Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1345

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Chapter 1345

Hearing this, Bai Yi was completely broken!

She cried hoarse, her fists kept hitting Lin Fan’s chest:

“Why are you so stupid? Why do you always refuse to listen to me, I just want you to live Did you hear that? Lin Fan, hurry up! Go!!!”

Tears poured out in despair.

At this time, she saw Lin Fan come to rescue her, but she was not happy at all. This was just looking for death.

Because the existence of this attack on them is someone they can’t afford to offend in their entire life.

Seeing Bai Yi look like this, Lin Fan only felt that his heart was in a ball, and there was an inexplicable heartache.

Then, he comforted:

“Don’t worry, today… let’s go home together!”


Hearing this, whether it was Wang Mingzhe, Bai Yan, or Xiao family father and son, they were all stunned.

Go home together?

In the next instant, the smiles on their faces showed a touch of ridicule, as if they had heard a big joke.

He has come here, and still dreaming of leaving safely?

Is this guy an idiot?

At the moment, they cast bitter and contemptuous glances at Lin Fan, as if they could already predict Lin Fan’s sad end.

It’s not just them!

Even the Bai Yi family paled after hearing this.

Even Bai Yi can’t do anything about it. What can she do with Lin Fan as a family cooking man?

This is impossible!

And just now!


A mocking applause came from the high platform in front.

At this time, Lin Fan realized that there was a man standing there, standing with his hand holding his hand, with a kind of noble spirit of looking over the world!

Seems to be born as a king, dominating all beings!

Lin Fan immediately shrank his pupils!

Because of this figure, he is so familiar!

Even if it’s another ten thousand years, he will not forget it. This makes him hate people who want to be broken into pieces.

And then!

The figure slowly turned around, revealing a white and feminine face, with a playful smile at the corners of his mouth:

“What a concubine. I’m so touched!”

“As a reward, I will let you and your wife be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks!”

The words are plain, but expressive. Thick murderous intent!

At the moment when he saw the face of the opponent, Lin Fan was completely furious, and a murderous intent appeared in his eyes:

“Lin Zekun!”

This person is Lin Jiasan Master, Lin Zekun!

This man was one of the culprits who humiliated Lin Fan and killed his mother.

“Lin Fan has not been seen for a long time, do you think history is always surprisingly similar, when I killed your mother, now I am going to kill your wife, hahaha!”

Lin Zekun Laughing loudly, the look in Lin Fan’s eyes was like looking at an ant that could be pinched to death at will.

He is full of contempt and mockery!


Upon hearing this, the Bai Yi family was completely stunned, and then one after another looked at Lin Fan with incredible eyes.

Lin Zekun, once killed Lin Fan’s mother?

Lin Fan… Lin’s family?

Bai Yi and others seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly showed an expression of extreme horror.

Lin Fan, actually has a connection with the Lin family?

Hearing Lin Zekun making fun of the past, Lin Fan’s eyes were completely bloodshot, containing crazy murderous intent!

“You, you will die!!!”


He stood up and wanted to wipe Lin Zekun completely!


“Lin Fan don’t! He, we can’t afford to offend!”

But Bai Yi kept shaking her head to Lin Fan, crying and begging!

She really didn’t want to. She watched Lin Fan die, but even pleaded with Lin Zekun:

“Lin Shao, you can do whatever you want with us. But since Lin Fan is also the Lin family, you can spare his life!”
“Shut up!!!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Zekun was completely furious, with a terrifying killing intent on his face, as if he had been seriously insulted.

“This waste is also worthy of being called the Lin family?”

“I tell you, killing him today means the Lin family!”

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