karl came to her for New Year’s Eve dinner only because of Grace…

After that, the two people did not communicate much.

While Alyssa was cooking, Karl was handing a plate to the side. She said something and Karl handed it to her.

The two people cooperated tacitly, and there was no mistake.

Like ordinary young couples.

This thought just flashed through Alyssa’s mind, and soon disappeared.

Today, no matter how much she thinks, she has long been consumed before reality.

The New Year’s Eve dinner was very hearty, with a large table full.

Alyssa was also very interested in taking pictures of the food and posting a Tweet.

Mattie told her before that she could run her own Twitter and narrow the distance between her fans.

After Alyssa’s “Lost City” was launched, it attracted a large number of fans, dark fans and true love fans.

Being praised and scolded by others.

As soon as Alyssa’s Tweet went out, people commented.

This person’s ID is very common, it’s called “Love Alyssa”, and the comment has only four simple words: “Happy New Year’s Eve.”

Alyssa replied: “Same to you.”

Grace poked her arm: “Mom, don’t play with your mobile phone when you eat.”

“Okay, won’t play with the phone.” When Alyssa put down the phone, she inadvertently raised her eyes and saw that the opposite Karl had just put down the phone.

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