Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1344

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Chapter 1344

Seeing the appearance of Lin Fan, Wang Mingzhe’s eyes are full of hatred and a kind of cat-and-mouse joke.

It’s like Lin Fan is already the fish on his pallet, so he can let him kill it!

This time, he vowed that he would never let Lin Fan, a waste, leave from here alive!

“Lin Fan, waiting for you for a long time!”

Wang Mingzhe walked up gloomily, with a mocking sneer on his face.

At this time!

Lin Fan’s murderous spirit surged, and he glanced at him coldly:

“Where is my wife?”

“Don’t worry, now she is still its okay, but after a while, I can’t guarantee it!”

Wang Mingzhe smiled gleefully, and ridiculed Lin Fan:
“You said you are really a dead star. If you honestly hand over your wife to me, then nothing will happen?”

That’s it!

Wang Mingzhe’s face showed the pleasure of revenge, and the whole face suddenly became hideous:

“It will end today, and it will be you! For a while! You guys and dogs will pay a heavy price for offending me, hahaha!”

Wang Mingzhe laughed wildly.

Because in his eyes, Lin Fan and Bai Yi are already dead!

Lin Fan frowned. At this time, he had lost his patience and said coldly:

“Either lead the way or die!”

Lin Fan was very angry!

So, he doesn’t care where this is, and who is behind Wang Mingzhe…

He only knows that if he dares to hurt his woman, then he will be flat. Here, kill everyone!

Hear the words!

Wang Mingzhe was obviously startled, and then he laughed:

“I’m so scared, a trash who depends on his wife, dare to be so arrogant? Waiting for you to see you. The one behind me, I’m afraid you won’t even have time to cry by then!” In his opinion, Lin Fan is just pretending to be forced. After seeing the powerful one, Lin Fan Anything will be completely scared and paralyzed.


After seeing Lin Fan’s extremely gloomy face, a deep sense of pleasure emerged in his heart, deliberately delaying time and said:

“I have to say, your wife is really dazzling, even crying is so pitiful!”

“It has a smell, it has a smell! At this moment, she may have served the one inside. Yeah, I’m so cool!”

“From my point of view, you didn’t go in and beg yourself of boring interest. In case your wife knows the taste, you still complain about you to disturb her Yaxing, that’s not good Ah!”


The moment the voice fell!

Lin Fan’s murderous intent that had been dormant for a long time broke out completely.

A pair of bloody claws that killed countless people suddenly grabbed Wang Mingzhe by the throat, and suddenly lifted his whole person in the air!

“You, think I’m joking with you?”

Lin Fan’s face was extremely gloomy, and his voice trembled from the strong killing intent.


At this moment, Wang Mingzhe’s whole body suddenly tightened, like falling into an ice cellar, his fear was extreme.

The gloomy face and violent words all revealed the horrible murderous intent, which made him extremely uneasy.

How could this guy possess such a terrifying aura?

“I… I lead the way!”

Wang Mingzhe trembled quickly. He had a feeling that if he dared to humiliate him again, this waste would definitely put himself on the spot. Kill!

Lin Fan suddenly threw Wang Mingzhe to the ground, making him dizzy and unable to get up for a long time!


He just got up obediently and led the way, but deep in his eyes, the ultimate resentment appeared wait for it to waste!

After meeting that person, he see how arrogant he is!

At that time, he must makes him die!


Not long after, Wang Mingzhe pushed open the door of the Rose Manor. The moment he stepped in, his face was full of resentment.

It seems that Lin Fan is already the turtle in his urn!

And then!

Lin Fan suddenly saw that Bai Yi’s family knelt on the ground, sobbing quietly, and their faces were full of fear.

Seeing their humiliating posture, the meaning of Lin Fan’s body became a bit stronger involuntarily.

At this moment, Bai Yi also suddenly turned around, and the moment she saw Lin Fan, she was startled.

Then, the tears of grievance and despair, like a dike, surged in madness!

Right now, he roared hoarsely:

“Go! Husband, why are you here? Didn’t I let you go? You go quickly!”

Lin Fan did not retreat, but walked slowly towards Bai Yi, eyes full of infinite doting and love:

“I swear to let you Life is safe and worry-free as ever!”

While talking!

Lin Fan has embraced Bai Yi in his arms and said softly:

“I, can’t break my promise!”

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