Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1346

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Chapter 1346


Hearing these words, the eyes of Bai Yi’s family were filled with incredible disbelief.

Lin Family, want to kill Lin Fan?


Aren’t they a family?

“Lin Fan, why is this? Why did your family want to kill you?”

Bai Yi was completely desperate at this time, she did so much, even at the expense of herself, Isn’t it to protect Lin Fan?

But it turned out to be nothing!

She can’t save Lin Fan!

At this time, no one can save Lin Fan!

Because he wanted to kill Lin Fan, but the Lin family is dignified!

She couldn’t understand why the Lin family wanted to put Lin Fan to death because she was clearly a family!

This time!

Baishan and Shen Yumei were also completely frightened.

The Lin Family, China’s strongest giant, can be called a real existence with hands and eyes, and since these existences want to kill Lin Fan?

In this case, who can save Lin Fan?

Bai Yi’s family felt that Lin Fan at this time was already doomed.

At this time, Bai Yi was already too weak to stand up. She grasped Lin Fan’s collar tightly with both hands and cried out in tears:

“You don’t should come, you shouldn’t come!”

And just now!

Zhao Zekun stared at Bai Yi with a wicked look:

“Bai Yi, don’t say I won’t give you a chance, as long as you are willing to abandon this waste now and become my lover., I can consider spare your family’s life!”

“I have to say that Bai Yi is really beautiful, and he is tempted by countless young women like him.”

So now, he not only wants to kill Lin Fan, but also to snatch his wife before he kills him!

Then, in front of Lin Fan, play with his wife and let Lin Fan die with hatred!

End in humiliation!

This is the real thing, making Lin Fan unhappy!


Bai Yi stared at Lin Zekun angrily:

“You dream! I Bai Yi, I am Lin Fan’s person for life, and Lin Fan’s ghost for death!”
“Today, I will die with him!”


Heard this!

Lin Zekun wiped a strong hostility between his eyebrows, and stared at Bai Yi murderously:

“What a shameless slut, right? Then I will let him you must die!”

“Come here! Strip this woman naked, and then take turns one by one! I will play her alive!”


These words are extremely perverted!

The expressions of everyone present changed wildly!

And now!

The faces of the Xiao family, Bai Yan, Wang Mingzhe, and others are full of ecstasy, and it seems that Bai Yi’s end can be expected.

Especially Wang Mingzhe, at this time, already laughed grimly, and volunteered:

“I’m the first to go!”

This woman, Dare to look down on him again and again?

For a while, he must torture this woman severely!

da da da…


Each of the Lin family experts, with a grinning smile, slowly pressed towards Lin Fan.

See it!

Bai Yi’s face turned pale suddenly, if it hadn’t been for Lin Fan’s support, he would have been limp to the ground.

In the next moment, her face was full of determination, and she looked at Lin Fan bitterly:

“My wife, even if I die, I will never betray you. , Let’s… see you in the next life!”

She was going to bite her tongue to commit suicide, and would rather die than let these beasts defile her.


Lin Fan’s eyes were suddenly filled with cold light, and immediately buckled Bai Yi’s chin, preventing her from moving.

He said in a deep voice:

“My wife, trust me!”

Believe you?

When these words sounded, the voices of everyone in the audience suddenly fell silent.

Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan with sarcasm, as if they were watching a joke.

You trash, now it is hard to protect yourself, dare you to pretend?

Is really ridiculous!

They even admire Lin Fan’s innocence very much, and they even had that slim hope when he died.


Everyone present turned to Lin Fan with disdain and contempt.

On the side, Lin Zekun’s expression was gloomy for an instant:

“Do it!”

Since Lin Fan still has illusions, then he is completely Break this illusion!


Countless Lin family powerhouses came out violently, with a wicked look on their faces, greedily grabbing Bai Yi.

They can’t wait to enjoy this stunning beauty.


Right now!

The two blood shadows, with majestic murderous intent, shot out from outside the door, and slammed into the strong Lin family!


Those strong Lin family exploded on the spot and flew upside down, instantly as if being hit by a car, turning into a puddle of mud, tragically dead on the spot!


This sudden scene made the expressions of all the gloaters suddenly stiff.

In the next instant, they all looked at the two blood shadows together!

“Dragon, Tiger, God of War!”

In an instant, everyone froze. It seemed that Lin Fan had brought two war gods.

Even Lin Zekun at this time was completely stunned!

In his eyes, an incredible shock suddenly appeared!

In the next instant, his face became extremely ugly, because he knew that the Dragon and Tiger God of War was here, which meant that the Blood Prison Mad God had decided to tear his face with them, the Lin Family!

And just now!

Lin Fan helped Bai Yi and stood up slowly, with deep and cold eyes, staring at Lin Zekun:

“You scared my woman!”

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