Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1489 – 1490

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Chapter 1489

As Peter spoke, he still had to push her, but he had no strength at the moment, dizzy, and there were ghosts in front of him. He stretched out his hand and pushed indiscriminately. He did not touch Tina and he fell again. Going down.

Tina didn’t move in front of him, simply squatted in front of him, and said, “Who are you lying to? You are not married at all.”

Peter retorted: “Tina is my wife anyway…”

Tina was startled, and asked him, “Did Tina say that she wants to marry you?”

“She won’t marry me, who will she marry, eh?” Peter looked angry: “That little boy Cody has been drunk and can’t crawl anymore. Who else will snatch her from me? Who?”

After speaking, he was still provocative, and shouted twice: “Who else!”

Immediately, he tilted his head again, muttering something against the wall.

Tina leaned forward and vaguely heard the words “married”.

She was also somewhat speechless to herself.

How boring she is to squat in the men’s room and chat with a drunkard.

Although no one will come to this toilet normally, what if someone remembers that this toilet is the place where they should come?

Time to take Peter away first.

She got up, covered the toilet, then flushed, and took a tissue to find Peter to wipe the corners of his mouth.

Although he was drunk and unconscious, he was wary by nature.

As soon as Tina’s hand stretched over, he slapped her hand vigilantly and hid behind: “You don’t touch me.”

The drunk Peter was very interesting. Tina smiled and patted his head: “Peter! You see who I am!”

Peter looked up at her and looked at her for a long time, as if finally recognizing her, he was about to stand up with his palm on the ground, but now his whole body in vain, unable to stand up at all, and moved. It slipped again.

This slip made his already unconscious head even more faint.

Peter frowned, his voice hoarse: “Uncomfortable.”

Looks wronged.

Peter was really drunk.

It should be too much drinking, not the same as before.

“Be good, don’t move and let me take you home.” Tina’s tone became serious.

Peter was really obedient, he didn’t move any more, and looked at her eagerly.

She squatted down and took a lot of effort to help him up.

He was really drunk this time. He didn’t have any strength, and all the weight was on her.

She took a heavy breath and helped him to walk outside the cubicle.

Peter turned his head slowly, leaning against her ear, and asked with his tongue out: “Ms. Weber, I am not sinking…”

Ms. Weber…

“Weber is dead.” Tina couldn’t laugh or cry, drunk so drunk, it looked like he was going to die, but the problem has not changed.

He is like a child when he gets drunk.

After she helped him out, she pressed him on the side of the sink and washed his face with cold water.

Peter was probably uncomfortable after being washed, and turned his head, but the next second, he was smashed back by Tina, giving him a cold shower in twos or twos.

Then, she wiped his face indiscriminately: “Do you feel more awake?”

Peter called out: “Ms. Weber.”

“Huh?” Tina curled her lips and called her Ms. Weber, still not sober.

Forget it, let’s get rid of it first.

Tina was about to help him out when she heard him say very solemnly: “The sink is too shallow, it won’t drown me.”

Tina: “???”

Chapter 1490

Tina stopped talking, and helped him go out without saying a word.

She thinks too much.

She originally wanted to wash his face to make him more awake, but she didn’t expect that the more she washed him, the more stupid he would become.

Tina ignored Peter, and Peter didn’t have the energy to speak.

She could obviously feel strenuous, she even suspected that he used to pretend to be drunk and still walking.

When approaching the elevator entrance, she heard Stephanie’s voice.

“Ms. Tina, cousin?”

Stephanie noticed that Tina was struggling, so she trot over. She looked at Peter carefully, “Ah, why do you drink it like this?”

Stephanie saw that he closed his eyes slightly, looking stupid, and stretched out two fingers to Peter to shake: “Cousin, look at my fingers, is this one or ten?”

Peter opened his eyes and took a serious look at the two fingers that Stephanie stretched out.

Then he slapped Stephanie’s head with a slap, and said, “You stinky girl, you have been studying for so many years, even two. Don’t even know?”

Stephanie: “…” It looks like he was drunk, so why remember to teach her?

“Mr. Grant.” Tom didn’t know where he came from and greeted Peter.

Peter still remembered in a daze what Tina had said to him before.

Tina said before that his cousin was abducted by a wild man.

Peter squinted his eyes, raised his eyebrows frantically, and stared at Tom, “Are you the wild man?”

A crack appeared on Tom’s calm face: “What misunderstanding does Mr. Grant have about me?”

Tina also remembered what she had said to Peter before, and she understood what Peter meant.

Just as she was about to explain out loud, she heard Stephanie’s anxious explanation: “Cousin, don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Allison and Ms. Tina have nothing…”

Tina: “???” When did she have something with Tom?

Stephanie had thought about Tom’s love of Tina. At this moment, she heard Peter calling Tom a “wild man”. He thought it was Peter who actually knew that Tom liked Tina. When he is drunk, he saw Tom. Speaking truth after drinking.

Peter is her cousin, she understands his temperament, plus he is drunk, she is quite afraid that he will fight Tom.

So, she took another step forward and stood in front of Tom and separated Tom from Peter, with a flattering smile on her face: “Cousin, you, believe me, I can testify. I am with Ms. Tina every day. Together, what I said is absolutely true, Ms. Tina and Mr. Allison have absolutely nothing…”

“Okay, don’t say it.” Tina interrupted Stephanie’s words. She was really afraid that Stephanie would go on and say something.

Peter is right, Stephanie is inconsistent.

This little idiot didn’t know how to grow to such a big safely.

Tom also lowered his eyes and rubbed his forehead slightly. He didn’t understand what Stephanie was thinking about in that little head. He thought he had acted very obviously, but it was obvious to Stephanie. It’s not obvious yet.

“Oh.” Stephanie hurriedly walked over to help Peter: “My cousin is quite heavy, Ms. Tina, I will help you.”

Tom looked at the two women, Stephanie and Tina, helping Peter, a tall drunkard, who couldn’t stand. He coughed lightly and said, “I’ll help.”

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